The Unstoppable 'Personal Action 5'



Taunts are fun. Hell, Dan is made up of 'em! But sometimes those taunts change your position or make some kind of suddenly movement. Sometimes, you just lay down and forget the fight for a few seconds.

That’s exactly what Cody does with PA5, and with it, He DODGES ALL PROJECTILES (That don’t hit Low) INCLUDING THOSE THAT ARE ULTRA BASED! Why is this so important? Well, not only does he easily evade any kind of projectile move that doesn’t hit low, but it also puts you in a neutral state. One that you know can’t be changed by nearly anything! Your opponent HAS to come to you to attack you, and you can be stocking a Zonk Knuckle or Waiting for them to jump so you can Roundhouse Ruffian Kick them! The possibilities of PA5 are endless, and it adds a whole new mindgame to Cody’s fighting style!

So I ask, what fancy Cody related PA5 Stories do you have? Or better yet, do you plan to go try this amazing move out?


too slow till he lies down. can’t be done in the middle of a fireball war, hence it’s rendered useless for me. I rather go for the headscratch, it’s simply too awzum to not using it!
if you or your opponent do something dumb, the headscratch is suitable for everything, even going out in the evening. order your headscratch today, and you get a “hurry up allready” on top for free!


Although I respect the sheer awesomeness of the Headscratch Technique, ‘Lay Down and Fuck You’ is still my preferred choice. Cody simply has to score the Knock Down first, back up, and lay down and let it all go. The opponent won’t get to act fast enough. And if they throw out a fireball trying to catch you, BOOM! Zonk Knuckle right through it.


wasting a knockdown pressure mixup for a possible avoiding of fireballs (which the opponent don’t do when you allready lie, or he just doesnt care because you et him build meter for free) isn’t the best idea tho :stuck_out_tongue:


Well it’s not just to avoid fireballs, it’s to set your opponent up into thinking you’re being a cocky bastard. But, when they expect it, they can spam fireballs for free meter, yes. It’s not so much a technical move, as much as it is ‘flashy’


not just fireballs though it evades moves like dudley’s machine gun blow. it is hella funny tofocus taunt into: ryu throws a fireball and you just take it and lay down

sometimes at fullscreen when you focus taunt a fireball it will confuse them enough that you have time to lay down all the way into the safe zone. its a limited tool but why not have another tool?


I like cracking my knuckles personnaly. )


I do the yawn.


The only time I can recall it ever really doing anything was around the time that Super came out, and I did the lay down taunt on some Ryu. I guess he didn’t know the properties and got flustered or something because he launched his super right over me. That was funny.

But useful? Considering he gave me enough time to lay down in the first place, and randomly threw out a super, I don’t think it was going to be that hard of a match to start with…

Also, trying to get flashy and lay down under fireballs can be dangerous. I used to do it a lot when I was learning Cody because it’s fun, but pointlessly eating a hadouken because you thought you had enough time to get under it isn’t as cool as you might think. Trust me :slight_smile:


It’s not, but you know what is? Holding down HP and letting them think you’re eating a Hadoken, only to Zonk Knuckle through it and get a free knockdown. =3


then then must be SO cloese no one would do a hadoken. I can see them sweeping you tho :stuck_out_tongue: still a free knockdown… but for them xD


You just don’t appreciate a good taunt when you see it~


Haha, I like PA 5 too! But, the point is simply that there aren’t really many useful taunts in the game to begin with. So while there’s nothing wrong with choosing that one, it probably won’t make any real difference in the game–unless you get carried away and try to use it strategically, in which case it could very well hurt you more than help.


One time I was napping during a round and this ibuki tried to break my neck so I hit that bitch with U1.


I’m gonna quote that and put it in my Signature. This demonstrates the power of PA5. XD


I personally choose “None” for personal actions, just so I don’t taunt by mistake when trying to fake rocks.


I like the yawn and head scratch. Although, taunt 5 is funny. Can rarely do the whole thing lol


The “You can do better than that.” is clearly the best one.


If I could fall asleep on my enemies, I’d do it without hesitation as the ultimate taunt.


I decided to start using personal action 5. Lol everyone tries to attack you.