The Ultra Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


Late to the party but I’m back. Did they finally announce Captain Sawada (or anyone) for Season 4?


Not like much the idea of AtLA style

Give me a SF2tAM of SF3, SF4 and SFV

Cool thing of SF2tAM, K1 legend Andy Hug (RIP) helped to coreography the fights

Will like get a tribute to him in some future SF

LOL he fucking kneed in the jaw a taller standing opponent without jumping

Damn, K1 in it’s golden years was something else, and all we got was some american guy saying this was a good idea

Still think SF deserve a new black char who is’nt a criminal of some kind, but DeeJay blocking the chance of K1 euro greatness has been retard as having to wait till late SF4 to see Korea/TKD in SF lol


Welcome back man. Not yet man.

Speaking of Sawada I hope CFN at least would be back too missing those days.


Yeah, that project was awesome I hope he would let people at least a tease for an intro or a fight scene. That would certainly hype up people for his project.


That SF cartoon by the Avatar guy looks great!


It really does. I love that the art style tries to do its own thing rather than emulate previous cartoon successes. Would love to see the rest of the cast.


And it still very SF in every way even with it’s simplicity.


Does anybody have the lyrics to Kage’s theme? I can hear this feint kind of shouting at certain parts in his theme. Was wondering what they were.


Wow that artwork is amazing. Could sooo work


What are your thoughts on things that could possibly go wrong in writing in a SF cartoon?/


They dnt stick to source material. Also see sf cartoon from 90s lol


Avatar team + Street Fighter = Awesome SF cartoon, that would be great.


Agree with everyone else. it would just interesting to keep there backstories but the episodes and seasons are not centered to the original canon so it would be flexible and manageable easily.


If it’s going to be a Western cartoon, yes.

But a Japanese anime adaptation following the canon chronology could be cool too. KOF tried to do it with KOF Destiny but they only managed to adapt KOF '94.


I enjoyed destiny but I was never fan of them bastardization of the Sakazaki’s and Art of Fighting arc even without the Ryo beating Geese but just about Mr Big, It felt unfair they should have at least made some illustration backstories like they did with Terry lover.


KOF has always been an alternate universe different to the AOF/FF continuity.


The anime for the female team spin-off, Saint Seiya: Saintia Shou, is currently airing. (The manga started a few years back.)


Here in Latin America, Saint Seiya is like a freaking religion, popularity levels rival Dragon Ball Z.


Yup, I just dislike that Ryo was turned to everything ordinary, they should have just gave him a spotlight like illustrated backstories similar to Jeff Bogard, even just for a single episode.


Haven’t watched it yet, dunno if I want to. I still got to watch Soul of Gold.


Loved those desings by Avatar guy, would love to see a series, hopefully he gets funding someday.