The Unwelcoming FGC


I’ve seen it happen so many times on this website - someone posts a thread in the wrong place (or even something that should’ve been in another thread, but the post was still in the right area) - and some members feel it is their duty to insult the living hell out of that person and absolutely light them up, rather than help out.

I think the problem of people writing stuff in the ‘wrong’ place can happen on other sites, but it’s the attitude of how it seems to be addressed on SRK

This is the type of attitude that prevents the FGC from growing… not many new comers are going to come and stick around when they get lit up for a single mistake in the forum. I get that it can be super annoying and of course have seen stuff in the wrong area too, but for a ‘community’, it sure doesn’t feel like one.

We need to open up and be more social and friendly as a whole, to help attract newcomers instead of deter them and help grow the scene. A lot of things that you can google will lead you to this site, however it will lead you to a thread with someone being a dick saying post somewhere else, rather than anything helpful. Keep that in mind!




GD = / = FGC


Or you know you can think before you post or make a thread.


Yeah, in general, folks around here act like twelve year olds. Unfulfilled people, especially men, project their needs unto others.


Think the guys on here are pretty helpful actually. I dropped fighting games almost a decade ago, hit some hard times and the FGC was there to pick me back up. Couldn’t be more grateful.
As for the forum thing, there’s like 10 stickies at the top of each page BEGGING “please read before posting!”.
You find it on nearly every forum out there and SRK mods respond no differently to the guys on my comic forum, my volvo forum or my music forum; the rules are almost identical and as old as the internet itself.
Feel free to check my profile and you’ll see I’ve been flagged a few times for going off topic, posting dupe threads etc, but I didn’t instantly react with “F*CK these guys, for flagging that thread that I was too lazy to search for, or too full of myself to tie into someone else’s thread”. You take the hit, and apply common sense.

In FGC terms: If you keep getting whiff punished, stop throwing out dumb shit.


And apparently acting tough makes you look more intelligent or superior or the like.


thank you for proving my point


You just posted this thread in the worst possible place you could have put it.

Maybe if you read before you posted and stopped making bad threads you’d get a much better reception.


srkgd = fgc apparently


Here I see someone put you into your place and you got butt hurt. Why did you make a new thread about a simple question that was probably already answered in a thread. Did you do a search? Did you go to the Decapre general discussion? Probably not. I’m glad you feel like the FGC is unwelcoming because if you cant take someone saying “new thread about something you can ask in the general thread YAY!!” then you should probably go play a nice family fun single player game. FGC isnt for you.

Which brings me to my next point. Cry more.


Unless you go to local events and tournaments you really have no right to say you’re part of the FGC.

Staying at home and playing online is not contributing to the community.




I would call this contributing

As per the recent thread, yea no shit that’s what made me think of posting this, but all of you tools are exactly proving my point.


So are your feeling still hurt?

edit: See how I didnt make a new thread to ask a question


Well okay, to be fair, this thread does belong in the FGC section.


People will start acting nice to you once you stop expecting them to act nice to you.

Or you can just leave if you really think everyone is that insufferable. Up to you.


The fgc is the biggest it’s ever been. It is also the most welcoming, laid back and casual if you don’t act like a self serving douche that expects everything to be handed to him right out of the gate. Just like any hobby that has a dedicated following attached to it. It’s been that way since literally forever.

Oh cool, you made a cute PDF. That’s nice. That doesn’t mean shit though. If you’re expecting instant gratification and rock star status for than then you got the wrong mindset and hobby for it.

Also, GD is the worst place ever to post this. GD does not even remotely represent the fgc. Most of us no longer player fighters or have never played fighters to begin with and we just enjoy the atmosphere of the forums.


haha GD…

In all seriousness, we had a thread like this a while ago and I posted a vid with some of the Machinima guys talking about the FGC from the outside looking in (CBA to find it again) and yeah, it was pretty damning from a decent gamer’s perspective. Then there was that one by the two dipshits at MIT, which shown it from a dumb scrubs perspective, which also shown that the FGC was alienating (again, no link, y’all know the one).

The difference between the two of them though, was that the Machinima guys accepted that, to an extent, it was there own level of investment that alienated them. The MIT guys shown a 10 year old Yipes video and talked about the Aris/Sherry creepy sexism fiasco, admitted they didn’t talk to anyone at EVO and hadn’t even put in the time to Hadoken consistently and then went on to pin it on the whole community.

The rule with ANY forum is honesty. Come in, accept that you need help, take the advice, blame yourself before you blame 20 years of pedigree. You’ll get more help than you can even fit in your head at once.

Scroll past the stickies, start a thread on day 1 of joining titled “What stick should I buy…and who is better out of Ryu and Ken…oh and where can I download this game illegally? (typically without specifying a game, console or preference)” above a bunch other threads with the same titles, all with 0-1 replies and yeah, you’ll get lit up…is that harsh?


My autistic grandma knows what fucking xx in a combo means. You should just pack it up, or read a fucking book.

post less read more. noob