The Unofficial Oni Challenge Mode

I never make a new thread here but I thought I would come up with a list of challenges that would aid in re-inforcing Oni’s important features for new players and vets alike. He’s such a difficult character to use and a new challenge mode in the patch would have been awesome. But I won’t go on a rant about that. After reading over it a million times, I really believe that if a player masters this challenge, they will be on a solid foundation to then take the character wherever they decided to go. I concentrated the most on saftey, difficulty, practicality, and efficiency. I would have made a video but I don’t edit so if anybody else wants to do it then go for it. Anyways, here it is…

  1. Gohadoken
  2. Tatsumaki Zenpukyaku
  3. Goshoryuken
  4. Stomp
  5. Slash
  6. Air Dash
  7. Raging Demon
  8. Ultra 1
  9. Ultra 2
  10. TC1
  11. TC2
  12. J.HK, U2
  13. EX Slash, U2
  14. Focus Attack, U1
  15. Cr.LK, cr.LP, cr.HP
  16. J.MK, cr.LP, TC1 xx LK Slash
  17. Cr.LP, cr.LP, b.MP xx MK Stomp
  18. Cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.HP xx LK Slash
  19. B.MP, TC2 xx MK Stomp
  20. J.HP, cr.MP, cr.HP xx HK Tatsu
    21.Cr.LP, cr.HP xx HP Gohadoken xx FADC, TC2 xx HP SRK
  21. J.MK, TC2 xx HP Goshoryuken xx FADC (2nd hit only), U1
  22. f.MK (counterhit), cr.LP xx EX Tatsu, U2
  23. J.HP, cr.MP, cr.HP xx LK Slash xx FADC, cr.MP, TC2 xx LK Slash xx FADC, cr.HP xx HK Tatsu

Nice List. I´ll start trying now .
Stuck at 24 so far :slight_smile:

Rightright. Hope it helps you out. :slight_smile:

You know what would be awesome? Color-coding the parts of the combos according to linkage - say, red for 1 frame links, orange for 2 frame links, green for 3+ frame links, and so forth. That would give an approximate difficulty level for the combos on sight.

That said, this seems to be a good workout. It will make for a nice change of pace - I’m just trying to do an eternal TC2 xx FADC xx :lk:slash xx FADC xx repeat ad nauseam most of the time.

I agree. Any infinite drill is good for Oni. I also do (cr.MP, cr.HP xx FADC), (st.HP xx Fireball xx FADC), (st.LP, cr.HP xx FADC), (cr.HP xx LK Slash) for practice when I feel my execution is getting sloppy.

heh, I used U2 on #22. Also, on 20, stick on SRK at the end :wink:

If that’s what works for you go for it! For #20, the focus I have in mind is getting good with the cr.MP to cr.HP link. Whether you choose HK Tatsu for positional advantage and stun or SRK for damage is completely up to situation and preference. Same thing for #22. My highlight there is mastering your FADC timing on the SRK. Since the 2nd hit stipulation makes it a little more strict than all other DPs in the game, I figure people should certainly have a proper feel for it. Oni’s SRK requires a special attention since you can’t just chuck it out and FADC at will. And of course if you have an opportunity to FADC Ultra with Oni, you better take it because it may be your only one.

I wonder … I thought HK tatsu and HP shoryu had the same damage and stun…

You are totally correct. Although for me personally, cr.MP,cr.FP xx SRK is a little difficult at mid-screen. And I can get it in the corner sometimes if I space it perfectly. For that particular combo, I’m using HK Tatsu pretty much for positioning and its consistency mid-screen. But thanks for pointing out that damage/stun for me. When I think of doing stun, HK Tatsu always comes to mind.

Oh and nice #25 zangief. That is an incredibly tight link. I haven’t pulled it off yet, but I’m working on it. I can’t imagine having that consistently. That would be scary Oni.

Need some more challenges, #24 wasn’t hard enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

The object wasn’t to make it ‘hard enough’. Feel free to come up with your own #24 if it wasn’t hard enough for you. Sit there and do cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.HP xx Hadoken xx FADC U2 (full animation) if you want something hard to practice. The challenges are more about getting beginners familiar with Oni’s links and how they work. Not whether or not people can do the list or not.


Not a beginner but I think this list is a great idea. There is a lot of items there that I don’t do or haven’t tried to incorporate. If I weren’t getting ready to go to sleep for work I’d work on them right now. Cool idea, Mr. McCoy.

I think that’s a good idea as well. It certainly helps as a warning for the tougher parts of a combo. Getting less dejected when you realize you’re missing a 1 frame link as opposed to screwing up an easier one.

If you msg me which links are which I’d be happy to color them. I’m not exactly sure how to calculate them so I don’t want to post anything wrong. I guess I should know what they are but I just practice links till I get them.

Thanks, thoose are great!

I never claimed that the objective was to make it “hard enough”. I just wanted to see if anyone could give me something even harder just for fun (which you did, and I’ll be trying that out. lol).
No need to blow up on me bro. D:
…Anyway, you mentioned that you want to get these challenges into a vid right? I could give it a go and record/edit it.

I totally respect that. I guess I’ve been scarred from all the SRK pretentiousness that’s been running around lately. So yeah, we’re super. But if you could record it that would awesome. Give it a nice demonic edit if you could too.

Yeah, I get what you mean. I’ve seen some of that too.
Haha, I’m not sure if I can pull off a “demonic” edit, but I’ll see what I can do.