The Urgency of an Arcade Stick?

Let me just start by saving as of now I am stickless. I had one for awhile but as of 2 months ago it went 6 feet under. Meaning I’ve grown accustomed to how sticks play and feel. Well I had pre-ordered a TE stick, but shit hit the fan as soon as my EB games told me they’ll be getting it on march 15th which is too long of a wait for me now. Yea, yea I know I shouldn’t of expected much of my EB games to actually get it on release and should of had a backup plan, but well… things just unfolded unfavorably. To continue, I’ve been using a PS3 controller since yesterday and I can honestly say I’m really disappointed with it, which well… here on Shoryuken forums almost all of you can answer that yourselves. Anyway I just want to know if waiting until March 15th is worth the wait of a TE stick. Or if I should get a HRAP, because even a HRAP moddless is better then a PS3 controller, but I mean it won’t be stock forever, I’ll eventually get it the Sanwa it needs. I know even HRAPS are kind of scarce now, but if I look hard enough I’m sure i can find something before having to wait a month.

So what i’m really asking is…

Do I wait a Month for my TE stick, or do I go searching for a HRAP, get some sanwa buttons and probably have to wait, 1 to 2 weeks for it.

get the hrap

Meh. It’s opinions, really. I’ve played with both… I don’t think either is heads-and-shoulders above.

I really like the exterior of the EX, I really like the interior of the TE. I’d love to have either one, but I just wanted an EX more so that’s what I bought.

Whatever you prefer is what you gotta do. It sucks to use a pad but not as bad as it’ll suck dropping $120+ on something that you don’t really want.

Sounds like you really want a TE. Get a TE.

Same boat as you except i didn’t reserve the TE at all.

I ordered the HRAP 3 instead.