The Ultra Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


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Umm…what is it?


SFV Type arcade this march with SFV AE announcement


In case you don’t get what’s SFV: Type Arcade, it’s the version of SFV for Japanese arcade machines. It was announced last September and they’ve been pretty silent since then (we only got Kage as a present in December). It’s coming out the day before the Final Round event, meaning we’ll see a big reveal next week.



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On another note, I just want to say how much I love being a part of you story fam. Can you believe that even 3.5 years after ASF release and we’re still talking and debating about it. Keep the spirit that is the lore of SF alive and going!!!



Can someone please give me some explanations on those points?

I saw in the “The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread” that those things are not canon anymore:

    • Narrative of SF1 not being a tournament,
    • No Metsu or SnH Shoryuken scarring Sagat.

I want to know what official mateiral specific say or show something that retconned those things.

1 - What suggest that SF1 was not a tournament?

2 - I know that in the SFV Arcade Mode SF1 Ryu ending show his battle against Sagat like a “normal” battle. No SNH Shoryuken or anything. But what was the original material that said the SNH Shoryuken and the Sagat “reached out to take Ryu’s hand” happened? And is only the SFV Arcade Mode SF1 Ryu ending that “prove” that didn’t happened?


Well, as an example, here are Ryu and Sagat’s profiles from Eternal Challenge.
They were mistranslated by UDON. Later on Bakfromon and Midgardsorm stated that the Satsui no Hado wasn’t even mentioned and that Sagat was actually the one filled with anger and hatred. Sagat hosting the tournament wasn’t implied either.
Bakfromon says SFI was actually about Ryu taking a trip to Thailand and getting into multiple street fights with random Muay Thai fighters before running into Sagat. Maybe he remembers what material confirmed that.


I’d just like to say that Makoto has the most excessive long special move names in the Street Fighter franchise…


Sorry, but I have no clue what is in 480p.
Here’s a video from Animation PV 04. See if that suit your needs and then I’ll do the other 3.

My hard drive died and I can’t afford a new one right now. The PC I’m using is from the university and I won’t be able to install the DVD ripping programs.

Sagat backstory published in “All About Street Fighter Zero”, the reaching out hand seems to have been a wrong interpretation.

That’s from Ryu’s backstory, also published in “All About Street Fighter Zero” book. The SNH part is more complicated… Many says that’s from Evil Ryu’s ending from SFZ3, the bloody slash part of Evil Ryu defeating Sagat with the Metsu Shoryuken. But I’m pretty sure it all started wth Nakahira SFZero manga. Since then, Capcom USA tries to shove this down our throats as a canon fact.



Tbh even if SF1 end up being more a fighting trip/adventure than a real organized tournament i think It has been more than few fight in Thailand

Irrc from SF1 Ryu fought and defeated: Retsu, Lee, Birdie, Adon, Sagat… So his experience still seem to have involved Japan, China, England and Thailand

Wich make sense as SF1was suppose to be Ryu’s (only playable standard char) experience, and will not make much sense have all that world cast involving various nations if all he did was fuck up some random thai guys, Adon and Sagat
I think it’s more realistic that the thai part was true, but representing just the final part of his SF1 arc

Outside the mentioned ones

Gen fought nobody relevant iirc and left, either for lack of decent opponents or cancer (both?) i don’t remember

Eagle likely fought and lost to Sagat, wich explain also theyr rival cutscene in SFA3

I don’t remember anything Ryu-related about the american duo Joe/Mike, but maybe in theyr case is Ken who fought them… after all during that timeline Ken likely was on the beginning of his path to become the USA Martial Arts Champion, title left vacant by Nash
So maybe they can rep the USA scene back when Ken was fucking up american fighters in his rise to the title, even if i don’t remember anything about him beating (or even meet) them

About the shoryuken on Sagat being SnH or not i guess canon at this point confirmed it was’nt

Too bad, imho it made more sense that way, give an extra explanation on him holding back in fear of injurying opponents.
Also because Ryu does’nt seem the type of dude that will intentionally cause an huge slash like wound like the one he did on Sagat…Ryu has ever been more an hammer than a sword, open up people with gallons of blood seem more SnH way to go

I will have preferred if they made official that after the beating Sagat put on him, in confusional state (be close to be KOd feel like be heavy drunk) he unintentionally put SnH in his last desperate attack
He did’nt even need to be “Evil Ryu” state, we seen in SF4 Ryu using SnH in normal state (both Ultras)


As for the SF1 tournament stuff, Ryu’s SF1 AAC bio refers to it as one. Outside of that, I can’t think of anything else.


If anyone was wondering why I was bitching about the length of Makoto’s attack names. This is why. Just in case we get an announcement this week. Wanted to get this done.



Name: Makoto

Nickname: The Compact Titan

Sex: Female

Ethnicity: Japanese

Height: 5ft 3in (1.60m)

Weight: 135lbs (61kg)

B/W/H: 32-24-36(81cm-61cm-92cm)

Hometown: Tosa, Japan

Appearance: Makoto is petite, fit young woman, with a well defined muscle tone. She has short black hair in wild bob style. Her eyes are brown. Makoto wears a red MMA style sports bra top that leaves her midriff ,six pack abs and all, showing. There is long yellow bandana tied around her neck. She has brown leather , fingerless, MMA gloves on each hand. Makoto has off white full length karategi pants on with a black karate belt tied around her waist. She wears brown straw sandals on her feet.

Likes: Family, Fighting, Carpentry. Spreading The Rindokan Karate Style

Dislikes: Pickled Ginger, Being Mistaken For A Boy, Dresses

Fighting Style: Rindokan Karate

Tone: Makoto is fierce, focused, and determined young woman.

Origins: Makoto is the youngest daughter of deceased Rindokan Karate Master, Masaru. As her young girl, her father’s rural dojo had many students. Whenever attendance would dip, he lead his most senior student in charge and take a musha shugyo’(warrior’s pilgrimage) around the world. By defeating various masters around the world, he’d draw acclaim to the family school. Attendance would rise and popularity of Rindokan Karate would grow.

On his final musha shugyo, Masaru would suffer a crushing defeat against the great Sennin Oro. After returning home, the disheartened Masaru grew ill and eventually passed away. His senior students tried to keep the dojo going in his absence, but none of them possessed Masaru’s skill. Overtime the dojo’s attendance numbers waned. Eventually, even the most devote of Masaru’s disciples moved on. Makato’s grandfather Hisato and her brother Isao, tried to keep the school going. However her grandfather lacked the vigor of his youth and her brother lacked their fathers talent. Isao went into the business world to make ends meet.

As Makoto’s skill grew, the number of her training partners diminished. This was partially due to the school diminished notoriety and also to the few remaining advanced students growing tired of losing to Masaru’s “little boy”. Unable to defeat her in sparring or fights, the other students would often call the tomboyish Makato “little boy”. This angered her greatly, leading her to accidentally discover the Tanden Renki technique. Mocked for the last time, Makato grew red and proceeded to beat her fellow students senseless. While this made her feel better, it ultimately chased off the last remaining members of the school. It was then that Makoto decided to go on a musha shugyo of her own. Like her father before her, she’d best skilled masters and create a demand to train her family’s dojo.

Her Rival: Ibuki

Attributes: Health: 3 Power: 4 Range: 2 Mobility: 3 Technique: 4

1000 Stamina 1000 Stun


Hikiyose Zutsuki Tacchuu (Drawing Up Headbutt: Pagoda Head) – LP+LK: Makoto grabs her opponent by the head with both hands, pulls her head back, and slams it into her opponent’s head. Leaves foes standing. 140 Damage/150 Stun

Hiji Otoshi Sanren Tsuki Araiso (Elbow Drop: Three Continuous Thrusts “Wind-Swept and Wave-Beaten Shore” ) – B+LP+LK: Makoto grabs her opponent, knees them in the stomach, chops them to the ground, and then punches them in the back. 150 Damage/200 Stun

Unique Attacks:

Kote Tsuki Kazami (Small Hand Thrust: Wind Watcher) – F+LP: Makoto strikes with a quick straight right punch. 3F Startup, 30 Damage/50 Stun, +3 on hit

Gezuki Koaruna (Lower Thrust: Fragrant Greens) – F+MP: Makoto hits her opponent with a left uppercut to the body. 7F Startup, 90 Damage/100 Stun, +3 on hit

Fumikomi Seiken-zuki Shimaki (Advancing Justice Fist: Winding Wind) – F+HP, HP: Makoto hits her opponent with a left-right-left straight punch combination. 130 Damage/150 Stun, -1 on Hit

Mae Geri Shibuki (Forward Kick: Splash) – F+LK: Makato performs a left front kick to her opponent’s abdomen. 6F Startup, 50 Damage/50 Stun, +2 on Hit

Fumikomi Joudan Mawashi Geri Naruto (Advancing Upper Spinning Kick: Steamed Fish Paste Cake) – F+MK: Makoto advances forward while performing an left high spinning back kick. 15F Startup, 90 Damage/100 Stun, +2 on Hit.

Fumikomi Sokubarai Kuroshio (Advancing Foot Sweep: Japan Current) – F+HK: Makoto advances forward while performing a left low kick that sweeps the opponent’s legs out form under them. Holding HK button will cause Makoto to feint. Advancing forward without kicking. 19F Startup, 110 Damage/200 Stun, Knocks Down, -10 on Block

Nidan Geri Kyoufuu (Same Leg Kick Combination: High Wind) – LK,MK: Makoto strikes with a double hitting high right roundhouse kick. 3F Startup, 50 Damage/100 Stun, -1 on Hit

Ren Geri Uranami (Stepping Kick Combination: Seaside Wave) – MK,HK: Makoto strikes with a left spinning high back kick into left front kick combination that leaves her adversary standing. 8F Startup, 100 Damage/200 Stun


Do Mawashi Kaiten Geri Makiwari (Front Rolling Kick: Hatchet) – F+KKK: Makoto strikes with a front rolling axe kick that knocks down her adversary.


Gekiretsu Zutsuki Isana (Violent Headbutting Whale) – MP+MK: Makato hits her foes with a quick put powerful standing headbutt. Attack can be charged. Headbutt advancing forward slightly.

  • Uncharged – 1/8 Screen, 18F Startup, 50 Damage/100 Stun, +2 on Hit, -7 on Block, cannot be canceled into Shikri

  • Charged – ¼ Screen, 36F Startup, Frame 3 Armor, 100 Damage/200 Stun, +6 on Hit, - 2 on Block, can be canceled into to Shikiri or EX Shikiri on hit.

V-Trigger 1:

Tanden Renki Seme no Kata (Dantian Refined Spirit: Form of Offense) – HP+HK: Makoto focuses her anger giving her skin a red hue. While in this state, Makoto’s damage and stun output on all her attacks is increased by 10%. She gains an additional skill the Kumoharai

  • Kumoharai (Cloud Sweeping Stroke) – HP+HK: Makoto deflects incoming attacks with proper timing. She takes grey life damage for each parry. Input can be repeated to parry multi hitting attacks. Does not work against throws or command throws. Each successful Kumoharai restores 50F of V-Gauge

V-Trigger duration 2400F, drains over time. 3-Bar V-Trigger

V-Trigger 2:

Tosa Kaisoku Shintai (Tosa High Speed Movement) – HP+HK: Makoto focuses her chi giving herself a persistent red aura. While in this state, Makoto’s mobility, particularly her walkspeed, is increased greatly.

  • Forward Walk Speed increased from 2.0 to 5.2

  • Backward Walk Speed increased from 1.5 to 3.9

V-Trigger Duration 1500F, drains over time 2-Bar V-Trigger


Chokujou Seikentsuki Fukiage (Steadily Rising Justice Fist Thrust: Rising Wind) – F,D,DF+P: (Anti Air) Makato focuses her great strength in to powerful standing vertical punch. All versions invincible to airborne attacks and cause 120 Damage/160 Stun. Does not hit grounded opponents. Punch button pressed determines the forward movement distance. LP (6F Startup, Point Blank) MP (9F Startup, 1/8 Screen), HP (12F Startup, ¼ Screen), EX (9F Startup, ¼ Screen, Hits Grounded Opponents, Projectile Invincible)

Tosshin Seikentsuki Hayate (Rushing Justice Fist Thrust: Squall )– QCF+P : Makoto pulls back her right fist as the headband around her neck flows in the wind, she then bursts forward rapidly, striking her foe with an straight punch to the sternum. All versions eave her opponent standing. That attack can be charged up to five levels. Attack charged can be canceled by pressing any kick button. Punch button determines the distance traveled. Damage properties listed below.

LP Hayate ¼ Screen

  • Level 1 – 8F Startup, 100 Damage/120 Stun, +0 on Hit, -8 on Block

  • Level 2 – 12F Startup, 110 Damage/140 Stun, +1 on Hit, -7 on Block

  • Level 3 – 32F Startup, 130 Damage/150 Stun, +2 on Hit, -6 on Block

  • Level 4 – 64F Startup, 150 Damage/170 Stun, Knocks Down, -2 on Block

  • Level 5 - 75F Startup, 190 Damage/190 Stun, Knocks Down, -2 on Block

MP Hayate ½ Screen

  • Level 1 – 15F Startup 110 Damage/120 Stun, +1 on Hit, -7 on Block

  • Level 2 – 19F Startup, 120 Damage/140 Stun, +2 on Hit, -6 on Block

  • Level 3 – 39F Startup, 140 Damage/150 Stun, +3 on Hit, -5 on Block

  • Level 4 – 64F Startup, 160 Damage/170 Stun, Knocks Down, -2 on Block

  • Level 5 - 75F Startup, 190 Damage/200 Stun, Knocks Down, -2 on Block

HP Hayate ¾ Screen

  • Level 1 – 20F Startup 120 Damage/150 Stun, +2 on Hit, -6 on Block

  • Level 2 – 24F Startup, 130 Damage/140 Stun, +3 on Hit, -5 on Block

  • Level 3 – 44F Startup, 150 Damage/160 Stun, +4 on Hit, -4 on Block

  • Level 4 – 64F Startup, 170 Damage/170 Stun, Knocks Down, -2 on Block

  • Level 5 - 75F Startup, 190 Damage/210 Stun, Knocks Down, -2 on Block

  • EX Hayate – ¾ Screen, 13F Startup, 140 Damage/150 Stun, -4 on Block

Uchi Oroshi Tegatana Oroshi (Falling Hand Blade Strike: Mountain Wind)- QCB+P: (Overhead) Makoto draws back her right arm over her head and chops into the ground violently. The punch button determines the damage and attack properties. LP(22F Startup, 100 Damage/200 Stun, +4 On Hit, -4 on Block, Leaves Standing) MP(23F Startup, 120 Damage/200 Stun, +5 On Hit, -5 on Block, Leaves Standing), HP(24F Startup, 160 Damage/200 Stun, Knocks Down, -4 on Block) EX(18F Startup, 140 Damage/200 Stun,Knocks Down, -4 On Block)

Tsurushi Nodowa: Karakusa (Neck Hanging Ring: Arabesque)- HCB+P (Command Grab): Makoto grabs her opponent by the neck with both hands, chokes them for a short time, and leaves them prone for a follow up attack. Punch button determines startup and grab range. All versions leave Makoto +12 on Hit. LP (6F Startup, Most Range, 40 Damage/80 Stun), MP(7F Startup, Less Range, 50 Damage/100 Stun,), HP(8F Startup, Least Range, 60 Damage/120 Stun), EX(5F Startup, Most Range, 75 Damage/150 Stun, Gains Armor Frame 3)

Tosa Hangeki Shikiri (Tosa Counter Blow: Path Obstruction) – QCF+K: Makoto cancels the recovery of any normal attack on hit, into another normal attack. Does not work on blocked attacks. LK,MK,HK versions have identical properties. EX version allows a second attack cancel with a non EX Shikiri.

Senkou Kakato Otoshi Tsurugi (Flashing Heel Drop: Sword) – QCB+K: (In Air): Makoto hits her foe with a flying axe kick from a forward jump. Attact properties, startup, and damage determined by the kick button pressed. LK (10F Startup, 100 Damage/120 Stun, +2 on Hit) MK (12F Startup, 125 Damage/150 Stun, +3 on hit), HK (14F Startup, 150 Damage/200 Stun, Knocks Down) EX(14F Startup, 175 Damage/250 Stun, Knocks Down)

Critical Art:

Hissatsu Seichuusen Godanzuki (Certain Kill Median Line Five Part Thrust )- QCFx2+P: Makoto hits her foe with a powerful left punch to the groin, followed by a right punch to the abdomen, and two punch left-right combination to the chest, and concludes the attack with a violent upward punch to the chin that sends her foes soaring into the air. 5 hits 350 Damage (1x100, 3x50, 1x100)

Reasons to be in SFV:

Makoto has managed to keep the family dojo afloat thanks to her impressive showing at the last world martial arts tournament. The “little boy from Tosa” 's ability to take down fighters of far greater size drew knew students to the family dojo. This time Makoto aims to win the tournament to garner further acclaim and also break the face of anyone that mistake her for a boy.

Side Notes:

  • Makoto’s new battle attire is a result of her tiring of being mistaken for a boy. During her most recent musha shugyo, Makoto was accosted by a police officer as she went into the women’s bathroom. She slugged the officer who didn’t press charges out of embarrassment

  • Makoto in the Tosa Dialect. Giving her the Japanese equivalent of a “country bumpkin” accent.

  • Isao, Makoto’s brother, used his share of their father’s inheritance to buy a local fishing business. This angered Makoto initially who wanted him to help pay repairs to the dojo.

  • Isao uses part of his businesses meager profits to keep the dojo open.

  • Hisato is the main instructor of the dojo. Although he’s not the fighter was in his youth. He still talent and a skillful teacher.

  • After her last appearance on the world stage. Makoto used the prize money she gained to remodel the dojo. The minor fame she gained has garnered enough students for the dojo to break even without Isao’s aid.

  • Makoto’s moves have very long names. I was unable to find full names for her Target Combos, V-Skill, V-Reversal, and new special attack Shikiri. So I did my best to replicate the length of her other attack names for consistency.


It’s not that they were really canon in the first place, just bad interpretations.

SF1 not being a tournament is really simple. 3 confirmed things that happened in SF1 are Ryu and Ken make deal with each other to become the best fighters in the world. Ryu goes to Thailand to fight Sagat and wins by scaring him with an SRK. One sourcebook mentions SF1 as a tournament (All About Capcom) and another actually gives a detailed backstory as to what happened (All About Street Fighter Zero). So the detailed backstory describes the SF1 event as Ryu going around Thailand looking to fight Sagat while fighting 15 or so other fighters in the process all of whom who practiced in Muay Thai before challenging Sagat. The fight between Sagat and Ryu in SFVAE ending shows how the fight happened in a few frame comic.

The whole misunderstanding from Sagat reaching out his hand to help Ryu up came from 2 mistranslations from the old plot guide describing how Sagat devised the Tiger Blow technique (Tiger Uppercut). The whole SRK being a non SnH one came from the fact that it really wasn’t retconned to be so it was only shown in the SFZ manga and referenced in the Ryu Final manga and not in the game. Though lots of things are adapted from the manga into the game there’s nothing to suggest this was one of them.

Then people then people like to actually know why the SrK that he hit Sagat with was so damaging if it wasn’t a SnH one? This goes back to before the SnH narrative where SRK is a forbidden move Gouken taught to Ryu and Ken for them to use in case of a last resort. This goes back to the SF2 manga where Gouken is first drawn and the fact that he has a technique called Forbidden Shoryuken.

So the original story is something that is actually pretty separate from SnH because it wasn’t devised yet. Ryu had always scared Sagat because his art is derived from ansatsuken and in pre SFA SnH story, he doesn’t need a Metsu SRK because a normal one just does the job fine because its a forbidden move. There’s nothing in game canon that retcons Ryu being influenced by the SnH until SFA series when he first meets Akuma, but anything before this meeting he would be unaware of SnH.


So Adon and Ken never technically meet and fought anyone in SF1? Correct me if I’m wrong?

Ken did witness Gouken demise with Akuma right?


I guess not. It was only confirmed that Ryu fought many Muay Thai fighters prior to facing Sagat, and that Ken was participating in the USA Martial Arts Championship.


Im not exact asking for guesses really but hints and detail in source material.

As for Ken, I’m aware to read it somewhere here that it does happen, Yet same thing Im asking the validity of it with from which source material it does belong or if there are contradicting source either new or old. That why I am asking for confirmation or how strong the background of that info is relied into since their are sources .


I remember the Ken witnessing Gouken’s demise from the old plot guide, but don’t recall seeing that in anything official.

Seems odd that Ryu wouldn’t fight Adon, though. You’d think the nameless warrior would have to at least take down the apprentice before fighting the King himself. Then again, with how salty Adon was about Sagat losing, and needing to prove Muay Thai as the greatest art, perhaps he believed he could do better against Ryu.


Thanks so much for the responses to everyone!

I have another round of questions about Street Fighter story:

1 - Are the Alpha 1 and SFIII New Generation games canon? If not, where Capcom says its not?

2 – Where its says on Gen story that “he empty his soul”? It’s not in the current Plot Guide.

3 – About Alpha 3. Is the fight Sagat, Sakura and Ken vs Ryu Brainwashed and M.Bison (Vega) really canon? And is Karin who destroyed the Psycho Driver?

4 – Did Capcom explained how the body of Gouken keep intact after his nearly death? Like, Ken see Gouki(Akuma) killing Gouken (Ken’s Backstory in SFA1), Gouki let Ken go. Ken probably tell that to Ryu between SF1 and SFA1/A2 and they buried Gouken body in the suzaku castle (Ryu’s Backstory Alpha3). Ok. But did they expained how Gouken body keep intact after all this time until SF4? Was it the Mu no Ken powers that keep him good?

5 – About SFIII: Those fights and results really happened?

Sean lost to Ken.
Ryu lost to Oro.
Oro didn’t show up for his fight against Alex
Alex won the tournament.
Ryu beat Hugo
And Ken really lost to Ryu in 2nd Impact?

If so. What official material say it?

6 – Where Capcom say that “Goutetsu gladly died, happy to see that his student surpassed him in the art. The prayer beads that Akuma wears originally belonged to Goutetsu.” About Goutetsu vs Gouki (Akuma)?

7 – What is the most accurate translation of the name “Shun Goku Satsu”?

8 – Who was the winner in the SF4 tournament? Just to clarify, there was two tournaments, one in SF4 and other in USF4? Or just the first?