The Ultra Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


Fun, it’s like once the mask is on he play a pro wrestling ring persona
I don’t like the alt itself, but is a nice touch lol

I do too, i like Slammasters… while i will not want Tim to join SFV (his role in a cast is to be the giant, and we already have it), i will like Abigail to get a tribute costume of him, they even share similar pose


I just want Slammasters CFN profiles :cry:


This is not really accurate to the ingame model, but from now on after seeing this I’m gonna pretend this is how Chun Li’s battle outfit works in canon.


Fun how asshole “The Gief” is, compared to Zangief true nice/friendly nature lol


The Gief should replace Zangief in SF6. More callbacks to Raiden and Big Bear. :wink:


G: “I’m the champion of the World! It’s what drives me to fight!
Blanka: “So, you trying to bite me or what?! Make up your mind!”
Cammy: “Whether past, present or future, The Gief will always be the best!”

Curious that Neo Shadaloo members are one of the only characters The Gief has respect for.


These two things are more related than it seems. System-1 already noticed the reference to Tora-san almost ten years ago, but since the image of Tora-san is no more available, just go here and compare his standard outfit with Honda’s alt. I think it speaks for itself, particularly the omamori. Obviously Honda’s unrequited love for Chun-Li is never mentioned in canon sources, but it’s a nice touch anyway. And yes, it’s an oblique reference to Ganryu and his unfortunate love for Michelle and Julia. Ganryu’s awkward reactions when confronted with Julia were direct references to Tora-san and his various dialogues with the women he met.
Anyway, about Honda and Hakan, I think we shouldn’t forget the fact that Ibuki’s story mode explicitly mentioned that she met them. Obviously, Capcom could transfer the encounter to a later game or relegate it to a Side Reader… But it’s there.


So Honda can be the adorable guy like birdie, not bad if that would be a change into him and evolve him something like Capcom did for boxer lately.

Yet the only issue here was the lack of interactive quotes and dialogues between the two for their previous encounter in zero and sf4. correct me if I am wrong.


Honda should slay pussy as a sumo wrestler. These guys are worshipped as gods. Maybe it has to do with that bullshit fact that he apparently isn’t an Yokozuna, which goes against him standing toe-to-toe with the world’s greatest warriors. You don’t need the Chinese lady, Edmond!


Maybe Viper thought Cammy deserved no less for all the people she’s killed. I think she got off pretty easily.


I wish we could get Hakan back. Fuck Honda.


Zangief >>> Big Bear/Raiden/The Gief

The beard+mohawk combo is just too iconic for the character’s design to remove it

Also his normal Zangief attitude is already very classic and unique, i find it far more interessing than this new tryhard asshole ring persona

But i welcome “the Gief” as one of first alternative costumes… just not SO similar to normal Zangief look

Put the mask
over this


A bit late to the party, but let me share my story. :slight_smile:
My mum bought me a NGPC for my birthday and it came with whatever KOF game was on it. I remembered seeing MOTM in a shop and nearly died when I saw Ryu and Kyo on the front cover. Unfortunately my NGPC got stolen and I never got to own the game. :frowning: But it did live on in my heart. Recently I played it on an emulator and fell in love with it again. It even has the classic SNK boss syndrome thrown into the mix.

The characters animate beautifully and the side quests are a LOT of fun.


I concur. There are too few >s, but I understand that you had to abbreviate them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also this. Capcom, please let Zangief be the classic good guy and keep this The Gief persona being a tongue-in-cheek reference to wrestling heels and nothing more. EVER. I’m tired of all these lame “dark and obscure” evil counterparts.


Guys what do you think about Sakura’s new outfit?

It looks like a placeholder outfit to me, and devoid of any identity. I can’t see Sakura staying in this outfit for a long time…


Have you read this?


That’s her uniform from where she works at the Arcade. She definitely change again once she figures out what she wants to do next on her life.


This was the prototype of that alt


I remember bringing in the thread SF2V Gief because I felt SFV Gief was generic.

So since I liked SF2V zangief and wanted him as an Alt in SFV, because of the long beard and upper clothe and I didn’t like the Zangief with Mika tag costume.

So I’ll do something like this.

Here is what I do to make it less Zangief but still having the MASK as the representation of the Gief.

I took almost all the yellow to make it less Gief but keep the red as the hint of being Zangief.

Since he call’s himself the Gief instead of Zangief. It was supposed to be a disguise I guess

Here it is the Gief X SF2V



I actually like The Gief persona in the sense that it is an alter ego that Zangief purposedly pulls out and ilustrates the fact that Zangief is eloquent enough to put in the show and trash talk if the situation demands it. But yeah the original unmasked one should be the standard. If anything, what Capcom needs is to stop with the stupid accent and improper conjugation that makes zero sense considering he’s very cultured, nobody cares if Zangief no longers fits the stereotype of big body, little brains that they seem to pursue.


Great find as always!

Sumo got tradition, rules and code of conduct very stricht… it’s very possible that what prevened Honda from become Yokozuna is’nt the lack of fighting ability

Example brawl in the streets (SF2) or fight outside sumo in general it’s already seen as something that dishonour sumo

Example in Grappler Baki last new entry is an unranked sumo style giant guy, who challenge an Oozeki to a sumo match in the streets.
The Oozeki accept and get his ass whooped, this is how the sumo federation react to it

I can see Honda being seen in not good way for chosing to follow his SF path instead stay inside sumo world… specially considering Honda likely lost some/many fights, as he’s not high tier material in SF world

Also Ozeki may be the rank he reached before interrupt his sumo rising to go into the SF2 adventure (and before that SFA3), he likely will have become Yokozuna if sticked with sumo career

I don’t deny it’s possible some Yokozuna is equal or even better than him, example see how we got Dudley showing to be equal or (likely) a superior boxer to Rog
I’m ok with it, it incarnate the idea that SF world is still big and full a fighters we don’t know worthy to be SF level