The Uphill Hell that is Q vs Makoto

Any advice on this match? Q’s whole character seems like a gimped Makoto. How do you get the upper hand when Makoto forces you to guess between a block and stuffing her grab with no supers? Crouch attacks and standing jab take too long, I think standing short is too short.

Here’s something I learned:

Standing forward at the start of the match will defeat that retarted “CHESTO” attack.

Dashing leg attack sometimes causes the wall leap super to pass overhead.

i haven’t had much luck with Q vs makoto, but here’s a couple things that’ll help:

random fast pokes (, etc)
punish anything punishable with SAI immediately
stay out of her karakusa grab range

Staying out of grab range is impossible to due Makoto’s CHESTO attack which is basically a full screen instant teleport that hits on the way. Added to the fact that Q is nearly eight times as slow as Hugo and you have a situation where Makoto not only forces a guessing game that nearly cannot work out to Q’s favor, but can basically decide where Q will be on screen.
Once you block CHESTO, you had better have a SA bar ready or you’re in a world of hurt.

It’s been a while since I’ve gone against a good makoto player, but I’ll try to offer some insights. Obviously, it’s a guessing game. Some of the biggest factors you need to stay on top of to make sure you even have a chance of hell in winning are:

  1. What to do after a blocked hayate (chesto!): There are basically two situations here. Depending on what version she uses at what range, she will either be in range for you to do a close standing forward, or not. If she is in range, you can do standing forward, slaps, or suber. If she’s not in range, you can kara throw her, or, if you have a super ready, hit her back with just a super. You have to be pretty quick if you’re using SA1, since it has a much slower startup time.
  2. Q is a sucker for people with good jump-in games. However, since her jump in ax kick is so slow, you can almost alway back strong her out of it. If the makoto player knows what he’s doing, he will probably start mixing in regular jumping attacks, so watch out. You should be able to react to makoto if she starts doing the axe kick, otherwise, just block. If she attacks from max range with her jumping roundhouse and you parry it, there’s not much you can do anyway.
  3. Taunts: Obviously Q needs taunts to win. If the makoto player uses SA2, you’re pretty much SOL. Try to get your taunts in before she has the meter, take damage while taunting if you have to, I’ll eat a hayate in trade for a taunt any day of the week.

Other random stuff, I usually try to use standing short to stop her karakusa grabs. If you’re feeling lucky after interrupting her grab with short, go for a short C&DB, fierce slaps combo. The short grab is the fastest and may catch her off gaurd. So yeah, this is a very difficult matchup. The easiest way to get out of her karakusa guessing game trap is to never get caught in it in the first place. :slight_smile:

How do the throw ranges for Makoto’s various throws (normal, kara, command, kara command) compare to Q’s?

Q’s kara (back+strong) kick ass, and beats makoto’s
makoto’s karakarakusa beats pretty much any grab in the game

defended hayate (CHESTO!) = free SA1 (please correct if it’s not entirely true, but i’m 99% sure)

What is the origin of the “Chesto” name?

a galaxy far far away

Chesto is what she yells. it’s also shown in Makoto’s ending. but it’s “Chestooooo” or something like that.

Didn’t know the close forward would ever hit her, that’s good to know. So at least one version of CHESTO can’t be done against Q with impunity (when the gauge is empty).

I will say about Taunting against SA2, you can only get one in if you knock her down with a CDB attack. If you try for two it won’t work.

in gamefaqs …it was pronounced as

"chosto ! "

chesto is what shes aiming for, so shes aiming for the chest, like in kendo you have to call out what part youre aiming for in order to get the point for the hit.

side note: seichusen godanzuki = 5punches down the center line of the body

well in that case shouldn’t she be saying “peniso!”?