The Ultra Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


It simply doesn’t feel good -.-

I’m really attracted by the sensation of playing Street Fighter or KOF because it feels right. But when I think about playing MK or KI, I just get the feeling of playing under a pool of butter :confused: It takes off the enjoyment.

IDK, it makes wish there was a MK developed/assisted by Capcom (sorts of). I think the newest characters (designs and movelists), look amazing, if they only animated just as well, I would love to play a game like this!

Would I take a ‘neutered’ (gore-free) MK vs SF game? Fuck yes, I would take it. Just have battle damage, sloppy finishers, X-Rays and sort of stage finishers, have Capcom do the animation, and I would get it from the go.


I disagree hard with this. It’s one thing to be stoic, but they had next to nothing after everything. If they had met in a previous game with the big RETURN moment already had and, despite Guile’s protests, Charlie races off into the night to resume his vengeance, and now in SF5 they meet again and are on good terms again, then it’d be something.

Charlie’s been his goal forever and when he finally, after all the claims he’s dead, all the claims that Guile is crazy for his faith, sees a dark and notably disfigured version of his best friend walking through the flames, he simply gets into a fighting pose. He doesn’t grit his teeth, he doesn’t even wonder if it’s a disgusting Shadaloo trick, nothing, it’s like “Oh great, Balrog just burst into my bar, not this guy again.” It’s too business as usual. Upon his victory, Charlie doesn’t even go “sorry it had to be this way…old friend.” Nothing. It’s too bare bones.

Agreed. The nod scene would have been a nice icing on a cake if other stuff was fleshed out, but by itself it’s too little. Come to think of it, yeah, nothing was said between them resembling a conversation.
Hell, if they had a moment where after we see everyone assembled at the Kanzuki estate, you see little scenes here and there, but then you see Charlie and Guile hanging out, talking and it ALMOST seems like old times, it almost seems like things could be normal again from here, then add his death at the end and that seals in the tragedy. Heck, you could even have them sharing a laugh and then he starts coughing up blood to restate that he’s on borrowed time. Something more.

YES! THIS! It’s huge… man, when Charlie left this world, he left without knowing what a dramatic impact his death had on Guile, he could even remake that Guile seems older, a bit rougher and colder.

Vice versa :

That’s a perfect way to have Guile set up for the future. Have him doing a long look at what has been done to Charlie and he could start slowly falling into the web of madness about the Illuminati and then the reasoning that he’s absent from 3 could be that he’s keeping things seemingly normal, but slowly seeing how far up the chain the corruption goes and it’s beyond Bison’s infiltration.

Back to the main point though, yeah, he’s too calm about all of this. Him swearing vengeance against Bison for resurrecting Charlie only to find out that for once it wasn’t Shadaloo, would be a great, haunting moment for Guile and make him reexamine how the world works. Shadaloo is great and terrible, but there’s more horrors hiding in the dark.


It’s not.

Would it be better with those changes? Yes. But it’s not bad. It’s still a lot of fun. And it still has the best presentation of a fighting game story.


Except SF5 Nash is not Nash as Guile knew him. He was undead and the process of his resurrection likely altered his perception of self and his memories. Guile was taken back by his appearance at first, but eventually he knew what that his friend was still there when he gave him back the dog tag.

Don’t get me wrong, I would have loved a more fleshed out reunion between the two but the situation in those final days was dire, and they gave Rashid the spotlight for reminding Nash to honor his friend.

Yes it could have been a lot better, but I don’t think it is as bad as some are saying.

We got a little bit of that brotherly love in Nash’s SF5 arcade ending at least.


They could remake that atleast in a future directors cut if possible.\


:pill: preliminary :pill:"Street Fighter V type Arcade" You guys have been waiting very much. From March 14, 2019, it is a decision to start operation! # SFVAE # SFVTA


Man that Sakura is great.

Cody looks like Geese lol.


Street Fighter eventually becomes Fatal Fury. Older Cody clones himself and becomes Terry and original Cody becomes Geese. CANON!


Yeah, one thing they could have done was making Chun

  • Defeat Fang, creating particular circumstances to make “defeat Fang” something to brag about. My idea was make the fight to literally be an handicap match, happening in a room full of poison, with Chun fighting poisoned the whole time
    Imagine somthing like this
    with Fang laughing like a crazy flying bitch

Maybe you can have Chun send him against rotor, stopping the poison emission

  • Stop the moons instead Rashid. maybe with a giant, spectacular Kikosho on the console that left her exausted

  • Save Li Fen

Essentially what she did, but more
I’m waaay more inclined to accept this over lot of Chun defeating Bison bullshit i’ve read lol

They could still have invented something else to give Rashid some spotlight, maybe they could even have boosted a bit this guy to serve as NPC sub-boss

he looks far more menacing than any dolls and they wasted him as normal soldier fight at begin of ASF, will have prefered if they made him an unique char instead a generic shadaloo rank

On general some more Shadaloo NPCs beyond dools will have helped give good guys some more spotlight chances

This is another thing that could have been fixed if they added some more cutscenes as filler
Example a good chance to have Guile and Nash speak was when they teamed up to stop Abel.

Of course he’s no more the same Nash (and Guile clearly understand it), but still one more dialogue could have helped

Do the same with less people around
Abel pass out
dialogue ending with guile giving him his tag

Also after Bison’s defeat instead do a fucking nothing, they could have Guile rescuing Nash’s body, to give his friend an honourable burial

Little addition, but meaningful

Of course, one can say that kamikaze explosion->no body
But another possibility is
It was an explosion of vital energy, so Nash die (well, die MORE) because he literally expel all the energy that keep him “alive”… so i can see the body just being empty and full dead, but mostly intact


Cody #15


Even though I’m one of the dudes who liked the “Group battle against Bison & Chun gets the lat hits in” idea, these are some nice compromises. I just wanted her to have more of an impact so that when Bison’s going to hell, she’s giving me a metaphorical middle finger as she ruins his stuff lol.

Chun blasting back Fang into a rotor would be pretty fun too.

Masked Shadaloo Mystics were a nice design, wished they were used more than once.

I would have preferred this over him disintegrating. Have him do this, fall, him and Guile have a last moment. He turns grey and dies. Or whatever path they choose, let him at least die seeing Bison get what’s coming to him, then he dies tragic, but with a tinge of peace. Thinking about it now, I’m still mad Charlie didn’t even leave a body for Guile to bury so that he’s proved right and has closure. I dunno. His death in this still really bothered the hell out of me. I loved Charlie as a kid, finally accepted his death. Alpha 3 came out, gave us the “what if he lived” ending and killed him proper in Guile’s ending, then nothing for until 5. So after all this time, he comes back, just to die like that? It bugs me still…

Lmao I didn’t know Cody had that colour!


Better than a shadow falls.


If I am going to break down Hero duties in The final act of ASF, it would be something like this.

Cammy - Fights most of the dolls. Vega toys with her but he leaves to attend to Chun-li because she is being a bigger nuisance
Karin/Gief/Laura - Fighting off Shadaloo waves of soldiers and some Dolls
Ken - See Guile.
Guile - actual organizer/commander of the military assault on Shadaloo (replace Kanzuki ninjas with actual soldiers and tanks that Bison obviously eviscerates, Guile and Ken both try to attack Bison too but he dismisses them easily like in cinematic)
Nash - Fights Shin Bison after Bison does away with Guile, Ken and the military, loses but weakens his body’s grip on all that Psycho Power, buying critical time/opportunity for Ryu.
Chun-Li - Fights Shin Vega in unique boss conditions, Saves Li-Fen and Destroys Black Moons control Kikosho style.
Rashid - Fights Shin FANG in those unique fight conditions you mentioned and buys time for Chun-li, Nash, and Ryu.
Ryu - fights Necalli in Shadaloo base, then fights Final Bison after Everyone above completed their duty.

All these events mentioned above are all happening in sequence or simultaneously in different parts of the base. At no point is a Street Fighter standing on the sidelines watching others fight, unless they have been incapacitated like Guile helplessly watching Bison x Nash.


@Phantom_Miria Your girl got the CPS3 treatment.

It sounds determined yet playful which is what I imagine Cammy would have been like by SF3 given that she’s saved all the dolls and now is ready to fully express her emotions


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As i said some times i have no problem on her taking part on the fight with Bison, on contrary if was for me the final fight will have been Nash+Guile+Chun

Only thing i ever disagree is let her be the one getting main role/last strike in that fight, as in that fight both her and Guile should be clear sidekicks/supporters of Nash, who was superior to them on so many ways in the confrontation with Bison: best fighter, higher motivation, most hype past clash, special circumstances (Illuminati’s power)… dude literally came back from death to have a Round 2 with Bison
Most important Nash did NOT got a second chance of life, even without the explosion he will die anyway… the whole meaning of his SFV existence is a short time to walk again on earth to destroy Bison

Yeah, if you think about it, they could have gone the Vegeta way

go to 7:40, Vegeta’s body become like a lifeless statue of chalk/salt
This will have left Guile something to give his friend the burial he never got in SFA



I like the idea of Vega dealing with Cammy/Juri then leave to work as Chun’s boss, i thought it myself as a possibility too… specially because Vega essentially does same shit twice: harass Cammy, get bounced off by Juri.
I think the London one was enough.
Where i disagree is make Vega the barrier for Chun before the Moons Console
I thought it myself at Chun v Vega (being a SF2tAM thing, and SF2tAM is life) and ultimately i thought… no, Chun v FANG was the right thing to do.

First because Moons plan IS Fang
It think is fair have him being the guardian of his own creature… defeat Dr.Frankenstein, then destroy the monster
Secondary i like the martial arts imagery behind having these two chinese kung fu fighters end up having each other as rivals in theyr last SFV duel, they could have evoked a strong chinese movie vibe out of it.
Fighting Boss-Fang in a room full of poison will have been like these scenes where the straight martial artist have to fight a trickster martialist-“wizard” in his own den, at his conditions

This lead to 2 things

  • Vega left Cammy/Juri after first clash and have no work for final part
  • Rashid lose his Final Boss

I will add a 3rd:

  • As you pointed Ken in ASF did’nt enough, specially in last part (aside of course friendly duel with clean mind Ryu)

Simple solution for first 2 can seem easy, make Vega killed Rashid’s female friend as the bloody psycho he is and Rashid can get revenge. Problem solved.

But i’m not sold into it.
Rashid is a noob, give him Fang as they did was ok because without added plot trick (the poison room) Fang is not that legendary treat to overcome.
But Vega is another thing, imho he deserve better than Rashid

Will give Ken to Vega, the two match up even, and in that way Ken have solid chance of spotlight, while Vega can have his Boss-gimmick fight duty done
Win or lose, benefit both chars legacy

Make him try to stop the Ken/Nash/Guile/Chun group, and Ken stay to confronting him, while Nash/Guile/Chun go on to face Bison
As for FANG i will like Vega to get special conditions Boss-fight, make him trap Ken in a cage to play at Vega-rules (like in nostalgia stage), with free cage climbing included of course :smiley:

This left with only one of these previous problems still to cover, give a fucking job to Rashid
That’s where enter what i said before, they could have benefit one more villain even just as NPC

As said they could have used the red cape guy as a specific NPC character instead a category, he was menacing enough to look better than most dolls and anonymous enough for people to accept him as NPC-only

Or maybe even more unique, let red capes as they are and develop this

they even got most of it already done, just add an helmet

To make it SF challenge worthy could have been made like a mini survival, with Rashid having to fight a couple of soldiers (with no hp regeneration) before face him, and him having a bit stronger/more rich style with some minor psycho power.
Maybe even gave him the tonfa, instead waste it on the useless old cop joke fight
They could have made him ambitious af dreaming to become a Shada-King himself, and the one who kidnapped and killed Rashid’s friend… so personal motivation/revenge stay the same

As story function, he could have been somebody with control over a gate/elevator that bring to inner part of Shadaloo HQ, Rashid defeat him allowing the group to continue

PS: I seen you mentioned add some soldier fights as challenge to Gief.
Gief already did a lot in ASF, but i will have LOVED see Shadaloo throw at him THIS

i’m sure Gief will have loved destroy the cheap imitation done with monitor cyborgs data, showing that it lacked the most important thing, holy Muscle Power

“that was a nice imitation, HOWEVER”
Gief’s HOWEVER still give Abel nightmares LOL


Anyone else thinks Chun-Li is the best character in video game history? :slight_smile: