The United Kingdom Thread - V1/2011


Tally-Ho Chaps.

So, I’ve been wondering if the UK actually has a scene. If people actively play games, Go on NE and all that Jazz, but for those who haven’t. I’m making this thread so we can all stay in touch and update each other. But more importantly.

Tell us where you is at, Find people, play games, post PSN/XBL Tags. Share, Talk, Discuss, Meet-Up, Organize sessions ect ect.

I’m from Middlesbrough, North east england. Post away and let’s see if we can’t get some hype for something that isn’t CoD in the UK.

GT: My Awesome Afro
Games I play: Blazblue, AE, MAHVEL

Need SSFIV AE sparing partner in Reading [and other fighting games]

Made a post on here yesterday I think asking for matches but no replies as of yet… I’m down for some games.

GT - II Enix II
Time - Usually on most weekdays after 6pm
Games - AE
Characters - Only playing with Sagat at the moment, just picked him up and I need training!

Super street fighter: ae tournament in london

Anyone up for some AE @ Casino in the next couple of days? Won’t be in London much longer but want to get some games in!


Awh damn, The only scenes are in London :frowning:


Chatting with some people at Gamerbase the other night made it seem like only the big events get much of a turnout, and the weekly stuff isn’t all that populated. There’s that big tourney at the Emirates coming up in October though! Going?


not true!

look at the link in my sig and also there is a tourney taking place in Manchester next month, has been getting quite a lot of interest as well

edit: seems i dont have the link in my sig anymore, so here it is.


Come on, Norwich players, where you at?


Come on, England, where you at?


GGPO dead too? Bummer, guys.


Hey Truefist, randomly came across this thread and had to make an account to even reply. I live up in Stockton-on-Tees, aint much of a player but if you wanna get some games in some time id be up for it.


Frank Lucas falling in!

I play AE using Ryu and my experience with the SF4 series is literally 95% training mode, by virtue of the fact that it’s the game I learnt to use my very first fightstick with. I’m based in East London and I’m itching to get more into the scene. Never been to a tourney (keep bitching out!) but would like to meet and learn with other players. GT: Pugz 83



Holy Shit, Really? I live about 10 minutes away from there. Give me some details bro!


Rookie from Stocksfield, Northumberland looking for competition of any sort, in any setting, in any fighting game bar SmashBros. No car atm so kinda isolated from the fight community. Played a little in the Teesside Uni Fight Club while I studied there half a year ago, pretty much the only competitive experience I have.

Games in order of experience (most to least): Tekken, Marvel, Soul Calibur, SFIV

PSN/XBL: CaususBelli


You guys need to get on, it’s broken at the moment but it’s the place to go for UK FGs. But yeah, you middlesbrough guys need to go to Teeside Fight Club



Out of all the countries in the world, one of the most sophisticated, and modern, England is yet to ever have an Arcade scene, or a FG scene, it’s just all COD idiots, WTF. Maybe it’s just me because im still very young and wasn’t around for the SF2 days and Third Strike times, but street fighter I suspect is at it’s all time high, never has a fighting game had so much publicity and competition with other more popular genres, so why doesn’t England have anywhere to play, where does Ryan Hart practice he surely doesn’t travel to japan every time he wants to practice a new character.

But yeah off topic, lol. I’m just here to say that i live in Bradford, and there is a gaming center here, that does FG tourneys, shisha, n all that i wish i could tell you what it was like to go to a tournament in Brittan but honestly i don’t have the guts to show up waste 6 pounds out of my scarce allowance to go 2-0. BTW the place is called Unit-16, and they get players in from Europe to show up sometimes, so show up and have fun, great atmosphere and cool guys.

P.S if any of you brits ever get a chance to stop off, in singapore, on your adventures to Australia, or Fiji lol. Check out there scene it’s frigin’ beautiful. :slight_smile:


Sup I live in Somerset which grows all your food and makes all the cider. I’m (hopefully) going to a university soon so I might be anywhere in the country in a year’s time, but until then I’d love to get some games in with some dudes. I mostly play AE PC at the moment. GFWL: Duncan Frost

(p.s. anyone know if there’s a fg scene in exeter, bristol or cambridge? those are my main choices for unis…)


UK guy here. Looking for some UMvC3 players. In London, Camden to be precise. Looking for weeklies, events, anything I can get into.

XBL: OrthodoxChaote

Feel free to add me, or drop me a line on here or…whatever.


Hey folks, another UK guy here, just signed up because I thought this was the best place to look for any info regarding UK competition. I’m psyched about UMvC3 and while a bit rusty at AE and MK9 I could probably get back into shape relatively quickly. Like OrthodoxChaote above, looking for weeklies, or events, or anything like that would be great stuff. I also play those games mentioned on the Xbox 360, my GT being the same as my forum handle (Dunxco). I’m also residing in the Cambridge area with… some disposable income for travelling etc.

Let’s get it together, or something to that effect.


UK (Canadian actually) wondering if there were any players in the Surrey area. Love me some fighting games but don’t have really anyone to game it up with.


Hello all, recently moved here from Canada for a couple of years. Brought my TE with me for the xbox but no xbox to play on =(
I’m in the far east of London in Zone 4 for now.

Looking for anywhere to play in person, I miss playing any fighting games but I mainly play SSF4. I’m horrible at UMVC3 and looking to get into KOF13.