The United Negro Arcade Stick Fund

Hi As you all know my arcade stick was finally laid to rest not to long ago. Times Are tough and i was wondering if the SRK would come together for me in this time of need. I am trying to get enough collections to get an arcade stick so if anyone can donate to the UNASF it would be greatly appreciated also if some1 can make a paypal for the UNASF it would be greatly appreciated as well.

thank you and remember… i black mans fighting spirit is a terrible thing to waste

Are you kidding me.

I’d love to help out someone who needs an arcade stick!

Oh wait…

What you need is a jobby job.

Are you high? And as we all may know? Nigga you been here since april. Goddammit black people, why do we do this to ourselves?

Only If You Shine My Shoes Boy

Lay off the drugs for a while and you can buy lots of sticks. :bgrin:

That is some funny ass shit.

And dude what happened to your arcade stick can it not be fixed with all the resources we have on this forum.

Jajajaja. true words.
and what do you mean when you said: my stick finally laid to rest ?? did you burn it? i bet it can easily be fixed by checking the wires for bad connections or just changing the PCB or something. or better yet, you can get a job and buy a stick yourself.

AN arcade stick is just a box, everything on it usually interchangeable/fixable unless its VERY hard to mod (and even then we still have some crazy people here that would do it :P)

Welfare is not the answer my son.

My advice is to do what your parents did; get a job, sir (quoted from lebowski)

I commend the effort though, failed as it did

Heh, great thread.

Indeed :wgrin::wgrin: :shake::confused:


would lol again