The Ultra Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


Maybe, maybe not.

The Street Fighter news was posted by Joaquim Dos Santos, who went on to handle Voltron: Legendary Defender. While Voltron started strong, it started to fall apart a few seasons in. A chunk of the Voltron fanbase hate the series. Fans feel that the production team actively exploited shippers as well as the LGBTQ audience in various ways, ultimately culminating in Dos Santos issuing a public apology over queer-baiting. The whole series turned into something of a dumpster fire.


You didn’t counter Cestus’s claims though. That was my whole point. All those quotes you quoted, I’d already explained why they didn’t counter Cestus. Repeating the same words isn’t going to create a different result.


First of all you falsely accuse me of being different in stance, So as a result and to give clarity. I pointed out that you were wrong by showing you consistency in what I say by quoting my previous post in a single post. So now you have problem with repeating?

Here was your accusation:

Which I answered by multiple quotes in the recent post from the more previous post which prove were wrong and I am consistent.

What was cestus claim anyway for you?

As for Cestus your saying… What I am pointing was the misconception of believing a awful character would be easily fix by adding a stage on what cestus said because it is wrong. That simple.

This what you are trying to persist right from cestus claim?

Which I prove that is wrong and here is why.

Again it was even the first time I said it the difference of single player and fighting game.

It did clearly but you just don’t accept it, because you can’t counter it anymore. You can read it here again.

My answer is informative and factual. Why? Because fighting games are different from a single player games so the so-called fix you both assumed is incorrect.


I dunno, fan bases tend to complain about every single little thing that does not go the way they envision, i am not saying creators dont often mess up but I don´t know every friggin fan complain is completely valid. I for one enjoy most of the Udon comics, they are not perfect but they do a lot of effort to write a cohesive story and for the most part be congruent with characterization, but I often see people over here rag them as if they mangled the holy bible, as if Capcom themselves were doing a lot with the lore themselves. So, I ratter a passionate guy like the Avatar dude trying to get SF series off the ground instead of fending off in fear he ¨mangles¨ Capcom precious bible (as if they had any other plan with SF Lore/series).


The less they try to incorporate current events of inclusion the better. I don’t see them trying to push a LGBT or SJW agenda into a SF cartoon. Unless they want to go the route of introducing Poison into the series as trans and then trying to push her into a relationship with Hugo or something to that extent. Of course, it has to be handled right, all of that could easily turn into a volatile situation.


Interesting notes, hopefully they would learn from it.


I had no idea there was any such controversy. I thought it was the best Voltron series hands down. Unlike the original Transformers cartoon. I find the original Voltron terrible as an adult. I regret going back an watching it. Subsequent entries in the franchise were not very good either. Anyone remember 3D Voltron cartoon :expressionless:


Maybe you approached the new Voltron series with a bit of an open mind, which is an attitude I can get behind of.


I don’t care and I’m sure he would treat the SF franchise with better care and honor.


As someone who was really into voltron at the start i didnt appreciate teh ghey being forced when im watching these shows with my kids.

There is an agenda by the lgbts that want to make sure anyone who opposes their viewpoint is somehow treated as evil. Case in point that lesbo girl with issues around chris pratt - who is religious - going to a church.


Hey guys. Do any of you follow this ARTIST ??? Every day he draws a street fighter character and it’s spectacular¡¡¡¡

Chun Li





Fei Long




























Violent Ken

Evil Ryu



Dark Sakura


Cool find! I will definitely follow him!


Thanks, interesting I like the strong use of original pallete and playful ideas in casual clothes.

I’m following several artist to.


I haven’t watched the show, planning on it once I work through my cue, but from the dust up I heard about that I doubt it would come to affect every time, let alone in a Street fighter adaptation.

True. I consider myself a rather progressive person and don’t have issues with a show trying to mirror the outside world with regards to diversity, it’s just that show runners have to be careful how they do it. A shallow and clumsy attempt will fail at delivering the message, a sincere one may be a bit more than a show can handle due to scope of the issue or how it fits with a show and sometimes, it just plain works. It’s a time and place thing and medium thing.

I’ve long fantasied about getting awarded a chance to adapt a longform book or anime about Final Fight. In it, I’d love to get into the heads and identity of Metro City and what makes various Mad Gear goons tick. With Poison, I felt that her being an orphan and trans are a big part of her identity and could be compelling in showing that “hey, everything and everyone except Roxy keeps rejecting me, of friggin’ course I’d join up with a anarchist group that doesn’t give two craps about anything”. In a case like that, a book could devote extra time to really dealing with that, or even if it was a final fight arc, they could approach some of that in the show. Though if it’s just a brief Final Fight episode in a overall Street Fighter show, attempting to delve too deep into that could come off badly since with limited time, only the barest reference to her being trans could show up and if just shoddily presented it could come off as at worst, an unintentional slight, or a random statement or reference by a character.

In general the scope of the show, network and target audience’s age can affect things, so I don’t think approaching racial or even LGBT issues is impossible, just gotta know your audience.

Lol yeah, I would have random flashbacks to it here and there and would question if it really ever existed or not.

Whoa! These are pretty awesome, I dig this, thanks for sharing!

-The Zangief one really resonates with me because I can see him dressing like that in some official settings, I mean afterall he is a national hero and a learned man, so sometimes I can see him ditching a causal jacket and jeans and opt for something nicer if going to talk with heads of state or discussion literature at a party. In the canon there’s bits pointing to his education, with SF5 giving Gief more respect, I’d like to see more of that angle.

-I think Akuma and Oni are the only ones that doen’t fit. I can see him on a super rare occasion being in more than the blood soaked hobo gear, but this feels a bit too dressy for him. I do like the inclusion of stubble though.

-That Bison one is awesome. I can see him, in quiet times fixing himself a drink in a more upscale version of the SF movie’s study while he enjoys another plan well done.

-I never knew how much I wanted to see Dudley with a pipe. Make this canon!

-Ever since Adon got those endorsement/sporty alts, I can see him dressing like this. Him being more celebrity-like than Sagat’s wandering warrior style.

Excellent art overall! I approve! (Hoping he gets to Alex, Menat and Q soon)


I’m still in the first seasons of Voltron, but The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra are some of the best animes ever. Capcom would be crazy not to try and push for that series to happen. And it’s not like they are doing anything else with the franchise either.


I like the visuals and designs already but if there would be another western studio who would you think you prefer next and alternative ideally?


Thanks for sharing (no sarcasm, thanks), but that’s really about everything i don’t want SF to become

Capcom is already inclined to betray theyr roots to kiss american audience dick, i hope they don’t get more ideas lol

People ever said udon doing shit is harmless as it’s separated from main games
Yet now i got udon endings in SFV

Personal opinion and i know it’s really on minority here, but i like SF to don’t go away from japanese style

I find kinda sad that SF art decay may give the impression the jap approach don’t work anymore and SF “need” western new influence, when SFV art direction most evident problem it’s that for marketing they’re going away from jap style

Ps: to be clear, i did some fanart too and it’s fun do it, but i will never want see them pick my style over classic Capcom Kinu/Ikeno/Bengus/etc


Queerbaiting is when you promise such inclusion but ultimately fail to deliver. You want to reap the benefits from appealing to a pro-LGBT audience while avoiding creating a backlash from an anti-LGBT audience.

This can be done through heavily teasing a relationship through the story, only denouncing it at the end. A Poison/Hugo example would be to tease them as a couple throughout, but at the end you either reveal that Poison was born female or clarify that Poison and Hugo were always nothing more than just friends.

This can also be done by heavily teasing or outright openly promoting a relationship or sexual preference outside of a story, but the story itself never confirms this information. A Poison/Hugo example would be if the creators of an animated Street Fighter series released a press statement about Poison being a trans-woman and is in a relationship with Hugo, while the show itself either never mentions that Poison is a trans-woman or it never portrays Poison and Hugo as being anything more than just friends.

The latter is a lot about how the idea gets hyped. It isn’t saying that you can’t show Poison in a relationship with Hugo without drawing attention to Poison being a trans-woman. It is saying that if you aren’t willing to commit to it within the show itself, then you shouldn’t be trying to exploit it outside the show.

The Legend of Korra has been held as a positive example of inclusivity, but it never truly affirms that Korra and Asami are a couple. Even the ending only shows them holding hands. Korra is still held as a positive example because the showrunners didn’t overpromise what they delivered. The finale, as deniable as it remained, still delivered more confirmation than the were allowed to portray over the preceding two years. Nor did they try to exploit the relationship outside of the show; they didn’t even mention it until the airing of the final episode. (To be fair, this might not have been their choice. The network had restricted what they were allowed to portray within the show, and what they were allowed to say about the matter outside the show may have seen similar restriction.)


So it’s Street Fighters wearing street clothes. Interesting :thinking:

I’ve only watched a few episodes of the new Voltron series but not really enough to really get into the whole plot. I didn’t even know there was a whole controversy going on with the series but from what I saw it was pretty well animated, engaging, didn’t really see anything wrong with it and didn’t even know one of the main characters was gay. From what I hear regarding the controversy was that the community didn’t like the way the relationship between the 2 gay characters was handled and they eventually killed one of them off after a brief moment of introducing them into the series. That’s definitely handled pretty poorly and I can see why people felt like they were baited into that especially if they were building up to it and then the time comes they’re gone in an instant.

I don’t think you could do that with a SF cartoon unless you wanted in use Poison as a trans representative character but then who would you introduce her to build a relationship off of? Roxy is probably the best bet, as even though Poison has a history to being attracted to Cody the feelings aren’t mutual, and with Hugo it’s more of like a sibling relationship between the two.

Then you have a character like Juri who’s strongly hinted at being Bi and she flirts with Cammy, but is an actual relationship going to spring out of that? Perhaps if there was a good plot involved as ASF pretty much hinted that she probably likes Cammy a lot so you could possibly build off of that. I know a lot of people would like to see that pairing too so that could be another inclusion route they could go.


Yeah, that can definitely be a major problem. It’s like when someone’s promoting a movie and they go into all this detail about how a character is and what it means to them and they’re deep, but then in the movie it’s shallow or missing impact or the person is a cameo. It’s one thing if due to network issues, you can only hint at it, but if there’s no ounce of it, then the audience is gonna get mad.

I only heard vague things about the controversy since I didn’t want spoilers, but ouch, that’s gotta suck. That reminds me of a hazy memory I had of Marvel getting a bit of trouble. I think it was 2002-3, but there was a big deal made about them creating a brand new gay character and it was talked about even on late night shows etc, but after the hurrah, he was killed off in 2 or 3 more issues.

Exactly, also there’s the issue of her not being a main character. She could be an antagonist or a side character that shows up from time to time depending on what version of her (Mad Gear member, post-Mad Gear and wrestling promoter), but due to her not being a main character, she likely wouldn’t get enough screen time and real estate to fully broach this sensitive issue.