The Unoffficial MCZ TE2 for XBox One KI Ed. (Show 'em if you've got 'em!)

The game looks gross at the moment aside from some nice particle effects.

Not sure what the stick looks like right now as there are two different model images in this thread already.

@gahrling the ones pictured with the Kraylix cab were customs built by MCZ with the old TE-S body, but must obviously have the new TE2 XBox One PCB inside… The latter picture posted by butteroj has already been confirmed in an article on the main SRK page as the TE 2.

The new stick looks solid @MarkMan - I hope you guys plan on offering custom sides and other parts as well! :smiley:

Hmmm… The TE2 seems a little too… “form focused” for my personal taste. I personally like the clean and simple lines of the original. That’s not to say I won’t love the TE2, especially if they release a PS4 version.

Maybe it’s just me, but when the guy was playing it on stage they either did a great job of hiding the wire or I just didn’t see it.

Can anyone confirm that it is in fact wired?

Xbone… will the stick come with DRM to make sure I’m the only one playing on it? I’ll get one and mod it for PS4, it’ll be a cold day in hell when I buy a Xbone.

To be honest I like the styling on the TE 2.
The Red and black complement each other and the transparent red sides gives it a almost Tron look.

Yeah there are things I would do differently but thats where the fun of modding comes in.

The start & select buttons seem a bit awkwardly placed.

Nice design, I like it a lot.

Looks like you can open it up akind to the razer stick and there are hooks to carry the stick with you
no more cable compartment i think you can deplug the cable maybe put it in the case itself
we need more info on what is new
when is pro 2 and V.S 2 :slight_smile:

This looks $200. Straps and all of the “new” and “premium” for the nextgen? Yeah, it’s $200. I dig the design overall, but it’s the console I’m questionable about.

You guys may be right on the price, but if you guys nail it on the features (removable cable, pop up lid), then it would be worth the price IMHO.

Looking at the side plate in the image above closely, it looks like the screws holding it come at it from the side, so replacing them (if the lid opens up) should be a cinch! No taking apart half of the innards like on the TE.

I hope we can just get PCBs from controllers and mod the current TEs.

Engadget just got the deets on it. Looks like the lid is openable for easy access and detachable cables, who knows what else?

Looks real nice. Mark - gross is probably a compliment in kiddospeak. Got to keep up with the lingo.

Hmm, so the latest reveal pics show both a version with translucent red/grey buttons and translucent red sides, but one picture shows solid red/black buttons and solid red sides. I’m wondering if there will be a choice, or if MCZ blinged one out?

If you watch the video in the endgadget link posted, he shows that the top can be opened with the push of a button, but doesnt open it all the way stating that “he promised not to show whats in there” Does anyone else expect anything other than the same Sanwa parts that have become the standard over the years?

OK, Markman —

Can you confirm whether or not the PS4 is getting the same TE2 design this year or not?

OR, is it another exclusive like the White TE was the for XBox 360 in Asia???

Right now, the features MS announced has the FGC up in arms.
Nobody honestly thinks the XBox-1 is going to feature much, if at all, in future tournaments and the MS-Zombies are still coming down from the realization that MS royally F^cked ^p the first two, three rounds of public relations on the system.

The announced price-point is also a major boner but nobody in their right mind thinks they’ll be stupid enough to keep the system at $500 for launch…

It also can’t hurt that the PS4 looks significantly more powerful than the XBox One… unless it isn’t as easy to develop for or has some design flaw that makes it impossible to see what features that extra horsepower gives it over its closest competitor.
The PS4 does not sound like the Sega Saturn according to the developer whispers. It sounds like Sony got their $h^t back together in time…

Unless they just don’t get the games and adopt MS’s overbearing tactics, this next round of consoles is Sony’s to lose at this point in time. They really have to outdo MS now in PR missteps but I have to give them credit so far – they’ve been playing it really smart. This is NOT the fiasco the PS3 pre-release news became.

Well, if you pre-ordered the PS4(like I did :smiley: ) you’ll come to find that it does not include the new PS Eye. Add that into the mix and the cost of the console goes up to 459.98… On the other hand, it’s obviously not required, and even with the camera, it’s still a little cheaper than the XBO.

That being said (and before the topic derails ) it’s possible that MS has a timed exclusive - meaning the PS4 version will come, only later.Homestly, given that KI is the only fighting game announced so far, I really see no reason to rush out and get a stick, bit at least it’s go to know that MCZ was thinking ahead of the curve.

Really like the redesign… All I would want to change would be to put a red clear balltop on it (and mebbie light up the sides with some LEDs as a mod :slight_smile:

A link to SRK’s article discussing the sneak peek that iPlayWinner got with the TE 2:

Looks like it will give the Atrox a run for its money, even if they eventually release XBox One / PS4 versions… I like that they’ve gone with the foam on the base, but I’m kind of surprised that there are no feet on it. It would be nice if the foam had 4 small cut outs with screws to add the feet if you wanted to use it on a countertop/stand for casual or cabinet play.