"The Universe" marathon on History Channel NOW!

Current episode is about magnetic storms,(*couldn’t think of a Magneto joke/reference to go here) next episode is about time travel; the previous one was about possible life on Mars. This is one of the most interesting shows on tv, imo… anyway, if a good one hit earth, there would be all kinds of delicious chaos going on. It would be a grand ol’ time with humanity showing its true colors.

oh and what happened with the coronal mass ejection that was supposed to happen a week or 2 ago?

I don’t understand how time slows down in a weaker gravitational field. it doesn’t make sense to me. and i don’t believe time started with the big bang. time has always existed imo, it just becomes immeasurable and therefore irrelevant without space.

I can watch this shit all day. Science channel has a lot of good space/universe stuff, too. I was thinking of making a planets picture thread.

…from the magnetic storm episode, I didn’t even know about the “poles-shift”(magnetically, the north and south poles of the planet switch around; scientists still don’t even know why this happens!) situation. That right there sounds like the end of the human race to me. The last time it happened was hundreds of thousands of years ago, but apparently earth is “overdue” for another one. That huge magnetic field is our primary protection against the coronal mass ejections and radiation from the sun. When the poles shift, that “barrier” apparently will become either very weak, or go away completely for a few days or more. Imagine the sun “burps” up a CME or solar flare during that time = Game Over.

Speaking of The History Channel and chaos that documentary they did on the 10 things that would destroy the earth was interesting. I disagree with computers becoming so advance they try to take over civilization though. I would like the scientist they had on there debate these clowns on the news who say global warming isn’t real, that would be good…

Nah, that has an extremely low probability of happening. Take into account what factors would have to be in place all at the same time…

  1. pole shift which only lasts a few days/weeks
  2. coronal mass ejection during that time
  3. earth, being the size of approx one millionth the sun, and moving thru space, actually being in the pathway of a cme

Small timeframe, small target, narrow place and time = not happening. Maybe sunburn, but not extinction.

damnz i wish i saw this post. love to watch the universe. it’s the last real show the history channel has.