The unlisted changes for v.2012

Also they will be streaming the location tests(personal note: stop calling it loketest, there is no K or E in location and Loctest is shorter anyway. >_<)

How do I view it? That link doesn’t display any video stream and I can’t read japanese.

The stream wont be until the 28th, you have to sign up for an account with the site. I used google translate to figure out where all the buttons and such are. It is worth reading the capcom unity post.

so its super safe to assume that the changes they labeled arn’t the final changes? cuss guile needs more buffs.

Guile main detected

It’s time to play a new game. This game changes every 8 months. I finally learned my lesson the 4th time.

Good for the people who have played characters that got buffs, hopefully that will hype the game.

The people spelling it like that are nothing but gigantic flaming weeaboos*, and not worth listening to.

*This is because they’re directly transliterating from japanese, where ‘location’ is spelled with the ‘ke’ syllable, despite the fact the term was taken from english. Not using the english spelling even when it’s the original source and going with japanese spelling/abbreviation instead == weeaboo.

This should work also. Just copy the original link in the box up top.

Oh snaps, stun reduction on Yang?? Capcom does read my mind.

What time does the stream start for this? Anybody know?

niconico has an english site now

Edited the main post, thanks.

shit really? god damn you must be one of them detectives!

Arcadia posted blog about location test . and uploaded 2 video.

the first 2 minutes is a dude trying to hakan slide lol

i posted this

which translates to
The penis is a bunch of my mouth.

not what i wanted, but it gets my message across.

Hope someone translates the article. Ken and Guy looking really good. Dudley wins the 2nd match but Abel never used his c.hp which surprised me since its back to its super version. E. Ryu looks a lot better, def plays dif than Akuma, seems more about zoning and then finding the right moment to rush down with a crazy good combo. Yun and Yang look fine but will def have to adapt to the changes, their meter building is still crazy good thanks to the long block strings and the general high gain off of connects. The enbu loop still exists for yang, for Yun it is still viable to spam whiff palms for meter since it looks like the recovery is still really really short and he gets 20meter on whiff.The dive kick height is still fairly low.

You can walk over Hakan during guard position? Is this new? If so the oil - guard position might be able to lead to a cross under shenanigans.

Fei Long still has crazy good damage, and his rekka combo can carry you a full screen or more.

Ultimately it will be interesting to see these changes in the hands of more experienced players and for a longer duration.

This version was not needed. Whatever. Darkstalkers coming out. New games always top interests anyways.

can’t agree with that.

If this was the case sf4 players would have abandoned the game a while ago

Yun still lookin good, at least other chars will have a slightly better time against him now. I still think that it will be a terrible match for sim though. But yang really got hit hard. Sure he needed adjustments but Capcom really went overboard.

You are right, sir–for me, however. Super was fine by itself. AE wasnt needed but its still a good game. I am glad the twins made it besides how the community feels about them. But this 2012 version after this game getting released is entirely too soon as usual with Capcom. My friends have talked me into playing AE I refuse to do the same for 2012. There other things to do on Earth besides waiting for them to nerf the twins. The twins made AE fun.