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I decided it’s essay writing time and I also need to improve on my typing skills so I’m going to compile a database thread for anyone to look at which is STRICTLY limited to Ultra technical execution as the recent trend (@ least in Japan) is to rely on some (not all depending on the player) of Yun’s super high level execution. Examples being Saru proving that kara palms are not impractical, Yakkun and his use of mp~lk and mp~lp cancels, and most recently Tackle Maeda and his seeming perfect Keeper-Jin and Maeda-Jin execution, not to mention Boss has been caught on tape using the Keeper Jin and Saru has been seen using it for block string mix ups.

Since I have no life outside of 3S @ the moment I’ve had plenty of time to break down these and other “supposed” impractical executions and I believe I can explain the PROPER means of executing them so consistency is no longer and issue.

Please believe me that if you use the methods posted below to learn these techniques you will learn them MUCH faster than I did as these are analytically the best methods I’ve found to execute these techniques as well as the best method to LEARN and master these techniques.

Basically I want to see lots of impressive shit from north American Yuns this year because it is BULLSHIT that Chun is now considered the best character by the Arcadia charts, and I know many of you players are probably better Yun’s than me but I can promise that you can greatly enhance your game with these executions.

Basically I will be explaining in depth and in simple, specific terms the methods to quickly master:

  • Kara palms
  • Keeper-Jin
  • Maeda-Jin
  • SGGK
  • cr mp, cr mp, st lk, jab dash punch
  • KO ender
  • Boss ender
  • Several distinctly different resets
  • Kara Zenpou

and maybe others.

Just a reminder this thread is meant to surround only techniques that have been labeled “too difficult for actual play” and won’t contain any beginner stuff by any means.

First lets start with Kara palms and the difference between the 3 versions.

There are in fact 3 distinct types of Kara palm, these are:

Ghetto palm: (with or without Genei-jin execute: :qcb: , :lk: ~ Any punch) Yun gains a small amount of range to his palm strike.

True Kara palm: (with Genei-jin activated execute: :mp: , :qcb: , :lk: ~ Any punch) Yun gains an obscene amount of range to his palm strike.

Walking/ recovery negating True Kara palm: (with Genei-jin activated execute: :r: (hold :r: fr a split second, neutral , :mp: , :qcb: , :lk: ~ Any punch) Yun gains an even more obscene amount of range to his palm strike although if you are not negating the recovery of a move this variation takes slightly longer to strike.

The Ghetto palm requires no explanation, it is what it is and shouldn’t be a problem, but also requires mastery before the True Kara palm should be learnt.

To quickly learn the execution required for a True Kara Palm (TKP) you will need to break it up into stages.

First step is to activate Genei-jin and press :mp: , simple enough eh?

Next, you want to simply master the task of buffering a :qcb: during you’re wiffed :mp: in Genei-jin without getting a cr :mp: , not too hard yet?
Most people talk about the crazy speed this needs to be done at but it’s really not all that fast. The faster the better as it gives you more time to input a clean Standing :mp: , but lightning speed is not required.

Next you’ll need to add the standing :lk: , the best way to do this is to simply press :lk: slowly after you have finished the previous :mp: , :qcb: ; then watch how far Yun Karas forward. Execute :mp: , :qcb: , :lk: until you’re comfortable with the timing required to move Yun forward the farthest; basically do the lk closer and closer to the beginning of the :mp: but not so you end up with a cr :lk: . You will know if you are moving far enough if Yun karas forward about the same distance as Chun Li’s far :mk: kara throw, perhaps even further.

So at this point you should be executing: :mp: , :qcb: , :lk: where the :mp: is canceled and the :lk: wiff’s a good distance forward.

Now instead of adding the punch just yet, lets go back a step to master something else which will come in handy later. Now you will want to ignore the :qcb: input entirely, and simply execute: :mp: ~ :lk: so that you move forward the same distance as you did earlier. Now we add the punch (I use my middle finger to hit :mp: , my thumb to hit :lk: , and my index finger to hit :mp: again immediately after the :lk: input.

So now you should be executing :mp: ~ :lk: ~ :mp: , but the key here is what you should be seeing. With this execution you should see the :mp: come out and be canceled by the :lk: but you should NOT see the second mp execute. The reason for this is to familiarize yourself with the proper timing of the button inputs for the Kara palm without worrying about the :qcb:, essentially the :lk: will not cancel into the second :mp: without the :qcf: input.

So while you are pressing: :mp: ~ :lk: ~ :mp: , you should still see the same Kara’ed :lk: as if you inputted: :mp: , :qcb: , :lk: .

Finally when you have mastered both inputs it is time to put them together to create a Kara palm. Execute: :mp: , qcb: , :lk: ~ :mp: while pressing the second :mp: with the same timing as the previous :mp: ~ :lk: ~ :mp: input and presto! You have a max distance Kara palm.

Edit: going to sleep now, will update later.


Very nice man. Nice in depth look at the technique. I would like to see some of the other sections that you have listed. Thanks alot for the info. I’ll be waiting for the further posts ^^


Thanks. I’m starting to get it now.


Awesome information, I can’t wait for the next installment.

Keep it up R_T_S_D!


Will do, now with Keeper Jin:

(I’m keeping this separate from Maeda Jin/ :hp: loop because they are surprisingly different)

edit: Coming Soon, (Ken forum post owned me and will add keeperJin post after exam tomorrow.)


ITs called a kara fierce, maeda jin doesnt exist !!! stop trying to make Maeda jin a new term !!!


try doing meada jin as repeated kara fierce’s and when that doesn’t work, we’ll call the actual combo MEADA JIN


Theory fighter is trash, Eric!! I’ll be sure to wake up super next time I play you…


great stuff! :tup:


thats as best as it can be described (Y)

heres a video that helped me when i was first learning:

its not a tutorial at all, its just a guy doing the palms. The helpful thing about it is that you can HEAR him input the commands. so you can get a feel of how fast you should be doing it :slight_smile:

Get into practice mode! lol


good stuff one day i might even read it but for now i’m gonna go watch comedy central on demand


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lmao, that was actually pretty funny

wat happen to RTSD. he abandoned his thread !


Lol that just reminded me when I first made the genei jin thread
I was like , I have no life, I can update every single day.

And then somehow the thread like jumpstarted my life and out of nowhere Im too busy to update :rofl:


Keeperjin is not worth it in ps2 version… the game is too sped up for you to really get the timing correctly without breaking your fingers.

ko ender is easy… it’s not even technical… neither is ghetto palm.

SGGK = forward , neutral, down, neutral, back + double tapped mk (in laymens… option forward then down then do back +double tap mk)

if you parry you get close if not you get zenpotenshin

kara zenpotenshin is easy as hell… when doing zenpotenshin double tap HK while preforming the motion (can start at either down forward or down back depending on your finger speed)


start with 123 activate

on crouching opponent: > [ > mp~hp (also known as kara fierce)] repeat brackets till you get 15% meter shoulder them or do w/e u want
on standing opponent: > [ > mp~hp] * X

dash punch > jump forward and either hk/mk/hp
close > jump straight up and do HP

most other resets arn’t worth it because they arn’t ANYWHERE close to gauranteed atleast with said resets you can make sure you get your combo continuation (mp > hp or mp> close among other options

Other ground combo on crouching opponents (maedajin?)

123 activate >> dashpunch > close s. HP > [ (far)> hp dash punch> close s.hp] *X x 2>> dash

mp> tripple tap mp (double if u have fast fingers) >> dash … NOT hard.

Boss ender (chunli/makoto/elena/Q only AFIK)
After agenijin reset do the following EXTRA hit (to keep juggle) dp.HP (Genei ends), dp.MP, f.HP x2, kara dash punch

theres another ender on chun that goes somthing like this

genijin w/e… dp hk (genijin ends) palm, f+hp, palm, DP lp, dash punch.

another ender on chun

palm > mp dash (genijin ends) dp lp > palm > kara dash

another combo on crouching shotos/chun/twins

123 activate> hp> kara hp * X> w/e u wanna do

MAEDAjin (according to youtube’s vids of it)

refer to standing opponent keeperjin and incorperate kara fierces instead of full > kara fierce… just do them faster.

KO ender (makoto, chun, Q, elena, shotos)

genijin combo > HP dash punch> walk slightly >> SLIGHT pause> palm (double tap button)> dp lp> f+hp (double tap)> kara dash punch

i’m actually in the process of making a yun tutorial vid (will be about an hour or so long) so stay tuned.

it will show hands for every advanced tatic i can think of


Maeda Jin is confusing me as there seems to be 2 different ways of doing it.

It seems that mp~hp on the right frame for each rep will work but the timing is retarded.

Even with double tap mp, hp the timing just seems so retardedly tight.

The other way of doing it is to hold forward after the hp so Yun remains closer to his opponent as in genei jin this is possible to allow for a non kara hp to hit

example: mp~hp (hold forward,then release when hp is finished), hp (ditto), hp (ditto), mp~hp, …repeat.


i have gotten 10 reps with

f+mp > neutral hp

problem with maedajin is it’s execution isn’t worth putting it into practice.


kara palms or keeper jin?
whats more important