The Ultra Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


SFIII 2nd Impact has the same endings as New Generation + more, so it’s not that NG is non-canon, it was just expanded on. And as far as I remember, only Ken’s ending is canon in Alpha 1 where Ken meets Eliza. It was shown in Ken’s SFV story. The rest of endings are either pointless or got retconned in Alpha 2.

Gen doesn’t empty his soul, he enters the Mu state which allows him to defend perfectly / react to pretty much anything without a thought of defense. Gouken does the same thing.

A thousand strikes in an instant.


I wonder where they managed to pick that up that it was first a speculation or theory that manage to be confused as canon because of being wide spreading.

Because it made me think that why Ken isn’t even manage to fight with his master that time or are they both defeated by Akuma.


lol you remove your answer about Ken witnessing Gouken demise.


Because like I said, I misread Gouken’s SSFII bio from the Super Plot Guide, it says Gouken witnessed his master’s death, not Ken.


Ever about SF1, not sure how much legitimacy have but the wiki seem to point a whole series of “facts” that have no idea how to consider… total bullshit, reconnection, canon or whatever. Does’nt help rarely source is given

Keep in mind, I KNOW wikis often are built on steaming bullshit, but in this case i hope any subsequent source someway support it, as it make infinitely more sense than have a 12 characters cast from 5 different nations, only to have Ryu beting some nobodys in Thailand + Sagat

Just to share:

SF1 as tournament, the wiki always refer to SF1 as “the first world warrior tournament”

Retsu defeated by Ryu in SF1
“Retsu loses to Ryu in the first world warrior tournament in front of a temple in Japan.”


Lee defeated by Ryu in SF1
" Lee is a Chinese martial artist who participated in the first World Warrior tournament but ends up losing to Ryu."


Birdie defeated by Ryu in SF1
" His notoriety got him invited to the first World Warrior tournament. He was apparently sick during the tournament (causing him to look paler). He also lost his fight with Ryu."


Adon defeated by Ryu in SF1
" The cocky Adon lets his guard down when he faces Ryu, who takes him out with a single Shoryuken. Afterwards, Ryu goes on to defeat Sagat, which leads to Adon’s eventual distancing of himself from his teacher."


Eagle defeated by Sagat and Ryu in some timeline close to SF1
" Eagle was born in the UK. A cold-blooded individual, Eagle is a bouncer who was employed as a newly-rich noble family’s bodyguard during the first World Warrior tournament. He was hired to defeat Sagat, but was unsuccessful and returned to the bar scene, eventually becoming a living legend. He later fought against Ryu and lost."


Again, possibly all made up, but fuck if does’nt make way more sense next to SF1 as a game


Nah, You confirmed it. lol



I stumble upon this.


Ken fights in the American tournament sometime before SFZ2 so possibly during the time Ryu beats Sagat.
Adon could’ve been one of the 15 other fighters Ryu fought on his way to fight Sagat.

Can’t find anything about Ken meeting Akuma after fighting Gouken. The plot guide points to the fact that All About Capcom points to Ken’s win quote against Shin Akuma mentioning he was surprised he was still alive. Akuma responds that he wants to see his burning fist again which implies that they had met at some point. The old plot guide puts the event before SFZ because Ken doesn’t have a solid chance to meet according to the game narrative. The story narrative presents a chance when Ryu and Ken are training and witness Akuma’s first battle with Gouken where Gouken wins. This is because he remembers it during the AASFZ backstory after he hears about Ryu beating Sagat while on a plane flight.


I seem to recall Ryu beat both Adon and Sagat but still thought Sagat brought shame with his defeat.


Alpha 1 and New Generation are canon, but both are upgraded by Alpha 2 and 2nd Impact add or expand onto the canon so think of them as a canon + to those stories.

Because that’s not something Mu or emptiness does. I suggest you look through the multiple discussions about what Mu does in the previous threads. For a long story short, Mu doesn’t so much empty your soul as it does your mind so that user may react without hesitation to counter a thousand strikes in an instant, or really any sort of attack.

Think of Alpha 3 as more of a backstory of SF2 with multiple endings which reflect upon the various what if situations which could have happened. Alpha 3 is either seen as a legit sequel to Alpha 2 which leads into SF2, or a what-if scenario of SF2, or a complete what if scenario before SF2 in Japan so maybe those endings happened or maybe they didn’t. You have to look at the whole canon and how it’s affected by those endings. I wouldn’t say that Karin destroyed the Psycho Drive because nothing in the canon reaffirms this, though I see part of Mika’s SFA3 ending occurring because she remembers Zangief saving her from falling rubble during her story mode.

There’s no explanation at this time.

Most of those are based on speculation like Oro forfeiting. Ryu probably lost to Oro if they met. Ryu’s rival quote to Ken in 3S mentions his record is better. Not sure where it mentions Ryu fighting Hugo. Alex probably won but its basically all speculation besides that which you can piece together through different endings. I feel like SF3 series has less what if endings overall so it makes it easier to piece together.

To answer your last 3 questions. AASFZ2 talks about Akuma’s fight with Gotetsu. Doesn’t mention much about dying happy but he does die none the less.

Instant Prison Muder is a more accurate translation.

And there’s only one SF4 tournament. Zangief may have been the public winner but the tournament had fallen apart at that point so theres no real way to say.


Yes. Just like previously mentioned, SFIII New Generation had it’s storyline expanded with 2nd Impact. Almost 90% of Zero 1 in-game story was updated/overwritten in Zero 2. The only exceptions being Sagat and Ken’s ending. I actually liked the Z1 endings more than Z2, this includes Chun-Li being Psycho Crushed by Vega/Bison and Nash being murdered by Vega in person, just like described in Guile’s SF2CE japanese account.

This is stated in:
All About Street Fighter Zero 3 (there’s even a timeline with how many years have passed between the games)
All About Capcom Head-To-Head Fighting Game
Street Fighter: Beyond the World (timeline)

I don’t quite remember if the Street Fighter Eternal Challenge states this as well.

I’ll have to diverge with @bakfromon on this one.
Capcom already stated that Zero 3 and SF2 are separate (main) events. Capcom NEVER stated that Zero 3 and SF2 were merged like they did, more than once, with Z1/Z2 and SF3NG and 2nd Impact. This was wrongly assumed when Capcom of Japan released an promo animation of what happened shortly after SF2 (the same animation that I shared a few posts back) during SF4 console release. If this animation is canon or not is highly debatable. Capcom never mentioned the events of that animation in any publication. Not even SFV: AE or the profiles at 30th Collection (which were made by a 3rd party and are full of errors) mentions it.
SFV: AE endings mentions that some minor Z3 events, like Sagat still with Shadaloo, happens after SF2. AE endings also helps to clarify what could have happened in SFZ3:

  • Ryu fought with Vega and lost, Vega takes him to the Shadaloo laboratory (Vega’s SFZ2 ending, however, the laboratory is probably in the Psycho Drive base);
  • Ryu is brainwashed with Psycho Power as an attempt to bring out all his power, the SNH (Vega’s SFZ2 ending and some SFZ3 stories and endings);
  • Ken, Sakura (possibly with Dan and Blanka) fights with Psycho Powered Ryu and Vega. I don’t think Sagat was present, as he’s with Shadaloo in SF2 (several SFZ3 endings, Sagat SFV: AE SF2 ladder ending);
  • During the fight, Ryu awakens the SNH (possibly with Vega threatening Sakura’s life), Ryu recalls his friends words and, with a Shoryuken, defeats Vega (Ryu, Sakura, SFZ3 ending, Ryu SFV: AE SFZ ladder ending);
  • Weakened, Vega retreats, in the way he fights with Rose. Rose wins, wounding even more Vega, however Vega counter-attack wounding Rose (Rose SFZ3 final battle and ending);
  • During those fights, several fighters (Zangief and Mika among them) attack the Psycho Drive base. Their efforts end up destroying the Psycho Drive. (several SFZ3 endings, SF: Beyond the world timeline);
  • Vega’s body explodes and his soul rejoin with Rose’s (Rose SFZ3 ending, SF: Eternal Challenge);
  • Shadaloo is officialy declared destroyed (several SFZ3 endings, SF: Beyond the world timeline);
  • Shadaloo, in the shadows, starts the living incubator program to create a new body for Vega. Abel and 27 “Seths” are created as artificial human beings (SF Beyond the World timeline, SF4 and SSF4 complete works character relation chart);
  • There is a fire in the base where Abel was being experienced on. Abel gets rescued by someone who can use the Sonic Boom, Nash (Abel’s online backstory and prologue in vanilla SF4, SF4 and SSF4 complete works character relation chart);
  • Nash finds Vega (now in his SF2 body) and gets killed (Nash’s SFZ2 ending, Nash and Vega’s SFV story modes, SF Beyond the world timeline);
  • Vega (with Shadaloo, still in the shadows), organizes the World Warrior tournament (SF2 story, SF Beyond the world timeline).

This pretty much covers the gist of what happens between Zero 3 and SF2.

I don’t quite remember it. Was Ryu, in the AASFZ account, in Thailand specifically to fight Sagat? Wasn’t he there because Muay Thai was one of the styles with strongest fighters around at the time (not mentioning Sagat specificaly)?

World Warrior tournament, with this title, there’s only one: SF2. USFIV, in Poison and Elena prologue, it mentions that the SF4 is “Worldwide Fighting Tournament”.


Both! Sagat is basically King of the fighting world in SF because of the fact that Muay Thai is the strongest style and he’s the top dog in the sport. Ryu knew that with him being a nobody starting out he couldn’t just out right challenge Sagat. He decided that beating enough people in Muay Thai would eventually gain enough reputation to fight Sagat.


Besides from Adon, Eagle and Ryu who are the guys during SF1 that managed to meet Sagat?

Did Eagle had a interesting hint in his conversation with Adon, Ken, Gen and Birde in SF Alpha3?

Did Ken and Adon had met each other before?


@The_Shakunetsu He only seems to know Adon but considering their shared link to Sagat it’s obvious:

To Adon: “So little has changed since I saw you last.”


I only found Eagle links with Gief and Guile surprisingly. I was wondering besides from In-game quotes if there are other things in the sources.


I just came back after doing a quick Google search, I think it’s only the characters that were new to A3 (Maki, Yun) that got character-specific quotes but correct me if wrong. Apart from the “White Birdie” reference I can’t seem to find anything else on SF1 in the A3 quotes.


I never had trusted the wiki ever since. the biggest trouble in today when speculation became widespreading was mixed with the sources.

I used to like SF1 as a tournament for the event of Ryu versus Sagat because of that sole relevant info, but now it feels lacking of detail?


I usually do avoid it as much as possible but I doubt that even they would fake quotes. I hear it’s not as rife with misinformation as it was in the past and let’s not forget that wiki’s main priority is more the gameplay. At least it isn’t as bad or as lazy as the Fighters Generation’s character bios.

If anyone needed plot info they really should go to the plot guide but I understand that isn’t the easiest to find.


Cool art


I like how the woman behind Chun and Sim is freaked out by Sim’s flexibility.