The Unoffficial MCZ TE2 for XBox One KI Ed. (Show 'em if you've got 'em!)

I suspect that the TE2 pcb will require a different or modified Xbone pad driver. We’ll see what happens when Microsoft get off their arse and release it.

Hey pretty new to modding and also just new on this forum, where did you get those awesome buttons?

EDIT: And also if someone could point me to a place that tells you or give you atleast some instructions on how to duel mod it for ps3/xbox 360 that would be so awesome.
EDIT2: Did some digging on this lovely forum and found out that doing a duel mod for ps3/360 is really hard and will most likely remove the xone feature, so nevermind.

EDIT3: I’ve gotten my answer so need to type a answer to my quistion now.

Decided to try my hand at some Automotive Vinyl Wrap on my TE2. Just did the lid… I messed up a little but overall it looks pretty great. Don’t know if I will try and do the bottom half, there are so many angles.

New art is being worked on and new buttons will be ordered. Liking the Panda style so far though.

wow that is amazing!

Also, the MCZ version sans KI art/LED buttons/board is now available:

Hey, @Markman. Can you share when accessories and mod parts will be available from MCZ for the TE2? Im curious to see what you guys have up those sleeves.

We are going to post a poll where people can vote on the new accessories. :slight_smile:

Speaking of which. Our FGC members are doing some great things. Check out @Phreakazoid‌ and his TE2 Crossbone! - TE2 Crossbone - Electrical mods made significantly easier for the Madcatz TE2

This thing would be so sick with Toyota AE-86 replica badges and some Initial-D art. The TE2 already looks like a car and the panda color scheme screams Trueno.

Is there a time frame on this poll, yet?

Need the Fujiwara tofu shop laser cut vinyl to put on the side panels.

I’m actually thinking a mostly black and white Kill La Kill art with Nudist beach logos in the buttons. Not sure yet.

I can get you those decals. Holla at me. :slight_smile:

Slightly off topic but…

So are you expecting any more KI TE2’s in? Or are there any other version coming that have an all black case?

  1. Add a little red to the tail lights with some glow.
  2. Leave your buttons and top as is.
    3.Vinyl tofu shop decals on the sides.
  3. Put a cup of water inside.
  4. Do Ultras without spilling any.
  5. ???
  6. Win

Thank you Jasen’s custom’s for the amazing print job of d3v’s great template!

I am sorry that I missed this horrible response to my post. Apparently I wasn’t subscribed to the thread. Please feel free to move his post and mine to the thread that your referenced. It seemed like a legitimate question at the time.

I lived through an entire era of Emulation from the Gameboy all the way to hardware like the Cronus. Every year these systems get hacked. It’s going to happen and in less time that it took the previous generation because that’s the nature of technology. Otherwise we would still be using horse and buggy for transportation. End of Transmission…

lol. not even going to try to reply to someone who is convinced they are correct.

ugh, i can already feel the flames, but searching doesn’t seem to get me anything: Can i get a link to an artwork template for this stick?

EDIT: Found it!

I was actually trying to think of a way to do the water cup holder somewhere. I am also contemplating making an insert for those 2 holes on the front to make em look like tail lights… not sure I want to go through the trouble.

I think I’d change the buttons to be Clear, smoke, smoke, red on top and bottom rows like a car (headlight, body, body, tail), or reversed not sure.

does anyone have a pic of the top panel with the art removed? I’d like to see what it looks like underneath…

Ok, since I couldn’t find any pictures of the original artwork removed, I took the chance with mine and I’m glad I did. It is easy to remove the artwork without damaging it at all and it leaves little to no residue underneath to clean off the panel. The top metal panel is powder-coated black and looks beautiful (sorry for crappy phone pics):

Question - where do hole plugs end up sitting in this stick with the wacky top panel design? Above the acrylic? Below?