The Ultra Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


The only problem here is that according to the Q+A sections of the earlier CAP! magazines, Guile did fight Ken at one point with Dr.Light from Megaman implying that Ken only learned that Guile was his brother-in-law after the battle, whatever outcome it had (though I believe Guile would win via shrewd tactics IMO.)


I’ve recently decided to revisit the Vs series and was reminded of how much these games were a huge part of my childhood.

This game in particular gave me countless hrs of fun:

The Neo-Geo Pocket was a rare thing amongst my friends. It was something I ended up with on a whim despite never hearing about it before. When I first saw this, I thought it was fake. I wasn’t convinced it was a real thing until I popped it into the pocket console. The graphics, the characters, content, and the overall presentation made it hard for me to put the game down.

You could choose to fight 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3. You can tag out like the Marvel games in 2v2 only.

The Arcade Mode also had a nice little story to it. Its story followed whichever character you selected first. That means you’d only fight their rival in a 1v1 or the final boss that’s specific to their respective (SNK characters fight Evil Ryu while Capcom characters fight Blood of the Riot Iori) side.

Like most SNK/Capcom games, it started out as a tournament to see the strongest warriors. As we’ve come to expect, there’s usually a sinister reason behind it. When the player gets close to the finals, Bison or Geese will send Vega or Billy to eliminate them. Before that happens, your rival will intervene and knock them out–which leads to a fight.

Geese and Bison formed their own team titled: "B&G Alliance. What they want to do is make the tournament winner into a puppet. The Psycho Drive was able to reawaken the Orochi Power in Iori, as well as reawaken the Satsui no Hado in Ryu. Both are the final bosses of the game.

After winning, you go on to see the ending. Just wanted to make an elaborate post on one of my fav games growing up.


I never had an NGP but I have played this in a phone emulator to be honest.

And I really like this. There was also a mode that you can even used a gun lol something like tekken with item customization.


This is some pretty cool stuff man, you should be proud!

Thanks for posting, these look pretty good!

That’s pretty cool dude. I never got to try the NG pocket or this game, but dang it looks fun and charming! Quite a bit was put into this, thanks for sharing!


The CVS games always had so much more charisma and soul compared to the Marvel games which became really shallow after MVSF.

And since @Doctrine_Dark shared his/her CVS story it time for my CVS2 story. So basically, it was Eid and that meant I got to choose a game of my choosing (as long as it was below £20 :rofl:) so I saw CVS2 and stupidly assumed that Megaman or Bass would be in the game because it’s Capcom so you can imagine how disappointed 9 year old me was when there was no MM character in the game but there were tons of SF characters so that was enough for me(I lowkey thought Yun was a SNK character until I had the internet).

Despite this, CVS2 grew to be one of my most played PS2 games and it helped me gain a stronger appreciation for SF. My mains were K-Groove Sakura, Cammy and Morrigan. It’s still somewhere in the basement room but I haven’t played it in a long time


I think at SF2 point Ken take it, as was supposed to be the best american fighter, winning fhe martial arts Champion title.
Maybe Guile was one of these fights

Same title was won (twice) by Nash, who left it vacant to go fight Bison (and die)
Nash imho was superior to Ken, but was dead back then

Cody is an huge question mark, depend on current narrative lol

Imho it goes like Nash>Ken>Guile

Agree Guile could offer a fun offenseVSdefense fight, but i think capcom will give it to Ken more often than not

I think is about both Ken being better than general perception and Guile being good-but-not-great, even the current in ASF seem to offer that vibe (about Guile)

Wich make sense after all, Guile is first a soldier and after a fighter… actually it’s even amazing he somehow managed to be into SF league without suck

Now if it was Nash…

PS: i liked how in SF2V anime Guile school the shoto bros, but mentality wise they act kinda younger, more in line with SFA Ryu/Ken


Think its stated somewhere cody is stronger than ken. Maybe he didnt enter all american tourney like ken because he didnt want to be bound by rules and such that would be in such tournaments


And i tend to agree with, Cody it’s kinda like Capcom’s Terry Bogard, he’s not the protagonist of the current main series (Kyo being KoF face) but he was the Hero of a classic one, they keep a special aura for him

I also remember that joke SFA beach/summer art piece with Cody smashing Ken’s head into the cocacola machine just to get a free can LOL

While just for fun make think that Cody could just straight bully Ken (at least young SFA one) for a silly thing like a can lol

Yeah, my guess too being a rough area guy Cody just learned martial arts just to improve his street scrap skills, with zero fucks for tourneys, trophies and shit like that

Actually i can totally see Cody watching unimpressed a tournament guy doing nice technique shit and think he will last 2 seconds in MC streets as he let himself open multiple times to get suckerpunched or does too fancy stuff LOL

Also during Ken’s title run i think Cody is doing his jail time

Btw just as fun list my USA tier list will be something like

C.Viper (gadgets)
Poison (SF4)
DamnD/C.Viper (no gadgets)

G is the giant “?” mark there
He’s american or “Lincoln” is only a gimmick?
Where he stand in food chain, he may even be “Boss level” and go to take #1 lol

Another possible high is Tom, knowing that Gill injuried him does’nt say much… actually may mean he pushed Gill more than many others


I would also put Cody above Ken level. Cody is a wrecking machine and a franchise main character.


I nearly agree with that list but I believe Guile would beat C.Viper even with gadgets.


Honestly I think the whole tier below her could take her down.


I think is just hard rank her, ultimately i got her higher than i wanted mostly because her gadgets are an insane power up
I got in mind the anime with her destroying Cammy and holding her own vs Ryu at first, canon or not gave the vibe of what kind of power-up she get

I was tempted to leave only “no gadgets” version on the very bottom tbh, but considering all her concept is built on use gadgets to be SF level it will have been kinda unfair lol, so i’ve listed both versions


That scene was fucked up. As a woman and mother, she should be a shamed of herself. She nuked Cammy’s baby maker and her baby feeders. WTF man.


Her suit was made by SIN right? So she probably doesn’t have an upgrade for it anymore.


For all it’s offensive capability. There is no indication that it enhances her ability to take a punch. Sure it improves her speed and agility but one punch from Rog would put her down hard.

@Daemos I’ve wondered about that. Even if the CIA had the ability to improve it, I doubt they’d let her keep it. They’d send it to R&D for study. My hunch is she just never handed it over to them.


Something I’ve been messing around with for months. I’ve changed her origin multiple times. The SCVI image isn’t exact to her actual look.



Name: Vaite (means Soul or Spirit)

Nickname: Dark Golden Mystery

Sex: Female

Ethnicity: Australian (Melanesian?)

Height: 5ft 10in (1.78m)

Weight: 155lbs (70kg)

B/W/H: 34-26-36 (86cm-66cm-91cm)

Hometown: Cairns City, Queensland, Australia

Appearance: Vaite is a tall athletic young woman with smooth dark brown skin, She has long curly/coarse blonde hair. Vaite’s hair is pulled backward and upward into a large afro puff, Sapphire Blue Eyes. She wears a red, gold, and white short sleeve button up blouse. The sleeves, upper chest, and shoulders are white. Her collar is red with gold trim. Gold trim also encircles her upper chest and waist line. In between the gold trim, her blouse is red, and fastened together by nine circular gold buttons. Vaite has on red shorts that come down to the middle of her thighs. Each leg opening is encircled by gold trim. She has knee high white boots on her feet gold laces and soles. On her arms, she sports fingerless forearm length white gloves. Gold trim encircles the forearm end of each glove

Likes: Netball, Helping Others, Generosity, Nature

Dislikes: Resorting to Violence, Notoriety

Fighting Style: Secret Society CQC/Shadoloo Assassination Techniques

Tone: Vaite is a benevolent woman and reluctant fighter.

Origins: Vaite’s true origins are unknown. She washed up on the shores of Cape York near Bamaga, Australia a decade ago. Vaite was found by two foreign nationals. A middle aged couple living under false Australian identities. The couples appearance, the man, Andreas, was a blonde hair blue eyed Caucasian and the woman, Yasmin, was of African descent with dark brown skin, allowed Vaite to pass as their natural born daughter. The couple couldn’t have children of their own, in a cruel twist of fate both of them were infertile, and adoption could potentially expose their true identities. Vaite was a godsend.

Andreas and Yasmin knew there was something odd about Vaite. Vaite couldn’t remember anything. She wasn’t even sure if “Vaite” was her name. Her only memory is vague recollection on an elderly Melanesian couple pointing at her and yelling “Vaite!” She knew several languages. Despite being, from what they could tell, ten years old she was the same size as Yasmin. She was skilled in a martial art neither of them had seen in their extensive travels and capable of beating both of them in single combat. Although Andreas insisted that he was “letting” her win. Vaite smart. She picked up German and Somali from her parents without direct instruction.

Yasmin and Andreas began to wonder if she was one of their former employers projects. They both had seen such projects before and it was explain her exceptionalism. However, Vaite aged normally, she didn’t rapidly grow into adulthood. Her power, while strong, was not the dark energy that was often wielded by their prior organizations assassins. If she had been sent to kill them, they’d already be did. In fact, Vaite avoided using her strength if possible. Only baring it to aid in the defense of others.

Over the next decade, Vaite grew into a vibrant young woman. She graduated college at only 14 years of age. Her achievements began to garner wider attention. She could see that her growing prominence caused her parents concern. They had never told her of their former line of work but she’d figured that out shortly after being taken in by them. Vaite would forego any athletic or intellectual pursuits that draw too much attention. She thought that would keep them safe. However a hit squad of a half dozen elite operatives struck her family in the middle of the night. She easily took them down. Her parents though operatives were there for them. The data they recovered from the assailants proved other wise. All of their intel was on Vaite. They had come for her.

Her Rival: Urien

Attributes: Health: 4 Power: 4 Range: 2 Mobility: 4 Technique: 4

975 stamina 1050 stun


Azure Crush - LP+LK: Vaite strikes with a right uppercut to her opponents abdomen with great force lifting them off the ground, she then jumps into the air, and send them crashing other ground with aerial left overhead punch. 150 Damage/150 Stun

Golden Smash - B+LP+LK: Vaite strikes with a right uppercut to her opponents abdomen with such force that they remain doubled over her right as she lefts them overhead and slams them behind her. 160 Damage/200 Stun

Golden Sun - LP+LK: (In Air): Vaite strikes with a left uppercut to her opponents abdomen from a forward jump that lifts them over her head, she the palms her opponents face with her right hand, and drives them into ground back of the head first. 150 Damage/200 Stun

Unique Attacks:

Concussive Enlightenment – DF+HP: (Overhead) Vaite hops forward into the air while pulling her left arm back. As she lands she slams her left elbow on top of her foes head. 23F Startup 70 Damage/100 Stun, +1 on Hit, -6 on Block

Solar Ray – B+MP: Vaite hits her adversary with a upward striking straight left punch to the face. +2 on Hit, -2 on Block. 60 Damage/100 Stun

Lunar Ray – B+LK: Vaite strikes her foe with a spinning back low kick to the knee. Leaves opponent standing. +3 on Hit, +1 on Block. 40 Damage/70 Stun

Sunshine Swing – B+MP, MP, HP, B+HP: Vaite strikes with a left strait punch to the face, right overhead punch to the abdomen, left hooking punch to the face, and right spinning backfist to the head. Leaves foe standing. +1 on Hit, -4 on Block. 100 Damage/200 Stun.

Moonlight Waltz – B+LK, LK, MK, HK: Vaite strikes with left spinning back low kick to knee, right back high kick to the head, left roundhouse kick to the head, and knocks them down with a jumping 360° right kick to the face. -6 on Block. 120 Damage/150 Stun


Aura Clash – F+PPP: Vaite pulls both of her arms back, creating a golden aura with her right hand and azure glow around her left hand. She slams her hands together generating an azure and gold explosion of light that knocks her opponent off their feet.


Light Explosion – MP+MK: Vaite creates an explosion of “Light” energy and ½ screen way. 25F Startup, 50 Total Frames, 50 Damage/100 Stun

  • B+MP+MK – explosion occurs at point blank range

  • F+MP+MK – explosion occurs a ¾ screen away

V-Trigger 1:

Golden Glow – HP+HK: Vaite’s body emits a golden aura, enhancing the properties of severalo of her normal and special attacks. Grants access to a new special attack. Helicoid Ray. Note: The only different between V-Trigger 1 and 2 is the color of her aura and the special move she gains. All other buffs are universal to both triggers.

  • Helicoid Ray – HP+HK: Vaite pulls back her right and then thrust her right fist forward. This generates a golden corkscrewing arrowhead shaped projectile. 17F Startup 47 Total Frame 70 Damage/100 Stun

  • All Punch normals are buffed by 10 Stun

  • All Kick normals are buffed by 10 Damage

  • Cr. MK, St. MK and St.HK gain an addition +1 advantage on hit.

  • Concussive Enlightenment startup reduced from 23F to 22F. Damage increased from 70 to 80, Stun from 100 to 120. Advantage on hit increased from +1 to +2

  • Concussive Enlightenment can now be charged 36F Startup 90 Damage/150 Stun, +6 on Hit

  • All striking special attacks are buffed by 20 Damage

  • HP Golden Ascension gains 30 Stun Damage

  • Helicoid Light startup reduced by 3F for all versions. HP version gains 30 Stun, EX version gains 50 Stun

  • Earth Reunion stun buffed by 10 for all versions

  • Sky Divarication stun increased by 20 for all versions, EX stun is increased by 30

3-Bar V-Trigger Permanent

V-Trigger 2:

Azure Aura – HP+HK: Vaite’s body emits a azure glow, enhancing the properties of several of her normal and special attacks. Grants access to a new special attack. Azure Crescent. Note: The only different between V-Trigger 1 and 2 is the color of her aura and the special move she gains. All other buffs are universal to both triggers

  • Azure Crescent – HP+HK: (In Air) From a forward jump, Vaite slices downward with her left hand created a blue crescent moon shaped projectile. 14F Startup 12 Recover Frames after landing. 50 Damage/50 Stun 60° Descent Angle

  • All Punch normals are buffed by 10 Stun

  • All Kick normals are buffed by 10 Damage

  • Cr. MK, St. MK and St.HK gain an addition +1 advantage on hit.

  • Concussive Enlightenment startup reduced from 23F to 22F. Damage increased from 70 to 80, Stun from 100 to 120. Advantage on hit increased from +1 to +2

  • Concussive Enlightenment can now be charged 36F Startup 90 Damage/150 Stun, +6 on Hit

  • All striking special attacks are buffed by 20 Damage

  • HP Golden Ascension gains 30 Stun Damage

  • Helicoid Light startup reduced by 3F for all versions. HP version gains 30 Stun, EX version gains 50 Stun

  • Earth Reunion stun buffed by 10 for all versions

  • Sky Divarication stun increased by 20 for all versions, EX stun is increased by 30

3-Bar V-Trigger Permanent


Golden Ascension – Charge D,U+P: (Anti Air) Vaite strikes her foe with a left uppercut. Upon contact a golden spire of ki shoots up from the ground beneath her foe, striking them, and launching them away from her. LP (3F Startup, 2 hits, 110 Damage/150 Stun, Throw Invincible Frame 1-3), MP(4F Startup, 3 hits, 130 Damage/150 Stun, Invincible to Airborne Attacks 1-4), HP (5F Startup, 4 hits, 150 Damage/150 Stun, ), EX (3F Startup, 6hits, 160 Damage/200 Stun, Full Startup Invincibility)

Helicoid Light – HCB+P: Vaite advances toward her opponent, striking them with a straight right punch to the chest. Upon contact, a spiral of golden ki blasts through her foe, sending them spinning away from her. All version gain projectile invincibility frame 6 that last through the active frames. LP(20F Startup, 80 Damage/120 Stun, ¼ Screen) MP(23F Startup, 100 Damage/120 Stun, ½ Screen), HP(26F Startup 120 Damage/120 Stun. ¾ Screen) EX (19F Startup, 150 Damage/150 Stun, ¾ Screen)

Azure Insurrection – QCF+P: (Close Range Melee Attack): Vaite lifts her left arm high over her head as it glows with a blue light and slams it down on her opponent violently. LP(14F Startup, 60 Damage/100 Stun) MP(19F Startup, 80 Damage/100 Stun) HP(23F Startup, 100 Damage/120 Stun) EX(19F Startup, 120 Damage/150 Stun, Overhead)

Earth Reunion – HCP+K (Command Grab): Vaite kicks her opponent in the abdomen with great force, lifting them overhead on her foot as she rises into the air, and then slams them to the ground with an axe kick. All versions have 7F Startup. Command Grab range determined by the kick button pressed. LK (Most Range 180 Damage/210 Stun), MK(Less Range 190 Damage/220 Stun), HK(Least Range 200 Damage/230 Stun), EX (6F Startup, Throw Invincible, 230 Damage/250 Stun)

Sky Divarication – QCF+K: (In Air): Vaite strikes opponent with an diving double knee bash from a forward jump. All versions leave the opponent standing , have 13F Startup 10F Recovery, and cause 80 damage/100 Stun. -6 on Block. Kick button slightly alters forward trajectory. LK (65° Angle), MK(60°Angle), HK(55° Angle), EX (12F Startup 9F Recovery, 100 Damage/120 Stun, -4 on Block, LK+MK 65° Angle, LK+HK60°Angle, MK+HK 55° Angle)

Critical Art:

Sun & Moon – QCBx2+P: Vaite hurls a large sun shaped projectile at her opponent, that upon impact incinerates them and blows them up into the air. Vaite jumps above her adversary and slices the air with her left,hand generating large blue crescent moon shaped projectile that drives her foe downard. Just before impact, the projectile explodes, and plants her foe into the ground. 9 Hits 330 Damage (3x40, 6x20, 1x90)

V-Trigger Only

Astral Purification – QCBx2+K: Vaite strikes her foe in the sternum with a stunning straight right punch. While they are staggering, Vaite places her left palm under their chin and her right palm to their chest. Vaite sends a surge of golden ki through the foes chest with her right palm engulfing her opponent in golden flames and near instantaneously sends a surge of azure ki through the opponent’s head igniting in blue flames. Vaite’s adversary falls to their knees before collapsing completely. 3 Hits 375 Damage (1x95, 2x140)

Reasons to be in SFV:

The clues hidden within the data discovered by Vaite and her parents pointed to secret organization. A secret society that had ordered her capture and the death of her parents. This information lead to the world martial arts tournament. Vaite would enter the tournament to flush out this organization. Find out why they wanted her, and take them down so she could get back to a normal life with her family.

Side Note:

  • Vaite speaks Bislama, English, French, German, Kriol, and Somali

  • Her adoptive parents are unsure of her true origin.

  • Her adoptive father, Andreas, is 5ft 10in (1.78m), 161lbs (73kg) and from Germany. He has blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes.

  • Her adoptive mother, Yasmin is 5ft 5in (1.65m), 122lbs (55kg), and originally from Somalia. She has smooth dark brown skin and thick black coarse/curly hair. She wears her hair in micro braids.

  • The initially though she was Aboriginal Australian due to her use of the Krio language.

  • However her name “Vaite” and use of the Bislama language means she could be from Vanuatu.

  • Her stature, roughly 9 inches (23 cm) taller than a typical woman of Melanesian descent puts her origins further into question.

True Origin:

  • Vaite is actually a genetically enhanced woman of German and Somali descent.

  • Andreas and Yasmin were Shadaloo agents. Vaite learned the Shadaloo Assassination Arts from the two of them.

  • There is a small circular blue gem with a golden diamond shaped core at it’s center implanted in Vaite’s sternum.

Andreas and Yasmin are Vaite’s actual parents. They previously worked for Shadaloo. After frequent collaborations, the pair fell in love. Marrying in secret, Andreas and Yasmin planned to leave Shadaloo and start a family. They were heartbroken to discover that neither of them were able to have children.

During their time at Shadaloo, Andreas and Yasmin were highly successful. This garnered them favor with several members of the organization. On one off the books mission, they retrieved an escaped test subject. They essentially saved the lives of the science team that had allowed the subject to escape. The grateful scientists asked if there was anyway they could repay Andreas and Yasmin. That is when the pair mentioned their desire to have a child.

One scientist in the group, Tanna, said they could give the pair what they desired. She only needed a sample of DNA from both of them. Unfortunately that scientist was an Illuminati double agent. Tanna saw a chance to craft an elite asset for organization and further her position. After she obtained the DNA samples, Tanna didn’t just combine them. She sought to perfect them. Tanna removed any flaws, improved the physical capabilities, and enhanced the intellectual ones as well.

Successfully crafted an infant of exceptional ability, Tana put her plan into effect. She sabotaged the labs, killing the rest of her team. Tana then called Andreas and Yasmin telling them that they all had been discovered. The couple arrived to see the facility to in flames. Thinking Shadaloo was onto to them, they fled the lab. Leaving behind evidence to indicate that they too were killed in the explosion.

Tanna took the child to Vanuatu to enact her plan. Vanuatu is an island archipelago country in the south Pacific Ocean. Vaite’s appearance resembled the native inhabitants of the island. It’s out of the way location limited the chance her treachery would be discovered. Tanna had the child trained and educated for decade. Satisfied with her progress, she booked passage to Australia via boat. From there, she’d fly to the closest Illuminati facility presenting her prize to Lord Urien to gain favor. On the way to Australia, a large typhoon swept through the area sinking the boat. Vaite would wash up on shore a short time later.


That C.Viper scene in that anime just made me think C.Viper was pretty stupid.
She is trying to bring out Ryu’s “murderous intent”, then she is shocked when she realized (almost Evil) Ryu is trying to kill her.

C.Viper is already one of my least favorite of the female cast, portraying her that way did not help :stuck_out_tongue: .


To be fair most of that special is stupid. It’s supposed to set-up Street Fighter 4 by having the game’s final boss get his shit kicked by Ryu and made fun of by Vega. Really threatning that guy! :joy: For all its faults, at least Juri is shown as quite formidable in her special.


The shit-kicking is what lead to the Juri OVA which lead to the tournament. Seth betrayed Shadaloo formally after he saw the potential of Ryu firsthand, and further developed the FSE prototype leading to the unleashing of Juri on the hapless SFers. Being mocked by Vega surely expedited his betrayals.

The shitkicking also forshadowed MNK. My one gripe is that even though Seth is meant to be a knock-off of Bison, there were too many parallels between the fight between Seth and Ryu in TTTB and Bison and Ryu in ASF. Which take away from an already weak execution of the latter dramatic battle.


Great explanation for the secuence of events👌