The Unoffficial MCZ TE2 for XBox One KI Ed. (Show 'em if you've got 'em!)


Just a reminder to new TE2 owners. Don’t forget to check out our launch guide here:

Also, art templates can be found here:


mmaaaannn…I need one of these in my life bad!


I am still counting on this to be true, my order at least does not say it will arrive after Dec 25th but not much time left to make this happen.


@MarkMan will we see stock in January at retailers or through the Madcatz website or is this a limited deal? I don’t know why I did not pre-order!!!


We probably won’t have any more in stock on our site in Jan. Sorry :frowning:


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Ok… I’ve had the chance to examine one of these sticks in real life, and unless I’m missing something completely obvious then the PCB is not common ground. I’m guessing this is why MarkMan was avoiding my questions above about it.

So this means it is not going to be worth dual modding, and also the stick does not work on certain Xbone games (and we don’t know which games until they are released!). Compare this to an Xbone pad hack, which is common ground and should work on all games.

This is terribly disappointing as the TE-2 case is very well done. I have some slight reservations about the USB cable connector (much like I do with the Razer Atrox) but that’s about it : (


Just got an email from amazon. They finally got them. Mine gets delivered Saturday. Finally.


Sorry to follow up on this, but in that scenario the arcade stick is still compatible with the game and you can still use it. Just the button layout would be weird. That is not the same as the arcade stick just not working at all with the game (as in any input does not have an output). If the sub type for arcade sticks isn’t enabled, that would just mean that the button layout isn’t going to make sense for the stick but the stick would stick function. Why is it then that I can’t use the TE2 with say Forza in this case? Does it have anything to do the with TE2 not having the option to use the left or right analog sticks?

Also, I took my TE2 and KI to my local FGC for a session and got good responses back from them. A common question they had though was “Do the buttons light up when you touch them?” to which I had to tell them no. Would there be an easy mod to make that happen with the LED board on the TE2?


I randomly popped onto the Madcatz store and they had 3 in stock! Looks like I dont have to go hacking up a MS pad this weekend after all.


I don’t think so. I think the whole board lights up all LEDs at once.
You could have it turn on and off with a button press but it would be all LEDs on or off on any button press.
I think thats the best a simple mod would get ya

Also, if it is non-common ground I assume it’ll be a pain to add a decent LED controller in there


Gamestop order still in transit. It has been that way since Friday of last week. Should be here tomorrow now supposedly. Amazon order finally updated to Shipping Soon. 1 Day Delivery - Scheduled for December 20th. Order date for Amazon was October 17. So maybe if it actually ships tonight, it will be here tomorrow.


Sorry new to this site and sticks in general but I work in electronics. Wouldn’t the entire PCB be common ground ie: 1 power source USB to one system = 1 system ground? Or are you referring to is the PCB sharing the same ground as the USB Bus? Couldn’t you just use a DMM to do a continuity test? Anyways as I said. I’m new. Common Ground in sticks might an entirely different definition here.


And honestly you asking that same question on a dual mod/hack thread isn’t helping your cause.


The common ground question has come up a few times across a couple of threads with no definitive answer. Someone with a stick and the means to test its grounding would be doing a great service to inform folks. I bet there are others like myself who won’t even be considering a TE2 unless it’s common ground.


Yay…just picked mine up from gamestop…but I already have my old HORI Tekken stick modded with Xbone padhack…Oh well…


you could be the greatest person ever and sell it to me! dont you want to be the greatest person ever?

seriously though, would anyone be willing to help me get one (at a not retarded ebay price)? Madcatz apparently has no idea how to ship product to retailers (stock sitting on shelves before pre-orders filled? wtf guys)


Every morning I check Gamestop & Fry’s inventory in Austin and they were actually in stock at both! Cancelled my NewEgg order, picked mine up from Fry’s, and just got it set up. Loving what I see so far, seems like a solid step up from my 360 TE. Good to see the stick trickling into stores.


I might put it up for sale here. Don’t think I want to keep it plus it’s still sealed.


well if the price isn’t absurd (like the 400+ people are asking on ebay) i’d probably be interested.