The Unoffficial MCZ TE2 for XBox One KI Ed. (Show 'em if you've got 'em!)


Hmm. I still haven’t gotten the ones I pre-ordered from GameStop. Hopefully this means they’re on the way.


I walked into the Palo Alto Frys this morning around 11AM and there was on on the shelf. It looks like they only put one at a time on the shelf and their warehouse restocks them on every few days.


Got mine from local Fry’s store used in-store pick up and they had it waiting for me when i got there. So try to inventory search Fry’s if you have a local one and if they have some in stock then add it to your cart and then select the store that had for in-store pick up they will make you put in a CC# but do not charge it and when you pick it up you do not even have to use that card.

That aside…I love the stick. Great job MarkMan.


Just picked mines up, “Finally” and all I gotta say is that I’m in Love…


I live on the east coast, there’s no Fry’s anywhere near me. Since they said they’ll have soon, i’ll just wait and hope they send me one.


Thanks everyone. I’m glad you like the TE2. If you could do us a favor, please nominate us for retail stick of the year at the Tech Talk Awards thread!

Thread here: SRK Tech Talk Awards ver. 2013. WINNERS ON SECOND POST

I’ll be sure to put something special together soon with more details on the product and an update to our launch guide.


Hey Mark I wanted to know if this Madcatz bag can work on the KI stick, also since I kinda got it late you think you can hook it up with a promo code. I would buy the bag in a heart beat if it will fit the KI stick. Thanks in Advance.



The messenger bag will fit the TE2, no problem. I wish I had promo codes I could give out, but I don’t :frowning: !


No worries, already ordered the bag. Thanks and awesome stick.


Just camp out near the marketing department, wait until someone takes a bio break, and then snag the code generator app. Instant win.


You don’t want to test adjacent pins. This wont give a definitive answer. You want to leave one probes on a known ground location, like usb gnd, and use the other probe on the button pins.


Just read this and I have to reply.

“apparently” most people have no idea how shipping to retailers work. they ordered just like you guys have, in some cases retailers ordered even before we opened preorders, so in that sense we kinda owe them the sticks first.

Once a retailer orders something, we ship it to them and it’s up to them to figure out where it goes. We don’t tell them to put it on a shelf or fulfill their preorders. That’s on them.

I hope that gives you a bit of clarity to the “apparent” way we ship products. If there is anything you’re confused with, please let me know.



Any chance on a reply confirming whether its common or uncommon ground? I ask cause it would impact my decision to buy.
It’s only a matter of time before someone tests and confirms anyway, just would like an ‘official’ answer while I have the chance to get my hands on one.



Hey dude, some more insight can be found in the replies here:


@ChaoticMonk - I don’t think that he can say anything about that right now. Legal junk.


Enough said in the link gahrling linked :slight_smile:


If anyone here is from Oregon/Pacific Northwest, I know the Fry’s that’s local to me (Wilsonville, OR) had 4 in stock on the floor as of yesterday.


Here is a gallery I have of custom TE2 sticks! If you want yours included tweet it to me or something:

Also, if you’re happy with your TE2, please post and nominate us on SRK for retail arcade stick of the year! - SRK Tech Talk Awards ver. 2013. WINNERS ON SECOND POST


Hey MarkMan, do you guys have a link to the template for the art used in the promos for the stick. This one

Its my favorite of all the official art for the sticks I have seen.


We can’t release that one yet as we are planning on releasing it as an official product in the future still. fingers crossed