The Ultra Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


While everything you said is true, it’s still no way to introduce your new main bad guy, especially with no hints of Seth getting more powerful, more wise or even growing any personal connection to any good guy. Ryu beats him down and Seth doesn’t seem to gain any interest whatever the power, or the concept behind the power, that Ryu used. Chun-Li is only after him since she’s doing her job and Shadaloo is involved, but they never develop anything between them other than a sort of rivalry with C.Viper. Ken and Sakura are just there since Ryu’s there.

I like the special, don’t get me wrong, but in the larger context of 4’s story it either does basically nothing, or more harm than good. That’s not to say there isn’t a logical flow to the events, but it does convolute the plot and makes things feel a bit unnatural when taking it all in.


Wouldn’t Seth being beaten by Ryu increase his interest in fuether develope his project and use such a powerful guy like Ryu with it? That to me sounds like interest. I understand what you are saying maybe some more development would’ve been good, but I see as a very logical set of events and don’t really see the convulted aspect.


Fair point, but the FSE and BLECE sound more like stuff Seth would come to develop having faced SnH Ryu, not Mu Ryu, which is the opposite of those ideas. Actually trying to develop something closer to that would have actually made him quite interesting, but ultimately nothing he does feels truly necessary to get from SF2 to SF5. Though, to be fair, it is him giving Ryu those grandiose speeches about power that makes Ryu understand Nothingness for the first time, rejecting those ideals.


It’s a perspective joke, she does’nt punch her in the pussy LOL
Watch the point where the electrowave exit from her back, the punch it’s at stomach height
About the (left) boob one i guess the idea it’s her doing the electroshock close to the heart

But YES, no doubt the whole scene wink at the wierdo ryona crowd

Btw as said that’s why i placed her thereabove Rog/Guile/Haggar, Viper with gadgets easily smoke Cammy, who’s more or less Guile level

On other hand neither Rog or Haggar seem the kind of guys that can handle a tricky character like her… to see a strenght-based char fucking up SF4 Viper you will probably need monsters like SFV Gief, Abigail or SF3 Hugo, who are anomalies even for SF standards

Yeah, still if they want her to return story wise they can easily pretend CIA developed an even better suit based on previous tech

True, but i guess canon wise she just mostly avoid to get hit like, let’s say, Cammy/Karin and all these girls that as canon probably will not be able to tank same damage they did ingame

There you see her taking a kick from Cammy and few light hits from Ryu (showing some low but still “SF” level of toughness)
But from most part she (using reflexes dodges+gadgets) just mostly avoid to be hit by significant strikes… actually Cammy’s strike was suckerpunch style lol, after that she just see coming a Spin Knuckle and a Cannon Spike, easily dodging both (using gadgets)

With Rog’s huge straightforward attacks i doubt it will be that much different, if a monster of speed/precision like Cammy can’t hit her outside sneak attack, i guess Viper could evade Rog’s bull-rushing kinda easily

Btw as said on other hand Viper likely is’nt even SF level without gadgets, unlike Vega who aside shorter range without claw is almost as good


Ki mastery, in SF universe, increases the ability of fighters to take damage. It is why Mika can tank a punch from Rog and Chun Li and Karin can vault like steel doors without shattering their fist. While Cammy and Karin would not be able to absorb the same amount of damage as Ryu. They’d be far beyond Viper. Side note: Viper did not Trump, Cammy but she certainly nuked her ovaries.


Not gonna lie, I did not like Viper when I first got into SF4. I found her to be quite annoying. I think my opinion started to change with her inclusion in MVC3.


It’s usually a combination of both, as ki surely does play a big factor, but aside ki big tough SF level fighters still can tank bigger hits than small ones

Example i’m ok with Chun thanks to her insane ki (as good SF fighter) being able to eat a punch better than some generic big guy who’s not SF level

Count also that at this point in SFV Gief incarnating his shoot wrestler archetype is the ultimate SF master at tank strikes

I think that while bigger and likely stronger not even Abigail or Hugo reached that level at it, like replicate the katana feat

Gief’s “Muscle Power” is’nt body only anymore, his fighting spirit made it reach a ki type of energy… more or less like Ryu’s fist during a shoryuken is made far more powerful/hard thanks to ki, even if Ryu’s srk (unlike Ken’s flaming one) does’nt seem to be ki-enhanced

Essentially Gief took his own road to do what shaolin monks say to do tanking spears and shit… except he did it thought his own shoot wrestler/bear fighting way and now he got that kind of “ki armor” while being an almost 200kg muscle russian monster instead some 60kg bald chinese :smiley:

Gief wear 2 armors at same time, one of steel muscle and one of steel spirit

Mika being his disciple made kinda sense show her have that feat vs Rog, it was supposed to be meaningful, not “normal”
Example Ibuki (and probably any other SF girl, plus a decent number of males) who was with her will have been likely been knocked out by that specific punch, wich was supposed to be very powerful (as cutscene 1 shot powerful not as it’s ingame-anybody-can-eat-it)

It was also symbolic of her following Gief’s steps, as he did the same to Rog (with less effort, but still) during previous ASF events

It purposely show she got the spirit to master “Muscle Power”


did’nt helped she looked ugly af in SF4
MVC3 one looked way better (and i don’t like MVC3 art style), incarnating the super hot woman she’s supposed to be

Still boring SF char imho, one of the female designs i like less
Would sell her to SNK any day lol


What did I like with Viper is because she looks like Angelina Jolie and she is a MILF along with those few aged women in SF that is playable.

And I also like the idea of having tech and gadget base fighter in SF but some of her special moves are meh. Like the electric ground punching that works similar to Necali.

I know some links her with Captain commando but it’s meh. it doesn’t have the corridor appeal and usefulness anyway.

However I’m okay with the electric charge punching and kick, Capcom should have been creative and playful with combining her electric attack with her flight for the special moves instead of this is an electric charge special attack,

And remove the fire special it looks like forced in her. by just making her mix elemental combination user kinda meh. It should just been electric all over which is better along with other creative electric special.

A status ailments attack using electricity would do wonders to Viper to emphasize uniqueness. Something Fang had was poison while Viper also would do for electricity.

If she would return some of her special should be updated and have a all new tech and a whole new suit sponsored by Secret Society, but it won’t make her still better in combat tier than the rest.


I remember when Viper suggested her and Rose have a “girls night out” in one of her win quotes. I actually liked how she could switch up a bitch to certain characters and nice to others.


I loved that scene, I frequently keep replaying the Guile vs Ryu fight now that Youtube exists

From the attitude & sarcasm, voice and choreography, I felt this is what Guile should be in an adaptation. A hardass, but he’ll give you a chance to leave, but if you don’t he’ll put you into a coma. Man I miss the days when fighting games readily were adapted into series or OAVs.

RE: About Viper, I always have trouble placing her in tiers too. I think she may be a weak, capable fighter who goes much higher due to gadgets, but I think that she’s not useless without the gear. She does have martial arts skill and finesse to use the gadgets in a way that mixes base weapon usability with fighting skills. I think a typical agent may just use them like in a 3rd person action game or shooter if that makes sense. She will think out the box and try something different. Just my thoughts on the matter.

Ooooh, I’m interested! I kinda wish Falke was more inline with this. Some solid stuff dude! Striking appearance, unique location and ethnicity, different take on her past so she’s not like Cammy or another doll. I’m rooting for her and her parents to have a normal life.


Yeah one of the best fictional re-imagined Guile and the series also has one of the best Claw fights and Claw character.


Viper design had potential (redhead, modern looking, tall and slender) but the way it was delivered in SF4 was quite bad: the model was ugly and had some really odd-looking hips and cleavage and the gadgets, which are supposed to be her signature feature, are completely concealed: I thought all the time it was merely merely ki manipulation what caused the fire and lighting, the only tell she gives is the air jets that come from her boots when she jumps. If she was going to use gadgets, emphasizing on her moveset and design was mandatory, even Area does that better.

Also, her face looks rather youthful, doesn’t give away MILF vibes the way SNK’s Vanessa (the obvious inspiration) does. Combined with her over the top annoying screams, looks like the decisions to make her a single mom strong woman with tech was decided after the character design was almost complete, which made it lacking on all those areas.


Oh yeah man, how far do you wanna take this? This is really catching my interest, I recently made a “show bible” for a fake Captain Commando show I envisioned and it really helped me to build the world of the show. Are you doing something similar for yours? I’d love to see you post all of this in a collected format somewhere when you’re done.

Cheers man! Keep up the good stuff!


Thank you very much! Not going to lie, joining this place and seeing all of you guys as passionate about this franchise as me (some of you even more so) really pushed me to begin this in the first place and seeing things go well made me realize I should keep at it, since first of all I enjoy it. It’s just that since now I could never muster the motivation so hearing things like this give me quite the boost!

To answer your question, right now I’m only 11 episodes away from finishing Season 1 and as you could tell from the previous post, I have big plans for Season 2. Between them however I want to make a sort of filler arc based on Final Fight 1, since the way I envision the series is in anime format, but that’s only going to be like 10 episodes (1/4th of an actual SF season). The way the story is set-up I can’t include those characters in Season 1, though I did introduce Guy as a way to make things more organic and have a known focus character for the mini-arc.

I will surely post this stuff once Season 1 is done, but I haven’t made up my mind as to how. I don’t want to fill this thread with basically just my fan-fiction, so that’s out of the way. Couldn’t manage to find a ‘fan-works’ subform here either and I also don’t want to make a thread randomly that is off-topic, out of respect for the forum as a whole. I’m thinking of starting somekind of blog and update that weekly with episodes outlines and “editor’s notes” (to clear up things up that aren’t apparent in the actual outlines and get you trough my thought process) and just post the links here. No ads or monetization or anything, I don’t care, I’m doing it for fun, so don’t worry about that. Or, instead of a blog maybe a private Facebook page since I’m sure most of you have that and its own comment section makes it prone for feedback, without cluttering threads, since it’s going to be a small circle after all. Don’t know, haven’t worked out the details. Any advice is welcome on that front!

Also, as far as the ‘bible’, I have the manuscript in which I’m working on. It begins with a summary of the season and then goes trough each episode outline till the final episode. From then the next summary and so on (haven’t reached there yet but that’s how I’m planning it). I’m not doing character bios or stuff like that, at least for now, since this thing is written by a SF fan for SF fans, so you already know how a character looks, what their personalities are and whatever changes are made become clear once you read the story.

And one final piece of advice, keep your excitement to a minimum. While I am truly proud of the stuff I’ve done so far, the actual ‘episodes’ are just outlines. There is no dialogue (tho important exposition bits are highlighted), they are at most one page long (Arial 11 for reference), at the moment they are full of spelling errors and generally suffer from mixing tenses (one of my big pitfalls when writing in English from the third person) and lastly, I actually envision those things in my head: how they are storyboarded, how characters move etc and that’s hard to get across only in words. Especially since this isn’t working as actual literature, but more as a guide for an actual script. Sometimes there might be metaphors or ‘poetic’ language or stuff like that, but it’s not meant to be digested on its own, you know. The themes of the episodes are mostly clear, the pace is clear, but it’s still not a whole, just a piece.

If you want and no one else minds this, maybe I can post a quick out of context episode here to see what I’m talking about.


Me too, I love how she doesnt bullshit around and tells it like it is




Guile fighting Ryu & Ken in Street Fighter V is SF perfection.

Amazing depiction of Guile. Love it.


On general SF2V is underrated, it had many other cool moments too.
Thing is SF2tAM being a 10/10 set our quality bar so damn high lol


Fuck yeah