The Ultra Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


Devil May Cry have interesting collector edition. SFV with Ryu is cool, but MVCi was meh.

I hope were getting something better than the usual for SF anniversary collection like a whole diorama based on the classic Ryu stage someday for 7-8 inch figure or a pixelated Ryu action figure based on SF2.

The video is a customized PS2 with Ryu stage!!

I think it would be okay for a SF2 anime with a Chun li as the main lead instead of Ryu or Guile.

If you think Chun li is not interesting as a lead, so what do you think of a Chun li character as a lead can go wrong and problem with a SF anime or cartoon set in SF2 timeline?

We already have Urien as Gill’s antithesis or another villain like Bison, Akuma and etc. We don’t need a RADICAL change over Gill with a over complicated plot.

Gill is delusional with a messiah complex but didn’t have any signs of multiple personality disorder or some thing a like it, adding something all of a sudden like that out of nowhere would just conflict what is establish about Gill in both SF3 and SFV. Not only ruining his establish character but also his future interaction with other characters like Urien.

It’s not okay for Gill to be something like Two Face in DC despite his similarities and physical likeness both are different designed characters, Even with that looks it doesn’t mean he should be similar and be alike as the same character. Since he never shown any signs of multiple personalities in recent and future timeline games.


Anyone likes the idea of Alex as the protagonist of Street Fighter VI?

Or they should create a new protagonist?


We had enough new protagonist, I don’t mind Ed, Alex, Sean or etc


Could Alex vs Ed be the big final battle in VI?

Blonde Fighters VI anyone?


I’m back. I still need to get endings, life got in the way more than I thought it would.

Is there a big reference of all of the endings images somewhere I could look it so I could skip the grind? I love playing SFV but not sure if enough to get ALL the artwork.

Also, is our translation dude free to check out that Ryu vs Akuma manga short I found?


Just look them up on YouTube. There’s plenty of compilations of them :smiley:


Alex should be the main guy in SF6 as direct sequel to SF3, realizing he got bullshitted and his win over Gill was a farce

Ryu should be in but story wise far from the spotlight just having his special training under Oro, and maybe have a mini-mini-arc side adventure (a challenger?)… like they could have done in SFV vs Nec and call it a day

Illuminati main enemies, with Gill play no more nice guy and start actually fucking up people

Sub-plot of Bison not so dead, but also him, like Ryu, sidelined

Neo-shadaloo side story being there if SFV is really dead or close to it


Can easily see this scenario:
After Urien bombed the desert tower and takes control of the Illuminati, Gill musters up any remaining supporters up (Kolin etc) and goes absolutely megalomaniac on everyone, absolutely nothing like the composed fanatic from the past while the OG members take action to stop the 2 brothers from corrupting their ideals

Basically, Gill going full Babel II on them, taking no bull:

I’ve also always seen G as the filler arc until SF3 rolls over as obviously Q seems to be a key part of the SF3 chronology so I’d have them have the whole NS searching for Ryu as the B-plot with Alex’s search for Ryu providing a link to the Illuminati plot.


Personally not feeling gens student design. Its trying too hard imo. Looks too similar to remy for my liking.


On the skecth alone agree. Of these 2 i prefer the right one, but still too modern…as said i will have liked him much more Gato-like, wich have a pretty traditional design

Maybe will do an edit


It feels cringey, Tekken and Garou were straight foward that it did better no white hair and inapprociate body mark.


I can see that
Or i can also see Gill going Griffith (Berserk) style… essentially keep the same targets and desires, but change the amount of evil shit he’s willing to do for it

Funny thing in SFV Kolin’s first encounter with Gill come from this

first 16 seconds (warning, NSFW parts after) absolutely fit the spirit of Kolin’s story mode


Kinda pathetic we have to get the comunication like that LOL


Cestus II, you never fail to prove yourself a fellow man of taste


Gonna budge in and say that I find both of these designs way too tryhard, especially for Gen’s disciple, Street Fighter in general and especially modern Capcom. Though with a couple of tweaks, the right one might get me on board. Love the scar and the long hair (not that hair tho) but everything else just seems like a filler Naruto character.


That being in purple and have white hair along just to link with Gen feels meh even also having his moves, It’s just better to make a new character independent from Gen it’s less complicated plus a more mature like Feng Wei or Gato in Garou which is true positive appeal of that archetype.


Hi guys.

What do you think with a near SF2 timeline that has a Chun li lead.

  • Any suggestions about a Chun li cartoon series near SF2 timeline?

  • Is there a possible thing that it can complicate in establish canon?

Criticism and negative thoughts are very welcome.


I’d be all for it.


Who’s talking there?