The Unclosed Twelve Thread



I’ll start…

What all can be used to juggle after the EX.N.D.L? From what I’ve found…

s.Roundhouse - The reach on it is so long, it can actually be used midscreen if the tenticles hit close. It also knocks the opponent across the screen. I think everyone knows this one by now…

s.Fierce - Only works in the corner, does more damage than the s.Roundhouse and resets your opponent.

s.Jab, s.Strong - Both make for a fast reset!

A.X.E or EX.A.X.E. - Only works in the corner, makes damage without the reset.

X.N.D.L. - By far the most damaging one out of what I found. Works midscreen or in the corner.

Since I’m a Q player who chooses SAII, I see resets mostly as free throws or command grabs. Looking at Twelve this way puts a slightly new perspective on things. Resets are punishable, but Twelve, like Q, is all about the mind games. Twelve does not always have to do something after a reset, and there are other options that do not reset the opponent. Everyone knows Twelve’s throws are awesome, I agree 110% percent. So after the reset, I either use the “squeezing throw” (Jab+Short) for stun damage, or I use the back throw (Jab+Short) and while the thrown opponent is recovering, taunt to turn invisible. This is unpunishable by most, if not all, characters.

If you have good perception, then being invisible if a very good thing. Invisible mind games and “Twelveneto’s” air-dash mind games make good bed fellows. If Twelve manages to back throw while invisible, he will return back to the visual world. Of course, since this is a back throw, Twelve can simply recloak! Let us not forget Twelve’s specials, which can surprize opponents while invisible.

Opinions are welcome, and invisible mind game ideas will be accepted with eagerness.


Surely, someone must have something they want to add.



this strategy is so mine now. i have to remember to use it next time i head out to cf, allthough it might not b wise to throw ur opponent into the corner then PA. i predict severe retaliation, especially if they tek roll.

anywayz, thanx 4 the 12 insight.
ps- i might steal the name “twelveneto” too. sounds hot.



what are some things 12 can do when your opponent jumps towards him?

i do the following: standing fierce (not a good idea against good players), dash forward and throw (safest move), walk back and mk (good kuz they have to parry low), super 1 (good if timed right), jump up or jump back and ex dive (my favoite and also safe move).


standing jab. if they parry, ex needle(really safe). if they parry that as well, standing mp or fierce away.