The Undercover Boss Thread


So who watched the premiere? Couldn’t’ve missed it if you watched the Super Bowl, since it was on right after.

The premise is simple: CEOs of varying large companies step out of the office, and take on a new identity for a week, working right alongside their lowest-level employees. They might learn that the policies they write aren’t working as intended, or discover individuals of questionable character working for them. Nothing is staged, and there’s no problems manufactured by the producers. They simply document what happens.

Last night’s show featured the president and COO of Waste Management, with ‘man making a documentary about trying entry-level jobs in the company’ as his cover.

Because of their diversity of services, he was able to try new roles each day, all across the country. While I think he focused more on a personal level than I’d’ve liked, he did find areas where either his policies were put into place poorly, or simply affected morale too much. To his credit, he admitted his mistakes and changed them.

Next week, it’s the top dog at Hooter’s… that should be fun to watch.

If you have anything to add, or want to discuss, it seems like this is the place.


dude i had no idea about chicks pissing in cans…but after i thought about it…its like well where the hell are they gonna go to the bathroom.


Uhh squat in a bush like every other chick…


ya not that many options in some neighborhoods.


I enjoy this show’s premise, but unfortunately, I just don’t see it being popular. I think it’ll be canned quite quickly.


I’d imagine it will get repetitive quite fast.


Shit looks pretty staged. How the hell are you going to go undercover and eat dinner with your employee and her family with a camera crew followin’ and not look suspicious.


erm, these are massive companies and most people have no idea what the ceo looks like.

they also gave a backstory as to why the camera crew was there.


The back story they give is a crew documenting entry level jobs.


i feel like this wouldnt work in retail though cuz they stick the presidents faces everywhere at retail stores.


I don’t recall, but I believe the camera explanation was for business purposes. It doesn’t make sense to invite a person you just met over for dinner out of hospitality and have a camera crew over as well. Just my opinion though.

EDIt: Yeah if the crew was just there to document entry level job I don’t think it makes sense to film where and who he’s eating with on his free time.