The Ultra Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


Bleh. Nothing but trash for completionists. But if we have to have him, at least bring his most remarkable moment:



I want to see E. Honda with a radically renewed appearance and movelist.


I think because of how polarizing he can be and how “boring” many find him. It would be wise to actually try to pimp him out and reimagine him as someone way more badass than ever before.

He needs the Nash/Bison/Birdie/Sim treatment in terms of changes coming into 5.


I believe it was the gameplay of honda people are into not his character much like the rest of SF2 non-main.

Ono had stories about him because of the hundred hand slap and people use him because of his advantage not for being bad ass backstory.

Nash, Sim and Bison are always appealing characters.

Agree he needs some reinvention, like Birdie becoming adorable character rather than being Badass. lol

I like Hakkan than Birdie and Honda.

And Thawk is more interesting than Honda.


Still hoping Honda isn’t coming.
I would personally even take Dee Jay and T. Hawk over him, lol.


Sumo characters in fighting games are always kinda doomed to be bland, because, while a rich fighting style with a lot of tradition and respected pretty much by everyone, it really doesn’t translate well into fighting games. E.Honda manages to still be the stand out design among those characters, due to a terrific design that has the real world characteristics of a sumo wrestler but also the added visual flair of a fantasy martial arts story… and even he is polarizing. It’s hard to make one traditional character like that into something “cool”.

I personally welcome him into the game and look forward to his inevitable redesign if it does happens, but the timing is off. After the drought of contet for the past months trying to hype us up with Honda is stupid. Even as SF2 nostalgia bait he’s not high up into the list so one has to wonder what the fuck is going on.

I enjoy Honda, I like his design, his moveset, but even I can say that he’s not a character I’d spend extra money for. As a base roster type character he would always make my list, but as DLC he’s not one I’d pay for. But, unlike some piece of shit like Evil Ryu or Oni I’m not going to cry over it either, he’s a one of a kind legacy character that earned his place in any game Capcom wishes to put him in.


I may have to tell you about the different variations for Vaite at some point. She’s completely different from my initial concept. Only her appearance has remained the same.


If they add Honda knowing SFV pattern, the release will be something like

  • Standard: New SFV design, possibly something that keep some elements, change some others

  • Story: Flat kinda simple design, often with simple training/casual clothes. 40k FM

  • Battle: The crazy “rich”/busy/exagerate one. $$$ or “free” included with the char if you buy him with $$$

  • Nostalgia: SF2 Classic look, $$$

    nostalgia Code version?(simple way)
    nostalgia Code version?(SF2tAM tribute like Sagat)?

  • Stage: 70k FM


  • Fighting Chance: considering SF2 will be Nostalgia one, they could go to some obscure old art like this

About new moveset, Omega mode can give us hints maybe


It’s not an obscure art anyway lol.

It is the better new as the default.

Story mode costume that can transform into classic honda


Code version to standard classic honda


I’ll like this more as the new Honda stage for DLC



I can see that original design combined with the SF4 alternate Ces posted (the Battle one) to make Honda’s new design. Basically just throw white painted skin over that OG one and a new fancy hairstyle and it’s 100% up the alley of the modern designers.


Yeah because it’s the most popular version of Honda’s alt it even had a POP Culture Shock Statue for it compare to the other design.

There is no other better battle costume that can be recommended obviously if were basing from Honda’s previous alt, unless Capcom decided to create something different.

It’s like Chun li’s black alt dress in terms of appeal.


That looks so much better than in-game holy shit :open_mouth:


As for the moveset, specials and normals, I’m not a fan of Omega Honda.

The interesting for me for Omega Honda was was Shikofumi(Stomp) and Salt Toss,

Gan in RS yet from later Capcom is still meh in moveset, the only thing that was appealing was the Clapping Hand Destruction

Honda needs to keep his classic specials but updated with more sumo like normal attacks and new sumo vibe grappling moves.

In all honesty and ironically Hinako from KOF despite the physique, gender and visual, her attacks are more sumo and fun.

Yet Honda needs new special like Tekken’s Ganryu…

1.) Sumo Tackle
2.) Sumo Squash

And more Ganryu Tekken moves but turned into a Rekka-esque

1.) Open Palm Combo
2.) Kabuki Palm
3.) Thunder Clap

As for new grappling special and throws for Honda here is it.

Rikishiman from Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix Series

As for the Stage:

I know the MVC1 bathhouse is appealing more than the SF2


and the Zero 3 honda seem more honda

So why did I choose this stage anyway?

I choose the Zero 1 stage instead, I know my preference is a bit odd and unexpected but it had more appeal, nostalgic vibe and can fit other characters like Classic Ryu, Birdie, Ken, Rose, Akuma, Nash and the rest.

Some might think I didn’t like Honda stage, for choosing a stage not dedicated to him, Yet we all know that the stage has his bath house plus it got SF2AM callback poster in the side.

It’s also the best looking and memorable to symbolize it’s origin game(A1) compare to the other stages. I believe there is no other deserving stage from ALPHA 1 that needs to converted into it’s 3D glory.

It is also appealing if Guy is included in the season. Which probably a hint because of the Poll.

Plus it can be also a combination of both like it’s shifting and transitioning to the other afternoon gradually. Something that Capcom did to SFV stage for classic Guile.

coincidentally it is also the stage of Sakura in Puzzle Fighters.

This stage is so popular that it had been call back in some crossover games like, we can also see what’s on the other side.


See, that’s what I was talking about earlier. I’d like Honda to actually use more sumo moves… but that looks bland as fuck. When you get down to it sumo is just two guys slamming into each other… While I know that’s not all there is to it, that doesn’t mean it makes for cool video game moves.


Yet knowing Modern Capcom they would choose the bathhouse inside instead for the sake of uniformity with the other characters and it’s easier to do.

Honda really need more Rekka like attacks


And a new Tackle like specials


As for this:


Why I didn’t choose this as a code version?

because I felt it’s redundant already with the likes of Urien and Ryu, but knowing Capcom they would go with this instead same thing because of being uniformed with the rest.

Yeah, The VF’s Taka-Arashi was bland and realistic so it won’t translate well with the likes of SF fast pace gameplay.

I think it was really the Rikishiman from Kinnikuman Muscle that can make Honda grapple more fancied sumo to fit SF compare to Ganryu and Hinako.


I don’t know if anyone’s posted this yet, but Zangief’s new The Gief costume has special win quotes against certain characters. Here’s the ones I’ve found so far.

EDIT: My mistake, it’s the ENTIRE ROSTER. This took some work, but here.

Abigail: “You’re built like a brick house! I think I’ll call you The Bigail!”
Akuma: “Give me everything you’ve got! I’m about to make you famous!”
Alex: “Don’t hold back! The ring is made for fighting!”
Balrog: “Your punches have no effect on me! You need to hit harder! HARDER!”
Birdie: “That technique! That style… You’re Titan’s tag partner!”
Blanka: “So, you trying to bite me or what?! Make up your mind!”
Cammy: “Whether past, present or future, The Gief will always be the best!”
Chun-Li: “I make my living in the ring! It’s no place for amateurs!”
Cody: “The Gief will be named champion of the Metro City Champion Series!”
Dhalsim: “Spitting fire isn’t a yoga move. It’s a move reserved for heels!”
Ed: “You look pretty tough! This should be good practice!”
Falke: “Maybe I’ll join your army! I’ll be your strongest grappler!”
F.A.N.G: “Hey! Is that poison on your hands? You should be spitting it instead!”
G: “I’m the champion of the World! It’s what drives me to fight!”
Guile: “I don’t care much for conflict. But I’ll defeat you anyway!”
Ibuki: “Use weapons… Explosives even… I won’t be defeated!”
Juri: “Listen up! I live my life the way I see fit!”
Kage: “Hey! Isn’t it a bit early for you to turn heel now?”
Karin: “I don’t know who you think you are, but I’m on another level!”
Ken “Gwahahaha! The Gief couldn’t care less about the fans!”
Kolin: “Hard work pays off in the end! That goes for heels too…”
Laura: “Spirit! Those who lack it have no business setting foot in the ring!”
M. Bison: “Strength and faith always prevail! That’s just the way it is!”
Menat: “The Gief cares not for your pathetic fortunes!”
Nash: “Huh? You dead or something? You’re a strange one, that’s for sure!”
Necalli: “A style I’ve yet to see… It won’t stop me from smashing you!”
Rashid: “Your attacks are too predictable! I can read you like a book!”
R. Mika: “Zangief? Who’s he? I’m the Gief!”
Ryu: “Enough! It’s time to settle this!”
Sakura: “I’m actually a fan of the student look when it comes to a gimmick!”
Sagat: “Is that the best an emperor can do? I’ll be on top before long!”
Urien: “You can’t tackle me like that! I’m like a truck with no brakes!”
Vega: “Hey! Ref! No weapons allowed!”
Zangief: “We’re two sides of the same coin, but I’m the stronger side!”
Zeku: “The Gief is invincible! Get outta here with that ninja nonsense!”


Another interesting Battle Costume, but isn’t as better like the other one as a choice.



They remeber Titan. So I’m not the only one :joy:

Too medievaly for me. Never liked those kind of costumes.


Yeah, the first one is the best no doubt.