The unusual Ken combos

I was playing 3S this evening, and I by mistake did the following:
Standing MP, HP, Dp (LP Version). Okay, big deal. Well, I didn’t know. Anyhow, I then did this in the corner and by mistake, I used SAII. It chained a 18-20 hit. It goes like this:

Corner Standing MP, HP, DP (LP version), (as he’s landing, do the motion for SAII) and press the button away. Also, I did two DP (LP) in the corner as well. Are there any other unusual combos that anyone has encountered??? And not like the Standing MP, HP or something obivious.

Thank you…

read evil-ken’s 12 hit combo thread

back throw someone into the corner, cancel into SA3.

those combos may look weird…but are they really worth it??

corner jab srk > SAII? no, not worth it
corner jab srk > jab srk? yes, why not

you can just jab srk anyway and > kara jab srk. or EX hurricane kick and land right under them > jab srk > jab srk. sometimes u don’t even need to kara for the first one