The United Kingdom Thread - V1/2011


Brighton is a reasonable distance, I’ll give it a look and see if I have time/money to come on down. Thanks for the heads up. Is there somewhere I can get more info on it? (Games, entry fee, location, etc)


Free entry.

Random games from Guilty Gear to Gameboy tetris. They’ll be a SF4 tournament there this Weds.



Where you guys at?


Oh man that’d be sweet.

Unfortunately I’m at the Brain’s Eden Game Jam in Cambridge Friday-Monday and moving house on the Tuesday. So any spare moment I get away from work I’ll be packing. I’m also broke which doesn’t help haha. But I’ll be sure to try and bring a friend or two to the next one.

edit: Fuck, scratch that. Start 8pm, last train back to Soton is like 9:40 and it’s a lot further away than I thought.
edit: double-derp, last train is 11:30 but doesn’t roll into southampton until 3am. That’s frustrating no idea why it takes so long.


Looking for players in Cumbria UK (preferably Carlisle, for some offline matches).

If you live near by send me a MSG the North West Border region needs more attention!!!


There’s a bunch of cool guys who meet up at the University.

I’ll be moving down to Nottingham soon, hoping to dive into the community there.

[UK]West Midlands/Midlands Private/Public Arcade Club Market Research

I’ll be back in London next month, and will probably actually get involved with the scene at last. I played a couple games of SF3 at the Troc just before it closed, and I’m fairly sure one of you guys ended my streak with a mean Dudley.


When the Heart of Gaming opens up again (a community run arcade) there will be regular 3rd Strike events along with pretty much every other fighting game ever released. It should interest you.

I’ll post up more info when it becomes available.


That sounds great. Would be nice to get some CvS2 and maybe even TvC games in.


That sounds plausible. The system in place so far has been that if someone requests a particular game then it will be put into the arcade cab.


Is there anything ever anything going on in or around Cambridge?

I play online but it’s just no where near as fun as playing people face to face, plus most of the time online it’s like I’m playing underwater.



Does anyone know of anywhere with a SSF4:AE Cabinet in London? I’m in town today with loads of free time, quite fancy a game if there’s one anywhere?

I’m pretty sure there used to be some in Trocadero’s but I’ve heard they’ve been moved? Send me a PM if you know of one and wanna meet up for a few games later. I play Makoto.

Edit: Hell, I’ll settle for a Tekken cabinet if anyone knows where they are!


Casino, next to Goodge Street tube. They don’t have the 2012 update though.


Cool man, thanks! Is it AE 2011 then, or still on Super?

Also, I see you have a tag in your thingy. Do you know what’s up with that site? It looks like it’s down today.


AE, not Super.

The site is temporarily down - probably a server issue.


Right here!! I’m on PSN - Chewmandinga if you wanna play some AE / VF / Tekken some time. I dabble with 3S + SFxT too.

Also, Tournament at Uni in November:


Ah no way I’m on the 360.

And yeah I’m attending that in November, too. It was moved to the Chinese center so we should be able to get a lot of people.


Anyone from South East, local to Eastbourne/ Brighton, who’d be interested in meeting up for some semi regular offline sessions and training? I play SSFIV AE, I’m not great but am slowly getting better. Would really like an offline training partner(s) to step up our game.


There’s always those bi-weekly Brighton events. There’s two strong AE players there now (Balrog and Makoto) who will help you level up. Next one will be next week (Weds).


Yeah will attend when I can (shift work), and played those guys last time. Just travelling back is annoying purely cos always have to leave early.
Its also those meets that put me on to how awesome offline play is, and I want more. Online feels like trying to play in syrup now. :slight_smile:
Would you ever be up for any training sessions dude?