The Ultra Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


This is actually what I started working on when veered off into Tosa Japan with Makoto. Retsu, the last of the SF1 fighters that haven’t been appeared again.


Name: Retsu

Nickname: The Exiled Master

Sex: Male

Ethnicity: Japanese

Height: 6ft 0in (1.89m)

Weight: 170lbs (91kg)

B/W/H: 44-32-33(112cm-81cm-84cm)

Hometown: Tadotsu, Japan

Appearance: Retsu is bald old man off above average height with thick black eye brows. He has black chin beard that is in a single braid that hangs down to the center of his chest. Retsu wears a white short sleeve karategi. The sleeves come to his elbow and his pant legs are full length. He wears a black sleeveless vest over his karategi top. The collar and center of the vest has a gold trim. Retsu’s karategi top and vest are held together with a red karate belt that his tied at his left side. His hands and feet are bare.

Likes: Jelly, Gardens, Cleaning

Dislikes: Ghost Stories

Fighting Style: Shorinji Kempo

Tone: Retsu stern appearance hides his humorous demeanor. The brashness of his youth has been replaced with a dry sense of humor.

Origins: Retsu was a wild and brash youth. Unable to handle him in, his father sent him to study martial arts at the nearby Shorinji Kemp temple. The monks of the temple were able to reign Retsu in for a time. He excelled at the martial arts. Their discipline granted him a focus that he had lacked previously.

Retsu slowly surpassed his peers as he grew into adulthood. His contemporaries were no longer a match for him. Despite his youth, Retsu began to train with the masters of the temple. They were only people at the temple that could push him to his limits.

By the time he was middle aged, Retsu had surpassed everyone at the temple. He started training against multiple opponent’s at once to keep from becoming bored. That only satiated his drive for a short time. The brashness of his youth slowly returned. He began to dig into the temple archives. There he found multiple forbidden Shorinji Kempo techniques. Learning these skills was against the temple rules. Retsu began to practice these techniques in secret. Slowly mastering them all.

One day when Retsu was training against a couple of his fellow masters he lost focus. He accidentally used a few of the forbidden techniques to incapacitate them. The temples grandmaster was furious. After convening the temples masters, Retsu was excommunicated from the temple. He embarked on a musha shugyo (Warriors Pilgrimage). During his time roaming Asia, Retsu met and befriended several other masters. Ansatsuken Master Gouken and Rindokan Karate Master Masaru became the closest of those friends.

Listless he entered Sagat’s World Martial Arts challenge. As a member of the temple he was not allowed to enter such competitions. While his friendly sparring sessions with Gouken and Masaru were fun, a full contact tournament would allow him to truly show off his skills. Much to his surprised, he was defeated by one of Gouken’s star pupils, Ryu.

This caused Retsu to rethink his path. His hubris cost him a fight against relative novice several years his junior. It was only after that defeat did the lessons of the Shorinji Kemp Temple truly began to resonate with him. Finally taking those lessons to heart, Retsu disappeared into the mountains of Japan to rebuild his style from scratch.

His Rival: Zeku

Attributes: Health: 4 Power: 5 Range: 3 Mobility: 1 Technique: 4

1025 Stamina 1025 Stun


Byoubu Daoshi (Folding Screen Topple) – LP+LK: Retsu grabs his opponent’s wrist with his left hand and strikes his foe in the neck with a knife hand strike while sweeping their legs out from under them with his right leg. 150 Damage/150 Stun

Tsubame Gaeshi (Swallow Reversal) – B+LP+LK: Retsu grabs his opponent’s wrist with his left hand, strikes his foe in the jaw with a right hammer fist, spins while still holding his foes wrist, and flips them over his shoulder behind him. 160 Damage/200 Stun

Unique Attacks:

Teisho Uchi (Palm Heel Strike) – F+LP: Retsu hits his foe with a quick straight open palm strike. 4F Startup 40 Damage/50 Stun, +3 on Hit

Tate Empi Uchi (Upward Elbow Strike) – B+MP: (Anti Air): Retsu strikes his opponent with a standing right elbow uppercut. Attack forces stand. 6F Startup, 70 Damage/100 Stun, +3 on Hit, 0 on Block.

Tetsui Uchi (Hammer Fist Strike) - F+HP: (Overhead) Retsu hits his foe with a standing left hammer right punch. 21F Startup, +2 on Hit, -6 on Block. 80 Damage/150 Stun

Chokujou Tsuki (Above Punch) - B+HP: (Anti Air) Retsu unleashes a powerful left punch directly above his head. Attack does not hit grounded opponents. 8F Startup 32F Recovery 100 Damage/150 Stun

Hiza Geri (Knee Kick) – F+LK: Retsu strikes with a short range quick standing knee to the midsection. 5F Startup 50 Damage/50 Stun +3 on Hit.

Kansetsu Geri (Knee Joint Kick) – F+MK: Retsu performs standing left low stomp kick to the opponent’s knee. Must be blocked low. 10F Startup 75 Damage/150 Stun +4 on Hit, +1 on Block

Kakato Otoshi Geri (Heel Drop Kick)- B+HK: (Overhead) Retsu hops forward a short distance while performing a right axe kick. 26F Startup, +3 on Hit, -2 on Block. 90 Damage/120 Stun

Nidan Tsuki (Same Arm Punch Combination) – F+LP, B+MP: (Target Combo) Retsu strikes with a right palm strike-right elbow uppercut combination. 4F Startup 80 Damage/120 Stun, +1 on Hit, -5 on Block

Ren Tsuki (Two Punch Combination) – B+MP, F+HP: (Target Combo) Retsu hit his adversary with a right elbow uppercut-left hammer fist combination. 6F Startup 100 Damage/200 Stun, -1 on Hit, -8 on Block

Sanbon Tsuki (Three Punch Combination) – LP,MP,HP : (Target Combo) Retsu executes a left-right straight punch combination followed by a double straight punch. Knocks down the opponent. 4F Startup 90 Damage/120 Stun -2 on Hit, -6 on Block


Yoko Geri Kekomi (Side Thrust Kick) – F+KKK: Retsu kicks his adversary in the face with a snapping side thrust kick. Leaves foes standing.


Kasokuundou (Accelerated Motion) – MP+MK: Retsu lets out a shout while performing a brief kata. This enhances the properties of his next dash. Gains a small amount of V-Gauge upon complete of the kata animation. Gains V-Gauge from the next landed or blocked attack while in this enhanced states.

  • Forward Dash Startup Reduced from 19F to 16F. Dash distance increased from 150 to 175

  • Backward Dash Startup Reduced from 25F to 22F. Dash distance increased from 100 to 125

V-Trigger 1:

Wakawakashii Katsuryoku (Youthful Vigor)– HP+HK: Retsu lets out a loud “Kiai!” and regains the mobility of his prime.

  • Forward Dash Startup Reduced from 19F to 16F. Dash distance increased from 150 to 175

  • Backward Dash Startup Reduced from 25F to 22F. Dash distance increased from 100 to 125

  • Forward Walkspeed increased from 2.5 to 4.0

  • Backward Walkspeed increased from 2.0 to 3.0

  • Kakokuundou now grants a 15F Forward Dash and 21F Back Dash

3-Bar V-Trigger Permanent

V-Trigger 2:

Roujin Tsuyosa (Old Man Strength)– HP+HK: Retsu lets out a loud “Kiai!” building his already impressive power.

  • Normal Attacks receive a 10% Damage Boost

  • Special Attacks received a 10% Stun Boost

  • Kasokuundou, Sadagen, and Kudasho gain armor Frame 3

  • Shinrei Gekisai Sandanzuki damage increased from 360 to 400

V-Trigger Duration 1500F 2-Bar V-Trigger


Sadagen (Rushing Strike Fist) – QCF+P : Retsu pulls back his left fist, he then burst forward rapidly, striking his foe with an straight punch to the sternum. All versions become projectile invincible on frame 3 and leave his opponent standing. Punch button determines the distance traveled. When properly spaced all versions of this attack is -2 on Block. MP version is -4 on block at point blank range. HK version is – 6 on block at point blank range. LP (10F Startup, ¼ Screen, 100 Damage/120 Stun), MP (15F Startup, ½ Screen, 120 Damage/120 Stun), HP (20F Startup, ¾ Screen, 140 Damage/150 Stun), EX (17F Startup, ¾ Screen, Fully Projectile Invincible, 150 Damage/200 Stun, -2 on Block Point, 0 on Block Point Properly Spaced)

Hishou Tegatana (Soaring Hand Blade)- QCB+P (In Air): Retsu draws back his right arm over his head while jumping forward and chops violently straight down towards the ground. The punch button determines the damage and attack properties. LP(8F Startup, 100 Damage/120 Stun, +3 On Hit, Leaves Standing) MP(10F Startup, 130 Damage/150 Stun, +4 On Hit, Leaves Standing), HP(12F Startup, 160 Damage/200 Stun, Knocks Down) EX(12F Startup, 160 Damage/200 Stun, +6 On Hit, -2 On Block)

Futogen (Wind Launch Fist)- HCB+P (Command Grab): Retsu grabs his opponent. He hits them under the chin with a left upward palm strike that launches them into the air. All versions have a 8F Startup. Launch height and Range determined by the punch button pressed. LP (Most Range, 80 Damage/100 Stun, Lowest Juggle Height), MP(Less Range, 90 Damage/120 Stun, Higher Juggle Height), HP(Least Range, 100 Damage/150 Stun, Highest Juggle Height), EX(6F Startup, Most Range, 100 Damage/150 Stun, Highest Juggle Height)

Kudasho (Sky Strike Heel) – QCF+K: Retsu soars towards his opponent with a lighting fast flying kick. When properly spaced all versions of this attack is -2 on Block. MK version is -5 on block at point blank range. HK version is – 7 on block at point blank range. All versions knock down the opponent and become projectile invincible on frame 3. LK (¼ Screen, 120 Damage/150 Stun), MK (½ Screen, 140 Damage/150 Stun), HK (¾ Screen, 160 Damage/200 Stun), EX (¾ Screen, Fully Projectile Invincible, 180 Damage/200 Stun, -2 on Block Point, 0 on Block Point Properly Spaced)

Critical Art:

Shinrei Gekisai Sandanzuki (Spirit Pulverising Three Part Thrust )- QCFx2+P: Retsu strikes his foe with a powerful right punch to the lower abdomen followed by strong left punch to the chin that launches them into the air. While waiting for them to descend, Retsu charges a blindingly fast Sadagen that strikes his adversary in the spine and slams them into the side of the stage/screen. 4 hits 360 Damage (2x70, 1x170, 1x50)

Reasons to be in SFV:

Retsu wishes to pass his style along to the next generation. He enters the world martial arts tournament seeking to find two disciplines. Retsu learned from his friend Gouken that having two students that train along side each other is the best way to pass along one’s art.

Side Notes:

  • Retsu’s name is Japanese for Furious

  • His background has some parallels with Akuma/Gouki’s as they both were kicked out for studying forbidden techniques

  • Shorinji Kempo is based on Shaolin Kung Fu. Shorinji Kempo is Japanese for Shaolin Temple Boxing

  • Shorinji Kempo and Rindokan Karate are very similar styles that share some common philosophies and techniques.


Wait, i just noticed that i misread the Ken SFZ1 backstory. I thought this part “Having trained alongside Ryu under the tutelage of Master Gouken, he had witnessed the fight between Akuma and Gouken during that time” was about the fight where Gouki/Akuma “kills” Gouken, but was it about they first fight where Gouken wins? So there is no material that said that Ken also witnessed the “death” of Gouken. So how did Ryu and Ken knew that was Gouki/Akuma specifically the one who “killed” Gouken?


I expected something more from Guile meeting with Nash.

This was a great moment in FG history:


Nice stuff!

Hopefully I’ll be back for real now. I took kind of a break from Street Fighter since RE2 release, but with Final Round around the corner and me missing the game I’m ready to come back.


A friend of mine make her Bison x Uniqlo

and more kinu stuff…

does kinu do a lot of 4koma stuff like this?


Thanks for pointing that out to me I need to fix the wording. Yes, the fight Ken witnesses is the first fight from when he was younger in which Gouken beats Akuma. Ken may have been the first of the students to return to Japan as the guide also says Ken rushed back after hearing the news of Ryu’s win.


Welcome back!!! Similar story with me but instead it’s with the MMX Collection. How is RE2 anyway?

That’s Kinu’s art? It looks more like Daigo’s earlier stuff or H.Ishikawa’s art.


I just saw dat shared in a page with address that it was kinu?

I never saw that with Kinu’s past work before?


RE2 remake is :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

People are not exaggerating when they say it’s a GOTY contender even if it was released in January.


Same here, the thick lines look like Daigo’s parody pictures that he did for Darkstalkers and Pocket Fighters but the way the characters are designed looks more like Ishikawa’s style because he did draw 4Koma for Capcom games during his time there.


Im currently asking the page of the source.


Gotta agree, this was a nice building up on their history to that point, a resolution of the hate and a move forward to new places for lore. I love it and wish Charlie and Guile in SFV had an aspect of that.

I am loving that 4koma comic of Chun and Cammy. I’d love more funny stuff with the SF cast collected in a book of shorts. Even if it was just a one-shot special book or something. These types of things have so much charm, I can’t get enough of them. Some characters are just rife with comedic potential that needs to be captured in some panels.


Stefan linked the picture in this review. I guess it’s part of the book?

Forgot to say, here he also says it’s by some Capcom artist. It could be a guest page to the book above.


So it’s not Kinu, I just seen it in a FB page posting Capcom art yesterday.


Scorpion and Sub-Zero “reconciled” as far back as Mortal Kombat 2, with another rivalry starting due to Quan-Chi’s deception during Mortal Kombat 4, but that only took one game. Until 2011, they really didn’t share any story afterwards. My point being, while it’s cool to see a scene like that played out, it really isn’t that special. And the awkward way the NRS story modes are structured also kills that entire segment. It’s only cool because of fanservice, but writing-wise, pacing-wise and videogame-wise it sucks balls.


Tbh i consider It actually very well done, maybe dead times and bad pace but i can’t lie, as SF fan i will LOVE see a SF story done with such generosity

But on MK is all wasted, MK crap cast as a whole got the charisma of Honda"s butt, and not in quantity lol


Just thought of a new and fun bonus stage.
What if there was a dance dance revolution type bonus game where you have to match inputs to a beat. They could set it in the Capcom arcade that Sakura works in.


And insanely enough, then DMC5 comes out and it’s goddamn spectacular too. Back to back major good games from Capcom


I got DMC5 but not RE2 Remake , because I’m not into survival horror games.


Oh man, that’s perfect, thanks so much! I totally forgot to thank you!

Sorry to hear about your harddrive, I hope you didn’t lose anything.

I…I actually wanna try that lol