The Unofficially Official Twelve Video Thread

Alright, no one ELSE is doing this…so, as crappy as my Twelve vids are, I may as well try and get the ball rollin’.;5268553;;/fileinfo.html;5268688;;/fileinfo.html;5268803;;/fileinfo.html

The Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals of a tourney we had in hella-small Dubuque, Iowa (7/10/06).

Please, people, point out and share some vids with the rest of us. Help a brutha out! Don’t care if they’re the greatest Twelve players in the world or if they’re your own casual matches, GET SOME TWELVE ACTION UP HERE! If anything, it’ll help all of us get that much better, which will force others to get better against us, which will just make us try harder, and everyone is happy.

Cam and Mikee_Showbiz, hopin’ to see you guys on some vids sometime.

I’m afraid I’ve been retired from 3S for a number of months now but I’m always willin to talk 12. I’ll check the vids.

When I have internet access from my own computer tomorrow, I’m going to upload a couple dozen videos of many of the best Twelve players to YouTube and maybe FileFront too. Heads up.

Hogosha, check TheShend on YouTube, he’s got some Yamazaki vids IIRC.

And I dunno about getting myself on vids… I’m this close to retiring Twelve for casuals. I think the ranbats over here in the UK record some casuals but it’s pot luck as to who gets filmed. The alternative is getting Twelve into the top 8, where all matches are recorded… but that’s an uphill struggle in itself.

Maybe one day Hogosha, there will be a vid of me whoring your MK > throw trick :wink:

First vid is of Yamazaki. 2nd vid is of Moto.


It’s a pretty chunky file but it’s got my matches against BassVentura and Charles somewhere in the middle. I’m the dude playing as PrivateRyan, obviously.

And ignore my shitty Chun plz :wink:

Not sure where else to put this so here we go - text book example of how to beat Urien with Twelve:


Alex Valle - Twelve


Totally different style to other Twelve players I’ve seen extremely patient and uses those fast pokes so well. Prolly what you could call a ‘Ground Twelve’

I like I like alot. But Alex Valle…playing Twelve? But it is good to learn a decent ground game with 12. Espcially against someone with AA’s for example that faggot named Ken. And Valle had the right idea to to do. But I would throw in a few cr. LKx2 and cr. MK as well. While the Yun got like no real successful Genei-Jin’s off.

P.S. we should have more videos blessed by Mr. Shakur’s talent that way we dont hear “AY AY AY AY AAAAAAAYYYY” from gay yun fans

For anybody that cares…
Casual play I get winstreaks vs FFA’s finest with 12…
Tournament play i’ve won with 12…(noteable win: I beat Frankie3s Ryu with 12 on 3v3 FFA team tourney
Bottom line…the unknown will win enough rounds to advance in a tourney…

Haha, everyone keeps telling me you’re up to shenanigans with Twel(e)ve, we’re never up there at the same time. When are you gonna be up there again? We can have the world’s first serious 12 on 12 mirror match.


Valle just went up to notch #1 in my book

Toronto player Burton vs some EC players.


u mean that canadians are possible at other things and not just hockey?

The ending of Burton versus Justin Wong… so, so cruel…