The Unoffical Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Wallpaper!

wide screen (with logo)

wide screen (without logo)

normal size

version 1

version 2

(click image to download)


thanks for moving this, didnt realize there was this thread. :sweat:

New version cos the others were a lil boring.

wide screen (with logo)

wide screen (without logo)

normal (with logo)

normal (without logo)

Did you make these…o que?

In any case, the new ones you posted are cool. Don’t know what Akuma’s logo is doing out there with Ryu and Bison [unless he’s gonna pop up and beat the hell out of Bison like he did in the game] but coo…

Yeh i made them,

wanted something to fill that space, akuma as you know was first introduced in ST. but if you want it heres versions without the symbol.

^Added in first post^

I hear ya. Nice wallies yo.

Isn’t that SF alpha art though?

Yep, but they havent released any decent artwork to make a wallpaper yet. As long as its SF its all good :slight_smile:

aside from ryu’s headband being white, its kinda hard to tell it’s alpha artwork anyways.

well anyway, good job, i like. :tup:

true :rofl:

Wallpaper made it to Capcom’s Blog News!! :china:

You should use your skills to help out IMM with av making. :tup:

Nice Wallpaper, im using this one right now :tup:

direct me, i will take a look!