The Ultra Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread



I always wanted to see the mayor in action!!


The only one I don’t like is the Haggar and Alex cover. Haggar looks way off. He is too big and his anatomy seems off.


Soooo, I’ve finally started putting on paper episode outlines for my Street Fighter Anime/Animated series. I’ve reached halfway trough Season 1 and am working on the rest. I am very proud of how things turned out, so I’m really down to sink some time into this project. As I’ve previously mentioned, this season combines Street Fighter 1 and Alpha 2 events, basically ending with a Street Fighter 2/World Warrior Tournament cliffhanger, with the Psycho Drive plot line taking place here as well.

But that’s beside the point. The main point is that while there’s still work to be done on Season 1, I’m already planning out some details for Season 2, in order to know what to set up ahead of time. To that end, I’ve built up a bracket for the tournament for which I’d like to know your thoughts on:

(open in new tab for full size)

Some stuff to keep in mind:

  • The red line is basically a “Loser’s final chance”, so the losers in the first two matches get one more fight against the winner of the third fight in each bracket. In-universe those are decided at random, but there might be story reasons for why they are set-up the way they are and if some of the losers look off in that, it’s probably for good reason :wink::wink:
  • Each bracket has one final boss, one of Bison’s Kings. If the bracket winner doesn’t pass their boss, the boss doesn’t go on to challenge Bison. Sagat’s bracket is also special (one less fight), since Sagat is the second strongest guy in the tournament bar none and there’s one more in-universe point for why it has one less fight than the others. Of course, out of universe, I’ve done it like that since I have no idea how else to make up even fights from this number of fighters.:sweat_smile:
  • The Ryu vs Sagat and Ryu vs Bison fights are hypotethical. They never get to happen, since the tournament goes to absolute shit sometime after the fights with the Three Kings. Ryu vs Chun might not happen either, but I haven’t thought about the specifics that far ahead.
  • Rose doesn’t job. First of all Dhalsim will be a top fighter in this, not just some punk and even his loss against Ken won’t be as straight forward as it seems. Second of all, she also doesn’t really give a shit about the Tournament. She fights seriously and loses, nothing weird about that, but her role in the story keeps moving forward.
  • The Tournament is not the only focus of the plot. As I said, the Psycho Drive is still in play and it’s a very important point so even though you feel some stuff is missing here to combine the plots of SF2 and Alpha 3, it’s because they are missing, but are not relevant to the answers I’m looking for :joy:


Classic Udon! :laughing:


If the Chun-Li Aftermath trailer is any indication, there was a Ken vs Chun-Li somewhere.

Dan was also not part of the actual WW tournament, but was involved in the stuff happening before the tournament.

There is actually a few things like that such as Cammy vs Vega that need to happen outside and before the tournament. These things could be seen as the equivalent of what TTTB/Juri Ova are to the SF4 tournament.

Like when Cammy actually gets involved in the WW tournament (final battle), she is already Delta Red.


I see. Well, the Ken vs Chun-Li one would make no sense in this one, as there’s little character motivations going on to put them against eachother. Will keep it in mind for the Street Fighter 4/Season 3 Tournament though, so thanks for bringing that to my attention.

Yeah, Dan is an original addition. There’s little characters I wanted to use out of the Alpha newcomers, since most of them are Final Fighters and they have their own little corner in the show but I still had to pick more since the SF2 cast is pretty small. Sakura is also just getting introduced here, so to introduce both her and Karin at the same time leads to way too many side plots that amount to little other than distractions. Then, while I put a cool spin on the SF1 guys, I feel even so they don’t bring the hype enough for an event like this.
Dan made the most sense to me since he works to flesh out Sagat more.

Killer Bee Cammy has been relegated to Nash’s story in Season 1, so she IS Delta Red here already. (There is a time gap between seasons). Her main goal is regaining her memories, which is why I have her against Dhalsim. Once she does, that changes to saving the Dolls and a fight/meeting with Vega prior to her rescue from the Psycho Drive’s destruction by him will take place once the Tournament goes to crap.


I wrote down something very similar to this in the last couple of years, except instead of planning it as a TV series it was as a series of books.

The tournament format I ended up coming up with was a lot more convoluted, in part because I wanted to avoid any character getting eliminated early on and in part because I had this idea of the Street Fighter tournament working like IRL fighting game tournaments with double elimination rules, as an homage.


Yeah, I see where you are coming from. My red line brackets are my homage to the loser’s bracket in real life competitions, but I didn’t want to stick too close to that since it would make the Tournament waaay too long. In a book it might work, but I feel the pacing would be atrocious in a TV show, especially for modern audiences.
Also due to the way I’ve structered the story characters get enough to do even outside of the ring, so I can afford some early eliminations.


Still hoping the Kanzuki’s NYC tournament from Karin’s story is expanded on before SFV’s story ends.


Karin and G could start an interesting rivalry.

If Capcom wanted to keep G in his SFV appeal unless they want something for him later.

Participants would Rashid, Ibuki, Sakura, Laura, Mika, Blanka and Birdie.


CPT colors


Iirc Vega gave to Delta Red’s leader his face scar

I like to imagine it took Cammy + the entire team vs Vega alone to make him flee, Shadaloo generals deserve more hype


Models of Sodom and Damnd from “Ring of Justice” stage (credit to Yurinka at Resetera forum):



I’ve always wanted to have Damn.D to be playable in a Street Fighter game :confused:


I really want Sodom, my A3 main along with Karin and Rose


@Dracu I’m not into fan fictions but like the SSF2 tournament idea

Personally i will like it to starts like a tournament to blend into rise rankings to title shot, with a favor on Shadaloo kings according to theyr grade (but placing Vega and Rog on smilar level)
Lose cause instant elimination
On Shadabosses i apply a bit of real fight sports ranking to express theyr “privilege”, at same time keeping theyr “gatekeeper” function, working as walls before reach Bison himself like in the game

  • Bison need 0 wins, being THE Boss get automatically a spot in the Final fight

  • Sagat need only 1 win for the Final, just to defeat the “Tournament Challenger”, then can quick access to the Final, being already the current #2

  • Vega and Rog need only 3 wins for the Final: fight one rising contender, defeat the other sub-boss or who defeated him, defeat Sagat, then can access to the Final

  • Everyone else is “unranked” and need to build a win streak from the bottom to the Final, rising the ranks and going through fuckton of fights

Something like this, took some sore losers from SF1 trying theyr luck again, only to being quickly eliminated at first round again lol


@Cestus_II Ooooohhh. Love the format! Doesn’t really work for me, since I need a lot more fights to complete some character motivations and set-up some other stuff too, but I might go for something like this in Season 3 where I want the SF4 Tournament to reach it’s conclusion, but quickly.

So I’m stealing/keeping this pic for future reference :joy:


You’re welcome :smiley:
Random stuff
-stole some matches from SF2tAM, like Ryu-Fei, Gief-Blanka, T.Hawk-Ken, Sim-Honda… just changed the outcome of some. Ryu getting Rog from a couple of old mangas, Ken getting Vega like in SF2V anime.
Gief-Ryu as Gief back in the days used to hate hadoukens, implying that either Ryu or Ken fucked him up from distance lol

-Wanted to give DeeJay to Guile to keep SF2tAM vibe (as they almost fought there) but wanted give him as W to Cammy, before se get firebuttspanked out of the tourney.
I liked make Guile-Chun though, like even as allies only one can progress from that point
Given theyr motivations will have been an interessing fight story wise

-I used SF1 guys just as filler, almost NPCs, so i picked the less memorable ones (i like Retsu though) that never got into other SF games beyond SF1, just to have them lose.
I still liked chose who give to who, and think the outcome as if i had to bet like i do in actual real life fight sports scenario: odds aside when you know both is cool try to imagine how the fight will go based on style match up

  • Joe is the one that got it worst of the group, just lack the huge technical level he will need to overcome the huge power/weight difference with Honda, who’s twice his size plus surprising quick and technical while at it.
    In his cockyness try to play aggressive sure it’s just another fat dude that will crumble under the first well placed combo of strikes, get same amount of success of a stupid dog attacking an huge angry boar.
    Wake up the day after feeling he got ran over by a truck lol

  • Geki is the most weak in a direct fight, and any ninja illusion tricks fail miserably with a man like Dhalsim. On other hand nothing prepared him for Sim’s crazy yogashit.
    Feeling he’s living a bad dream, his enemy does’nt seem even human… levitating, kicking his face from meters away, teleporting around (actually teleporting, no smoke bombs lol), spitting fire in all ways
    Absolutely one-side show, only thanks to Sim’s gentle soul he end up more confused than actually injuried

  • Lee is the most interessing fight. They know each other moves, experience vs youth. Best performance from a SF1 guy, but sure as fuck he’s no Gen and Chun’s speed, agility and skill quickly show to be too much for him to handle.
    Not much beating, as soon realize has been surpassed, give up and congratulate with Chun for her progress

  • Retsu, lol shit fight for the old man. Skilled fighter, but dude was’nt the best even in his prime and now is 20 years older than that… and not in cool Gouken/Gen secret anime powers way, just older
    On other side Guile is younger, bigger, stronger, faster.
    Retsu instant realize only card to play is that his american opponent will surely get overconfident, trying to finish it quickly with reckless aggression and will be perfect chance to use Shorinj Kempo counters to break his assault… except Guile is nothing like that.
    He offer him no dumb assault, no openings, no overcommitments
    Guile just methodically fuck him up, to the point that a battered frustrated Retsu is the one to reckless attack, only to get KTFO by perfectly timed flash kick to the chin

SF2 generation was just that much better lol


As for me I’m not into a tournament SF2 anymore. I have even said this before, as a personal preference.

Why? because I find it more confusing and redundant if it would exist in the current canon. (My personal preference not saying it should not happen.)

The only tournament In prefer and like to happen is SF1 which I even did a fictional interpretation before and I still do like SF3 to be a tournament.

While SF2 for me is more on team anti shadaloo guys ganging up against Bison and tracking down his henchman across the world that the whole saga end up in the viper aftermath video as the final result.

So it eliminates minor characters and unrelated stuff that can complicate things more.

Im not also a fan of what happened to the KOF destiny tournament, the appealing part of the series was the character back story of terry and the interaction from each other of various fighters along with team ups and rivalry.