The UMVC X at UFGT Meta Game Thread


Now that sign ups have officially gone live for this specialty tournament I feel like this is a threadworthy topic of discussion that I couldn’t find any existing threads addressing.

Here are the rules direct from the sign-up site:

"When you sign up for UMvCX, you are going to be asked to choose one character to “X out”. Choose wisely, as you will not be able to change your choice at any time after signup. When you are assigned to a 16 man pool of players at UFGT10, that pool is going to have a list of banned characters. This list is made up of the “X’ed out” characters of everyone in your pool. No one in your pool will be allowed to choose any of these characters for the duration of the pool. The list will be on a whiteboard at your pool for easy reference.

Should you advance out of your pool and into a quarter or semi final pool, that pool will have a new ban list made up of the choices of the players in that bracket. These choices will not have changed from when they signed up, but will come together to form a new list for you to work around.

So what do you do? Do you ban Vergil, just to ensure you never have to play against him? Or do you hope that someone else you end up pooled with chose to ban him and use your choice on something else? If two or more players in the pool ban the same character, one of them wasted their choice!"

Last bit underlined for emphasis because herein lies the meta.

So here’s the rub. Do you trust there to be stream monsters that plan to sign up to ban the most obvious choices they hate the most (Morrigan, Zero, Vergil) and save yours for your own problem characters and/or team? Do you go for key support characters (Doom, Strange, Dante etc.) or characters that have fallen out of favor (Wesker) that become much more relevant provided that now conventional top tiers COULD be ruled out? Do you count on knowledge of potential specialists getting to play their full strength teams (KBR big bodies, although I have no idea if he plans to attend; or other sleeper teams)?

OR do you meta the meta thread and post some BS to curb people away from who you’d like to keep?

Surprised this hasn’t been it’s own thread sooner but correct me if I’m wrong.

Post who you’d ban and why if you dare or game the system if you think you’re that clever.

Great idea Keits, or whomever affiliated with UFGT that came up with this.

2015 UMVC3 SRK Tier/Theory Discussion. 7/10 First Page Tumblr: Power of snapback, Future power teams

Well, I would actually like to use morrigan, doom, or vergil so I won’t ban them. I am considering a few approaches and they are:

  1. The character I despise the most, and the strongest character that I can’t play is zero so he is a prime choice. He is the type of character that I would be completely OK with losing my vote if others voted him as well just to make sure.

  2. I have some characters and teams to use in mind that I feel are unlikely to get banned. Maybe my avatar gives it away, but I’ll probably be using arthur. His worst matchup in the game is dormmamu, who is a strong character who could realistically slip by without my ban so I am also considering him.

  3. With certain characters missing, new possibly dominant threats will appear. With morrigan, vergil, and strider possibly gone, phoenix is all of a sudden extremely scary to me. So she might have to get banned.

  4. I am probably not going to win the tourney. Knowing that I might just opt to mess with people by using my vote to ban a random mid/low tier. It probably won’t help me out but it will be funny when the one guy who wanted to use ironman learns that he’s banned.


Fuck that. Zero would never see the light of day in my pool.


if you don’t play one of:

you might want to ban them

relatively important chars that might not get banned: wesker, dormammu, strange, hawkeye, task, sentinel , ammy, skrull, modok, x23, ironman


Its going to be so free


i’ll laugh if morrigan doesn’t get banned and theres a morrigan main in your pool

unless you banned her


My guess list on worst matchups/problem assist characters (and therefore “who you should consider if you play X character”)


Strange=Wesker, Nova, Vergil
GR=Vergil, MODOK, Magneto
Hawkeye=Hsien, Joe, Spider Man (all 3 laugh at his game plan)
IF=Everyone not named Iron Fist or She Hulk
Nova=Wolverine, Zero, Morrigan
RR=Morrigan, Sentinel (fuck hard drive), Zero
Cap=Morrigan, Thor, Spiderman (can’t catch Spidey imo)
Deadpool=MODOK, Zero, Wolverine
Doom=Hawkeye, Magneto, Dante
Dorm=Strange, Viper, Nova
Hulk=Morrigan, Zero, Magneto
Iron Man=Zero, Vergil, Magneto
Magneto=Zero, Nova, Wolverine
DOK=Dorm, Strider, Dante
Phoenix=Morrigan, Frank, Vergil
Sentinel=Magneto, Doom, Morrigan
Spider-Man=Morrigan, Dante, Nova
Storm=Wolverine, Magneto, Nova
Skrull=Wolverine, Wesker, Zero
Task=Zero, Wolverine, Nova
Thor=Wolverine, Hawkeye, Skrull
Wolverine=Zero, Hulk, Magneto
X-23=Zero, Firebrand, Dorm (X-23 hates snowball situations)
Shuma=Morrigan, Zero, Magneto
Firebrand=Zero, Nova, Morrigan
Frank=Morrigan, Wolverine, Firebrand
Nemesis=Magneto, Viper, Morrigan
Wright=ALL ARE EQUAL UNDER THE LAW (Except Skrull. Fuck him.)
Strider=Dante, Magneto, Zero
Vergil=X-23, Firebrand, Zero
Akuma=Zero, Vergil, Dante
Ammy=Magneto, Morrigan, Dorm
Arthur=Vergil, Magneto, Morrigan
Chris=Viper, MODOK, Magneto
Chun=Morrigan, Zero, Magneto
Viper=Task, Akuma, Zero
Dante=Wolverine, Nova, Magneto
Felicia=Morrigan, MODOK, Zero
Haggar=Zero, Morrigan, Magneto (shoutouts to 9-1 matchups without assists)
Hsien=Morrigan, Wolverine, Nova
Morrigan=Vergil, Zero, Wolverine
Ryu=Vergil, Magneto, Zero
Spencer=Viper, Haggar, Morrigan
Trish=Strider, Morrigan, Nova
Tron=??? (Do people seriously use her?)
Joe=Morrigan, Task, Vergil
Wesker=Morrigan, Zero, Magneto
Zero=Magneto, Hawkeye, Morrigan
Jill=Morrigan, Zero, Magneto

Just idle guesses based on tools/what I’ve heard.


I would suggest replace morrigan with Dante/vergil for nova
mainly Dante because fuck vergil


No offense but you’re sorely mistaken if you think a Dante player would ban Nova. It’s an awful matchup for Nova.
Banning Vergil is a forgone conclusion, I’d probably ban Dante before anyone else. Spencer would be next.

You need to go to a tournament sometime, man. Pools are almost always full of a variety of characters. I don’t play Tron but Trons that I play seem to dislike Morrigan, bolts assist, and Haggar in general.

That said, you have to ban what hurts your team most, not your best character or whatever.


You might as well pick a different team, Vergil, Doom, Zero, and either Dante/Morrigan/Mags/Dorm/Strider will be predominantly on the list.
Phoenix is not a problem when she cant get meter.

If Nemo shows up , Dr. Strange would be banned.

You wont have a team if one of them gets banned :slight_smile:


… cant del >_<