The Ultra Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


That would be cool something like Bust a Groove.

I remember Lilith did have that but as a move

And something had been done in mugen

I think doing something like Capcom Arcade as a whole location would be nice.

A Sakura Arcade would be an interesting Bonus Games for SFV but stars Darkstalkers characters, Warzards, Cyberbots, Techromancer and other games from Capcom with fictional creatures instead of Street Fighters.


But it should be implemented with this


The interesting part in Capcom Arcade is that you get to have a random CPU challenger in the arcade games like SF2.

But the navigation should be implemented like this I used to enjoy this interface that you can navigate the environment of the arcade center.



and this


I thought of exactly the same thing, but not as a bonus game but rather part of Dee Jay’s V-System. That’d give him a lot of personality, which is what V-System is supposed to do.


That’s not really a good practice nowadays, If you had those kind of moves for a fighting game character that force a another character to enter that kind of state, Especially in a game like Street Fighter.

You don’t even see that on games like Smash that is also fast paced. Correct me everyone if I’m wrong if it’s still on mainstream competitive anime fighting games.

The last time I have seen that used within an actual fight in a fighting game was Injustice Arcade which was the port of it’s successful mobile version not the main game. lol


Will like it, but before that i will like see the crash car bonus stage
Make it be Abigail’s truck with Roxxy and Axl watching terrified LOL

something like SF3 one, just slighty bigger

Will also like A LOT see this done with massive stone blocks
done in 3 consecutive phases, with ever harder/bigger target (like 1,3,5 blocks) and ever stricher imput

Could be a cool way to express characters personalities: like Ryu use classic karate downward punch, Juri an axe kick, Sagat a 12-6 elbow, Zangief probably an headbutt (LOL) and so on… it’s the kind of shit that will make me try it for ALL chars to see what they got :smiley:


As for SF Bonus Stage:

I’ll still go with this.

My original thought before was beating tons of generic Dolls, Cyborgs and Seth clones, but it seems unlikely now because of time that it needs to recreate 3D resources.

So i’ll settle with the currently available like the Shadaloo Soldiers with Mech Abigail and Mech Zangief. Without needing a new model or recreation.



Win Condition:

Is like a Tower Defense Survival that is fighting a Horde/Mob in a timed event.

Here how the flow, you just need to survive the Shadaloo Horde in a particular time.

If manage to stay alive by defending yourself and maintaining a portion of life gauge in a particular time a Udon illustration art shown that you and some have arrive to help and rescue you from being out numbered. The illustration also show that you had beaten them with the army.

A KO is to result a game over/loss.

It has a point system with how many life you have maintain along with the time remaining and the many you have KOed.


Where’s @Daemos?


Some great ideas guys.
I’m going to set my expectations to no reveal at FR this weekend :frowning:


Seen this video and now we need to see Ken’s dad


What we need is Gouken’s Daughter or Niece!!


What you need is a car accident.


You dislike Gouken’s daughter or niece?


I thought everyone likes her.


There’s nothing she’s going to add that Sakura doesn’t do already(let’s be real, she’d be another goddamn shoto). It’d be weird for her to suddenly start existed when Gouken, Ken and Ryu have never even mentioned her before.


Given that Google may release a games console soon, as hinted at. What do you think the chances of Google paying Capcom for SF6/MvC4/Other exclusivity?


MvC is a dead brand


I kinda agree and disagree with this. The only way I would agree with Gouken’s daughter being in this I she was completely different type of character without the typical shotoesque type moves. I was thinking something more akin to Hokuto from SFEX or Kasumi Todo from KOF.

If thats the case however, it might as well be a completely different and unrelated character. Im not a big fan of having characters related to existing characters. For example, I would have preferred Laura to be completely unrelated to Sean and have her own story instead of being forced to reconcile with Sean.


Hi dude, I hare to be a bother, but is there another hosting site you could use? I’m trying to download the vid, but either it doesn’t work due to pop up blocker, or it’s never counts down from 60 with it disabled.


I turn eventhub’s question to you guys

If secondary V-Skills are added to Street Fighter 5, what new techniques should Ryu, Chun-Li, R. Mika and Vega get?

Don’t think specifically these characters, secondary V-Skill 2 you will like on general


Personally I wouldnt bother adding vskills. I would advocate multiple super arts though.

Maybe upto 3 as a homage to the story moving into SF3 era.


I’d only be for multiple Critical Arts if the characters had access to both. Otherwise players will gravitate to specific Critical Art and the other one will gather virtual dust.


I believe it won’t still trigger on google because it’s late, your chances are by foreign gaming website that would publish it early because of being confused of the timezone.