The UMvC3 Tron Bonne Changes

I just decided to make this thread so that the Tron players here can discuss on what changes she’ll possibly be getting in UMvC3.

I think she really needs some buffs to help her as a point character, so what would you like to see from her? Make some suggestion here.

**Tron Bonne’s Official Changelog

  • j.H causes greater knockback.
  • Increased down time from a normal throw.
  • Gustaff Fire is cancelable.
  • Increased jump cancel time of Gustaff Fire.
  • Untechable time from rock pickup part of Bandit Boulder decreases with combo length.
  • Can cancel after throwing the rocks in Bandit Boulder.
  • Increased minimum damage scaling of special attacks.
  • Servbot Launcher (all versions) can be rapid fire up to three times in a row.
  • Lowered float of ground Bonne Strike.
  • Untechable time from Air Bonne Strike decreases with combo length.
  • Fixed Bonne Mixer and Shakedown Mixer so they can come out on an empty cancel.
  • Removed invincibility from Assist β (Gustaff Fire).
  • Additional hits can be added to Servbot Surprise through rapid buttons presses.
  • Additional hits can be added to Shakedown Mixer through rapid joystick rotations.

Bonne Striker is quicker in recovery
Servbot Launcher is faster

If there are any other changes you’ve seen so far or any incorrect stuff i’ve listed, please let me know.

Hold the ****ing phone. You mean she can hold down(or tap x3) L/M/H to shoot 3 at once!?

To me it looks like she bleeds a lot more (Could be the new life bar)

I’m not sure that if you press it during the animation that she shoots more servbots, i’m pretty sure that’s the case. I know i’ve seen it happen at least twice so far. I’d like to know a lil more about that too.

i’m probably going to drop her. her assist getting nerfed that badly plus j.H knocking the opponent too far to connect anything but drill (from what i’ve read) is a no go for me. its good that she can perhaps zone better with shooting more servebots at a time.

if anything i feel like she should have been beefed up so i could use her on point AND give her better zoning options, keep the gustaff flame assist the way it was and call it a day.

Bandit Boulder being cancellable makes me happy. Gustaff Flame nerf hurts, but I always liked her better on point, and being able to do OTG combos without the help of an assist makes her better at that.

Instead of getting assists to help her combos, get assists to help her get in and use her on point.

When will they change the stupid RDP motion for the drill? I KINDA got it down but it just doesn’t flow nicely.

I wish. Cancelling a.H into air Drill rush off of a FF air dash instead of a :atk::atk: air dash can be such a pain (lingering inputs) Started working on a.HxDrill combos. They all seem to scale pretty hard.

I really hated the Gustaff Fire assist getting nerfed but oh well I’m still using it. It means that I have to be more careful when throwing it out to pressure or keep out opponents

After playing the Evo build the biggest thing I noticed that no one else has mentioned is that the hitbox on s.M is much smaller. Doesn’t have the phantom range like it does in vanilla. My bnb combos no longer work. Back to the lab once UMVC3 comes out I guess.

Does the super knock back a.H apply to only grounded opponents or does it screw up in basic a.M a.M a.H a.S combo too?

Bandit Boulder being cancelable sounds nice; it’s jump-cancelable, right? Could lead to some nice combo stuff.

And I’d be careful when dealing with rumors regarding speed of attacks (Servbot Launcher in the OP). The Comic-Con stream made everything look faster than it actually was because of the quality. It tricked the Hsien-Ko boards into thinking her normals and movement speed were buffed.

I’m doubting it’ll be jump-cancellable, if anything, you can cancel it right after you throw the boulder into something else.

Yea, some have said Servbot Launcher is faster but i wasn’t very sure so that was why i put it down as a rumor until more is known about it.

the j.H not only knocks the opponent back further, but it also hocks them upwards a little also. This makes hit confirming into c.L or s.M impossible - unless in corner HOWEVER due to the fact that the opponent is in the air longer after j.H makes hit confirming into drill even easier. So that’s awesome actually.

So, did anyone get to try out that new Servbot launcher? Seeing as she can fire off three of the little guys now, can you use different strengths to cover different ranges in the same salvo?

Hey folks, I demo’d Tron at the NYC fight club event seeing as how she’s my main and all…

Anyway, I’m rather heartbroken by the changes so far. j.H is nearly useless and her attacks off of j.S (previously my favorite move in the game) seem to prorate a hell of a lot more. My j.S bnb no longer worked because it made use of a drill. Another huge nerf is her trap laser does NOT work if you do a combo into OTG assist and fire a shot off. They simply get hit by the pellet and tech very quickly rather than getting trapped. This move is now 100% only for zoning, and it was always horrible at that. Folks were saying the shots got sped up but I really didn’t feel a difference in the starting animation. Maybe the bullet travels faster? I couldn’t tell.

Tron fire has zero invincibility whatsoever, but we knew that already. Servbot launcher still feels mediocre but its always nice to fire one while the opponent is coming in to keep them trapped. I’m not sure if you can shoot multiple shots.

Talked to NerdJosh a little bit about her and he feels that she honestly can’t do anything anymore. :frowning:


So unless they buff her in the final version she’s more useless than Haggar? That’s just great.

is it just me, or are some characters getting hit hard with the Nerf bat that REALLY don’t deserve the nerf bat?
Tron and Haggar especially (Sent too, depending on your opinion of him). I’m hoping Capcom’s gonna come through with something amazing for these characters to totally make up for these nerfs but… I just don’t know

Yeah seriously, I honestly thought Tron and Haggar were perfectly fine in the first iteration. Tron is a flawed powerful rushdown+battery character with limited options, and she can be put third on a team just to use her powerful assist (which greatly limits her potential when she comes out though). Haggar was also powerful but much worse in combat than Tron, but I feel the tradeoff was that his assist is much better.

I always thought that’s what Capcom went for, but since they’re making these assists useless I’m not sure what they quite want from these characters. I’d be fine with the assist nerf if they at least buffed them on point or left them alone.

Maybe they think really high HP means a lot in this game? I really don’t know what’s going on with these two.

Haggars assist nerf is perfectly understandable IMO. Even with the damage it does to him, people could throw out the mayor all day just waiting for someone to fall into it since it gave a HARD knockdown, which we all know can easily lead to a characters death in this game. For a GTFO assist, that’s too good, making it a soft knockdown still allows it to be a good GTFO assist without being a crutch.

The same can be said of Trons assist, although it needed far less of a nerf due to it not getting a hard knockdown. Capcom went overboard on that assist, necessary nerf or not.

It’s their on point nerfs that are blowing my mind. The j.H tron nerf is completely contrary to how they wanted her to be in vanilla. Remember how Seth went into heavy detail regarding her s.H and j.H pre launch, and how integral it was to her game? Yeah, capcom just pulled a 180 with this nerf. The s.M nerf is further proof of that.

And the trap gun nerf is the stupidest nerf I’ve ever heard of. It was ONLY usable in combos because it’s one of the worst projectiles to ever zone with, and now it’s not even possible to combo into (according to furious liver). It makes 0 sense. Combine that all with her nigh useless command grab, and you have a character with only 1 good move, that still sucks because it murders her combo potential.

I know I sound negative, and I still hope capcom will come through with some REAL buffs (you don’t count servbot launcher), but right now, I have only the disappoints.

Also, Furious_Liver, I love your avatar <3