the unblockable

what is kens unblockable crossup?

such a thing does not exist

if it did, everyone would play with ken

He’s talking about Ken’s ambiguous crossup bs following his supers/dp’s with MK IIRC. To set it up though you gotta get in and land those shorts. Good luck.

wuts his ambiguous? (iirc?)

I don’t know how it works, never saw it, just heard things here and there.
Anyway ambiguous in this case basically means a 50/50 guess for which direction to block, Ken’s is said to be so good that even the player doing it doesn’t know which direction the opponent has to block (though I’m sure with enough time and experience and a couple of drinks you’d “see” it)

It’s just his jumping MK, but it’s setup with his dp’s or his supers, has something to do with how the supers bounce the opponent towards ken and all Ken has to do is jump straight up and hit MK on the way down. Sounds dope.

you do c.short x2, roll, c.x3, roll, and then repeat. Unblockable.

if anything it’d be

[d.lkx3 xx qcb+lp, throw, dash dash dash taunt] x N

Are you using him in C? C is great for him because he utilizes the concept of lvl2 cancels well. A is good too cuz you can end with shinryuken in the corner (very important).

Do you lvl2 cancel, the one where you do jap DP afterwards (in corner) and juggle with lvl1 shinryuken. After you do that, walk back a little bit and normal jump forward, and press mk at the last second!

Ok, so what the heck does “walk back a little bit” mean? That could mean anything. It’s a very ambiguous description. See the parallel? You want your mk to be ambiguous. Practice in Training Mode and find out what kind of timings your hands like. There’s 2 vids of me doing it somewhere on youtube, well actually just one of them is up (the one where I do crossup). Well actually I didn’t do it perfectly but he got hit anyway. “Dave vs John,” make sure you do it better than I did it in the video :rofl:

Practice on Blanka, then Sagat. They get up at different rates, and these are the guys you NEED to land the crossup on. Don’t forget to mash on that shinryuken to make them fall properly!