The Unofficial `Official’ NCR Arcade ST tourney @Nov 20-21 Embassy Suites Milpitas

haha ok will this side tourney be on Saturday? and will it finish on saturday as well?

See choi’s reply above.

Less than 20 entrants : everything finished on Sat (top 3 streamed)

~32 entrants : pool on Sat (top 4 streamed on big stage on sunday)

~50 entrants (!!): pool on Sat (top 8 streamed on big stage on sunday)

Oh ok thanks, I do want alot of people to go but it would be so much better if the tournament ended on the same day

You haven’t even got the whole list of people that’ll enter :slight_smile:

You’re that confident you’ll make top4/8 ?


If no one wants the big stage experience and everyone agreed that we should finished on Sat and we have time and players are free from other games like ssf4 and Choi still agree to stream top4/8 and … yeah we can do everything on sat too.

imma play blanka

You’ll lose because this is ST :stuck_out_tongue:

OMFG I have a reason to not NAH it up anymore ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Starcup-style sounds hella fun, or character lock.

I don’t care about fee, 10 dollars sounds good to play ST on a cabinet and if we do some gimmick team tourney thing I’ll enter in the young people team or apply whatever you guys are doing.

Hi Mizuki, it’s not on a cab though. It’s running on supergun connected with psx sticks.

So are you still in? :slight_smile:

It’s cool supergun is close enough :slight_smile: Totally still in.

I can lend my stick to people that personally come up to ask me, I won’t leave it at the station though if I wander off.

It’s a sanwa stick that’s been worn in really badly (I should replace it) and seimitsu buttons. It’s the long plunger ones that are discontinued.

Also I’m not against a 2 on 2 either. I’m pretty open to all ideas, but single would be my last choice haha.

I don’t like the idea of character lock, unless it’s teams.

I hope i wont have to pay $40 registration fee just to enter this side tourney. I only plan to play just pure v ST.

P.s. I dont like the idea of character lock either.

Battosai, it is mentioned in the 1st post Q&A section. If you don’t plan to enter any official tourney @ NCR, you dont need to pay registration / venue fee.

So all of you won’t man up and play the bad match up ? :slight_smile:

[quote=“papasi, post:32, topic:113383”]

Battosai, it is mentioned in the 1st post Q&A section. If you don’t plan to enter any official tourney @ NCR, you dont need to pay registration / venue fee.


awesome! nvm.

I think the one character only should be a last resort. Teams sound cool. How about we have a singles and teams hehe.
This is gonna be historical. Dude mad props for getting this together papasi and bringing back old ST in the tourney scene.

If people don’t get sidetracked we can probably run two tournaments in a day since it’s ST and people die in 30 seconds.

Haha yeah or less than 30 seconds.

Count me in for this

Here’s my current plan.

The first `official’ tourney (which top-x will get streamed, unless something got messed up) will not be team tournament. It’s either starcup or character lock.

Cigarbob ran 3v3 team tourney twice @ EVO and he said both didn’t go too well since people are missing.

Imagine if john choi needs to forfeit or james chen needs to go commentate, their teams will be screwed.

So I’ll take CB’s advice and will not make the first one teams.

Following that, if high roller 8 men tourney is happening (so far nobody signed up), that will take place.

After that, people who need to leave for ssf4 or other duties will probably leave.

Those of us staying for the rest of the day playing ST, we’ll do the following

Just for fun 10+ vs 10+ team tourney

2v2 team tourney ( $5 / $10 per person ?)

casuals or whatever

I think character lock is a good tournament to start off with. Then the two v two. I feel that star cup style could take for days to run if people are playing other games.

Character lock makes me sad face.

character lock? nm, imma play sim LOL