The Ultra Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


Street Fighter has never been about romantic relationships or social issues so I don’t see a point of adding any open LGBT theme to it.


In the case of The Legend of Korra. They wanted to show more but they were limited by Nickelodeon. I’m surprised they let them do anything. I only really remember two gay couples in Voltron. Shiro and his boyfriend and two of the Galra that women that were loyal to Lotor. I’m not up on who gets offended by what these says. It is getting harder and harder to tell what’s legit anymore.


So far in Street Fighter there has been gay speculation with Poison, Zangief, Vega, Eagle, Remy and Juri.

I think that’s more than enough. But you can manage it just like in the games: a background detail/insinuation if anything.

Topic’s pretty much that, I mean I wouldn’t really mind but I know a lot of people would be bugged and Capcom Japan would probably never acknowledge it so I don’t see the point.

I think in Revenge it’s seen Poison is into Cody but he’s not interested.

As for a “relationship”, just create a new character, a non-fighter guy, probably one of his “clients” or something like that.


Yeah, I don’t think there would be any major romantic plots or anything. At the end of the day, my tl;dr is I’m not afraid of the Avatar Team having another go at SF; the situation with Voltron is something I doubt will pop up in a hypothetical SF adaptation by them.


Poison likely tranny even if they don’t confirm
Eagle is gay
Juri either like vagina or she’s bisex

Gief, Vega and Remy are straight as far we know, the speculation it’s likely just about design


Vega is not gay; femininity /= homosexuality.

Having said that, Vega is probably bisexual in the way Hannibal Lecter was. But this is pure speculation.


Vega is clearly Eautossexual because he’s into himself.

Eautos is Greek for self or oneself
Hetero is also Greek in origin



Didn’t say he was, only that there was speculation. Androgynism and narcicism are linked to homosexuality:
But not necessarily. Benimaru’s very much androgynous and he’s a confirmed womanizer.

Vega saved Cammy because she thought “she was beautiful” anyway. He could be pansexual, autosexual or anything else.

Zangief had a picture of Vega on his mirror, he doesn’t react very masculine when Mika’s around him, and he said he “liked” Ryu. That’s the reason of the speculation but certainly nothing remotely confirmed.
Wouldn’t think that would take away anything from the character, anyway.

Remy I think it comes from a picture from one of Capcom’s handbooks where he’s interviewed and he’s accompanied by one kind of gayish guy. But he could be his friend (French sense of fashion) or anything else.

Japanese fighting games are certainly not too overt to treat things about LGBT themes to be openly tackled. The only cases I remember are Zato-1 and Venom being gay in Guilty Gear, and Mature is said to be bisexual in KOF in the later games.


KOF’95 also implies bestiality for Benimaru with his “Lambs are tougher than you. How do I know? Well, uh…” quote.

When it comes to Street Fighter in particular, Capcom might still be a little gun shy anyway. Don’t forget the trouble that they wound up in over SFxT, which resulted in consulting with GLAAD to “make sure that anything that might be offensive has been very tailored to not be.”

Sakura’s entire story is about how she wants to hook up with Ryu and have his kid. Ken’s SF2 ending is his marriage with Eliza. Guile’s SF2 story is how he’s put his quest for revenge above his family, with his wife and daughter arriving in time to finally convince him not to murder Bison. Jailbird Cody exists in part due to his break-up with Jessica. While Final Fight Revenge isn’t a Street Fighter game, it establishes the idea that Poison is after Cody.

Poison and Roxy’s status itself came out of social concerns as well as social blindness. Capcom was afraid that Final Fight would ignite violence-against-women protests and even potential legal trouble in America, and thus decided to change Poison and Roxy to be trans-women. Because while they felt America might go ballistic about violence against women, violence against trans-women was considered A-OK. (Which was pretty accurate.)

When you get into adaptations and spin-off stories, there is also the desire to start adding love interests and new relationships. If there was a new SF TV series, then you’d see some of that. Like Ryu and Ken competing over Chun-Li (which I want to recall happened in SFII V?), or a random new (and never to be seen again) girl being introduced, or whatever.


Guile and Ken have relationships with NPCs, I have no problem with that.

As for the teenage fighters like Ibuki or Sakura, having crushes fits them because of their age and innocence, but it’s not like there’s a romantic relationship between Sakura and Ryu.

BTW I don’t think Sakura’s crush with Ryu is in romantic terms, it’s like Mika with Zangief, they idolize them because of their fighting skills and achievements, they look up to them.

As for Cody, I think his breakup with Jessica came because he was obsessed with fighting, not the opposite.

No, I don’t like relationships between the Street Fighter characters, I don’t think that fits with the series. Not even Rose and Guy; well, who knows.


The picture of Vega on Zangiefs mirror has japanese text saying baka and something else… poo head or something. also he had drawn kitty whiskers on Vega.

Its likely the earliest piece of art in the series showing that Vega and Zangief have very different views on what beauty is…in both sf4 and ssf4 Zangiefs dialogue to Vega is about how he should be ashamed of his puny muscles.

the picture is more than likely also a kind of rival thing, referencing the Rocky movies.


Actually that’s not true, in Japan Poison was already designed as being “new-half”.
Nowadays Capcom prefers not to address the issue and would rather leave it to our imagination and preferences…


It is the story as told by the character designer of Poison and Roxy.

He has stated that both characters were designed as women, and that in his mind he still viewed them as women. However at some point during Final Fight’s development, people at Capcom had become concerned about how the game would be received in America (due to a perceived increased objection to the portrayal of violence against women), and it was decided (against the characters’ creator’s opinion) to make Poison and Roxy new-half.


That isn’t true at all. This has been covered extensively. Akiman designed them as newhalfs. The rationale doesn’t even hold up. Double Dragon preceded Final Fight by two years and the opening sequence features thugs gut punching and kidnapping Marion. They are also whip wielding female gang members that you beat up. Both of these things remained in the various ports including the NES game.

Edit: Found the YouTube video that goes over the hole saga.


It is arguably the punchline to her SFV story. She’s talking about growing up and starting a family, with Ryu mistaking her thoughts about children as taking a disciple. No, it does not directly say that she wants Ryu to be the father, but she does panic at comical levels at the end.

(Also note that SFV does finally age Sakura a bit. She’s no longer a schoolgirl having fun, but rather a young woman who has grown up and is seriously considering life issues like work and starting a family.)

Canon is a bit of a mess when you have many different chefs, America and Japan disagree, games retcon other games, and on top of that you have non-game materials affecting canon.

I don’t think Final Fight Revenge is considered SF canon, but it doesn’t really go with the idea of a fighting-obsessed Cody. In Cody’s ending, while excited over his victories, he’s more concerned that he’s failed to find Jessica. He’s screaming for Jessica as he is arrested by Edi E. (Poison’s ending has her framing Cody.) In Poison’s ending, while looking at Cody in jail, she admits that he will never love anyone other than Jessica. While it wasn’t stated in the game, it is also apparently the stance of the FFR creator that Jessica (who was saved by someone else) dumped Cody.

But again, that’s just a part of the continuity confusion that is the extended Street Fighter universe.


I really have a problem. How or why did I map out a move set for this guy…


Name: Setsu (Stealth)

Nickname: Daigaku Shinobi (University Ninja)

Sex: Male

Ethnicity: Japanese

Height: 5ft 9in (1.75m)

Weight: 176lbs (80kg)

B/W/H: 44-33-34 (111cm-84cm-87cm)

Hometown: Naha, Japan

Appearance: Setsu has medium length dark brown hair that is parted in the middle and comes down to his chin. His eyes are brown. Setsu has a yellow bandana tied around his neck. He wears a back mesh shirt on his torso. Setsu has leather dark brown fingerless gloves on each have. There is four point shuriken logo on the back of each glove. He has a thick dark brown band around his waist. Setsu has baggy beige ninja dogi pants on his legs. The pants come just past his knees. His shins are wrapped in dark brown cloth. Setsu has dark brown jika-tabi (split toe Ninja shoes) on his feet. His jika-tabi are ankle length but the top half of them are covered by his cloth shin wraps.

Likes: Ninja Training, Challenging Missions, Rafute (Okinawan Pork Rib Dish)

Dislikes: Dereliction of Duty, Lollygagging

Fighting Style: Muhi Ninjutsu (Peerless Ninjutsu)

Tone: Setsu is a serious young man whose chief focus is on his ninjitsu training

Origins: Setsu is originally from Naha city in Okinawa. When he was twelves years old, his parents were killed. Itsuo, a rogue member of the Glade of Ninja’s, was attempting to evade capture and caused their car to crash into a tree. Itsuo was also killed in the accident. Hyousuke, the ninja pursuing the rogue, took Setsu in. If the rogue hadn’t escaped him, Setsu’s parents would still be alive.

Setsu bore no grudge toward Hyousuke. He appreciated that a stranger would take him in and treat like family. To honor Hyousuke, Setsu became a very diligent student of Ninjitsu. He was already twelve and had a lot of ground to cover to catch up with the other boys his age. Setsu lived, ate, and breathed to ninjutsu. Hyousuke would have to force him to take breaks. He’d often discover that Setsu was training on his breaks. Setsu quickly ascended to the top of his class. “Muhi Shinobi” is what those that envied him call him. They meant it as an insult, but Setsu wore the moniker with pride.

Hyousuke, determined to broaden Setsu’s horizons, sent him off to Sarusuberi University. He had hoped that exposure to people his own age from outside the clan, would help him learn to relax and gain some hobbies. Upon reaching Sarusuberi University, the first thing Setsu did was form his own ninjutsu club. Hyousuke could only shake his head and chuckle.

His Rival: Zeku

Attributes: Health: 2 Power: 3 Range: 2 Mobility: 5 Technique: 4

950 stamina 950 stun


Kage Tosu (Shadow Toss) – LP+LK: Setsu executes a right hand chop to the abdomen, passes through his opponent, immediately grabs them by the neck with his right hand, inner right thigh with his left hand, picks them up overhead, and slams them on their head. 150 Damage/150 Stun

Shinkiro Oda (Mirage Strike) – B+LP+LK: Setsu executes a right hand chop to the abdomen, passes through his opponent, and immediately strikes them with a left back fist that lands between their shoulder blades. 140 Damage/200 Stun

Unique Attacks:

Zaimoku Bunkatsu (Lumber Splitter) – F+MP: (Overhead) Setsu hops forward, flip once, and strikes his adversary with an left overhead chop. 27F Startup 80 Damage/120 Stun, +3 on Hit, -2 on Block

Baizou Suirasu (Double Slice) – B+HP: Setsu pulls back both of his arms and strikes with a simultaneous horizontal double chop. 12F Startup 90 Damage/150 Stun, +3 on Hit, +2 on Block

Kenshi Soukon (Swordsman Scar) - F+MK: (Overhead) Setsu spins 360° as hits his opponent with an overhead left axe kick. 22F Startup, 60 Damage/100 Stun, +2 on Hit, -6 on Block

Kuuchu Saku (Air Cleave) – B+HK: Setsu hits his opponent with a jumping high kick. Anti Air, 7F Startup, 90 Damage/120 Stun


Hibakufu (Fire Blast) – F+PPP : Setsu grabs his opponent’s right wrist with his left hand, pulls them towards him, and blows them away with a small firey explosion of ki.


Subayai Zenshin (Swift Advance) – MP+MK: Setsu quickly advances towards his opponent with one of three movement options. Each option can be canceled into a normal attack.

  • Bakushin (Rush) MP+MK: Setsu glides quickly towards his opponent with a dash. Dash passes through opponent at point blank range. Has no invincibility.

  • Suberu (Slide) – D+MP+MK: Setsu assumes a low stance and glides towards his opponent. Becomes projectile invulnerable frame 3.

  • Chikuden (Flight) – F+MP+MK: Setsu dashes upward at a 45° angle. Dash passes through opponent at point blank range. Has no invincibility.

V-Trigger 1:

Suterusu Idoudo (Stealth Mobility) – HP+HK: Setsu’s mobility is increase substantially. Granting him faster, walk speed, faster dashes, jumps, buffs to his V-Skill, and two new movement options.

  • Forward Walk Speed is increased from 5.2 to 5.5

  • Backward Walk Speed is increased from 3.9 to 4.5

  • Forward Dash Frames Reduced from 16F to 15F

  • Backward Dash Frames Reduced from 22F to 21F

  • Total Jump Frames Reduced from 40F to 38F

  • Bakushin gains Throw Invincibility Frame 1 and Projectile Invincibility Frame 3. Costs 500F of V-Gauge

  • Suberu can now pass through opponent’s at point black range. Costs 500F of V-Gauge

  • Chikuden Total Frames Reduced From 55F to 51F. Costs 250F of V-Gauge

  • Gains new V-Skill movement option Touhi (Evasion) performed inputting B+MP+MK, half distance back dash that is Projectile Invincible Frame 1 and Strike Invincible Frame 3. Costs 750F of V-Gauge

  • Gains new movement option, Kazeninoru (Wind Rider) by inputting Down before entering the jump command. This is a high jump. Total Frames are 45F

Total V-Trigger Duration is 3000F

3-Bar V-Trigger

V-Trigger 2:

Inkaten (Flash Point) – HP+HK: Upon activation, Setsu pulls his right arm overhead and chops the ground violently creating waste high flame of ki that travels along the ground and carries his for towards the corner. Attack will OTG if opponent does not quick rise. 14F Startup 160 Damage/300 Stun. Opponent is placed into a juggle state on hit. V-Trigger Duration 2000F V-Trigger Duration. Setsu can activate two additional Inkatens after the initial activation. Each activation, post initial activation, costs 1000F.

2 Bar V-Trigger


Kubi Ori (Neck Breaker) – QCF+P, Setsu slides towards his opponent in a crouching position. Upon contact, he flips behind his foe and twists their head causing them to spin briefly in the air before falling back to earth. Punch button determines the distance traveled. Gains projectile invincibility on frame 3. All versions do 140 Damage/200 Stun. LP (¼ Screen), MP (½ Screen), HP (¾ Screen), EX (¾ Screen, 180 Damage/250 Stun, Frame 1 Projectile Invincibility)

Hishou Kada (Soaring Fire Strike) – QCF+P: (Aerial Command Grab) From a forward jump, Setsu grabs his opponent’s right wrist with his left hand, pulls them towards him, places his right palm to their chest, and releases an explosion of ki energy that sets his opponent ablaze. All versions have 4F Startup. Punch button determines grab range. LP (130 Damage/200 Stun, Most Range), MP(145 Damage/200 Stun, Less Range) HP (160 Damage/200 Stun, Least Range) EX (3F Start Up, 160 Damage/200 Stun, Most Range, Causes Juggle State)

Ryoubanoken (Double Edged Sword) – QCB+P: Setsu glides towards his foe striking them with a slicing left chop to the abdomen followed by a spinning back chop to the throat. Punch button determines the distance traveled. HP and EX versions “slices through” his opponent during spinning back chop causing a side switch. LP (¼ Screen, 120 Damage/150 Stun), MP (½ Screen, 135 Damage/150 Stun), HP (¾ Screen, 150 Damage/150 Stun), EX (¾ Screen, 165 Damage/200 Stun, Causes Juggle State at Point Black Range Only )

Uzushio (Whirling Tides) – QCB+K: Setsu hits his opponent with two quick spinning back kicks in succession. This can be followed up with one of two enders. Setsu’s version of Ibuki’s Tsumuji (Spin Kicks)

  • K - Setsu strikes with a spinning back kick that is identical to the first two strikes, Attack leaves his foe standing.

  • D+K – Setsu strikes with a spinning back sweep that knocks down the opponent.

LK( Standing Ender, 120 Damage/150 Stun, Sweep Ender 100 Damage/120 Stun), MK( Standing Ender, 135 Damage/150 Stun, Sweep Ender 120 Damage/120 Stun), HK( Standing Ender, 150 Damage/180 Stun, Sweep Ender 135 Damage/150 Stun), EX( Gains Armor Frame 3, Standing Ender, 150 Damage/150 Stun, Sweep Ender 135 Damage/150 Stun)

Hien (Flying Swallow) – F,D,DF+K : Setsu jumps forward, flips once, and lands both of his feet on the opponent’s face. He then rapidly stumps on their face before backflipping away from them. Attack leaves the opponent standing. Kick button determines travel distance. Must be blocked high. All versions do 120 Damage/150 Stun. LK (30F Startup, ¼ Screen), MP (33F Startup, ½ Screen), HP (36F Startup, ¾ Screen), EX (32F Startup, Hold Back ¼ Screen, Neutral ½ Screen, Hold Forward ¾ Screen, 150 Damage/200 Stun, Causes Hard Knock Down)

Critical Art:

Rekka Bakuhatsu (Raging Fire Explosion) – QCFx2+P: Setsu strikes his opponent in the stomach with a powerful right punch that creates a large fiery sphere of ki that engulfs them both but sets only his foe ablaze. He then hits his foe with spinning back fist to the sternum that creates a shock wave upon impact before igniting his foe in flame and blowing them away. 10 Hits 340 Damage (1x100, 4x10, 1x120, 4x20)

Reasons to be in SFV:

Setsu has been a “big fish” in small pond for sometime now. He wishes to find out how strong he truly is. He has heard rumors that the 38th Grandmaster of Bushinryu is in the tournament. A fight with him would show how strong he has become and how far he needs to go.


Unable to defeat Zeku, Setsu returns to Sarusuberi University to ponder the offer to join Zeku’s “Striders”. When he returns, he has found that the membership of his ninja club has skyrocketed. Almost all of the new members are girls, Setsu assumes they all joined up to learn self defense. An honorable endeavor, but he is completely oblivious to their true motives. One member in particular always remains close by him, she 's already a skilled ninja in her own right. Setsu is delighted to find an advanced training partner. Ibuki is mortified that club with the “hot guy” turned out to be a ninjutsu club. “Not Again!!” she yells as a confused Setsu looks on.


Setsu fights in front of Shuri Castle


I literally got bored and decided to turn the random Ninja from Ibuki’s Third Strike ending into a character. Lord help me.


You did correct me one one matter. It was Akira Nishitani who told the story I cited, not Akira Yasuda.

The problem with “new-half” being written on the concept art is that we don’t know when that was decided, only that it was decided during development. We have evidence that the decision predates the US SNES release, which debunks the old claim that it was a Nintendo requirement, but that wasn’t Nishitani’s claim.

Maybe Nishitani was wrong, but he hasn’t been outright disproven. I don’t know that Akiman has ever addressed the matter. Worse, over time people start to misremember things. (Or just change opinions for different reasons. Like Ono contradicting his own prior claims about Poison.)


The assertion that the Poison and Roxy were changed to “transgender” because of concerns with violence against women makes zero sense. If there were such a concern they would have changed the sprites to men like they did in the SNES version. There are no manuals for arcade games. There are no character bios for npcs in the arcades. There would be no way for anyone to know that Poison and Roxy were transgender. So anyone playing the game wouldn’t know about it. The claim doesn’t past the mustard and all the evidence on the subject shows that isn’t true.

More an likely the theory was cooked up by dudes that wanted to explain away their attraction to a transgender character. “Oh she’s only that way in the US. In Japan she was a woman.” It is the only reason I can see why this subject keeps coming up, keeps getting disproven, and keeps resurfacing. Poison is transgender. It really isn’t that big of deal…at least not to me.


The entire post was correct, i was going to post this part i quoted actually (i think it was Rocky 4 iirc)

Btw is a bit a tradition of fight sports(boxing in particular), some coaches like to built a kind of obsession during training days, the mindset behind it is simple… essentially for every drop of sweat/blood, all the pain, the private/diet sacrifices, all the efforts… you gone throught hell months?
Blame the guy in the picture, that’s your target, it’s his all his fault

Non that is so common as far i know, i personally known a decent number of coaches and none of them except one did it.
The only that used on his boxers this kind of stuff, was even giving huge restrictions on phone calls to wife/sons

Gief doing it to himself (he does’nt have a coach) in that art, mean that he see Vega as his nemesis (at least in that art)

You’re spot on on the idea of rivalry born on opposite concept of beauty, in fact in that piece Gief was flexing proud of his muscles at the mirror, Vega there as nemesis just represent the opposite opinion (Gief being a ungraceful, deformed ugly af gorilla)

The piece was old but (as you said mentioning SF4) theyr contrast can be still actual

Both aim at ultimate physical perfection, but have opposite views of it

A fun way to show them as opposite

Gief (SFV Gief more than ever) first trait is NOT strenght… Hugo and more Abigail are likely stronger
Gief is THE ultimate shoot wrestler, where the most admired trait is the toughness to tank a direct strike instead dodge or block it.
At this he’s the best of SF world probably (if we don’t count Q’s body mystery)
He fight bears and all his scars (aside one he got saving Mika) are on the front, because he purpose go into attacks face first, all made him the tank he’s become on SFV.
Every huge scar is a medal to him

On other hand you got Vega who wear protective mask to preserve his face, and was the most fast agile fighter at avoid attacks (back flips, climb the cage, jump far away) limiting as possible his chances of get hurt.
Even the claw gave him extra range, to keep bigger distance
Even smallest scratch it’s a shame to him

Gief take damage to reach physical perfection

Vega avoid damage to preserve physical perfection

I can see both consider each other as everything a man should NOT be lol


Exactly. Its more about americans might being triggered over fapping towards a trans character that they feel the need to retcon her history, even if it makes no sense. Like you said, nobody back then would’ve known she was trans, she would still be regarded as a woman by players, so the whole “violence against woman is wrong” retcon makes no sense at all. People just need to accept that Japan was way ahead of the LGBTQ rights game and decided to create a “new-half” from scratch - they have always seemed more progressive in terms of trans issues so I’m not surprised at all. Western guys need to get over themselves and just accept the fact that some of their teen wanks could’ve been with a trans character on their minds…