The usual "get a stick or stick with dpad?" question

Okay, so here’s the thing…

I love fighting games. The characters, the stories (what there are anyways), etc.
But Jesus effin’ Christ do I suck at them. I’m that guy that mostly loses on unranked matches in any given fighting game. I’m that guy that still can’t consistently do hadoukens from the 2P side.

All my life I’ve been using the dpad for fighting games, until SF4 came out. Then I had a date with the HRAP3. It was fun, but I already sucked with the dpad, and I was even worse with the stick. That’s a given for a first time converter, but that meant I sub-scrub! So I sold the HRAP3 and went along my merry way.

But now that SF4 TE Fightsticks are down in price (I can manage to get one from Amazon for like $105 after an ECA membership discount), I hear the sticks calling my name once again.

I’m the type that needs confirmation for obviously stupid decisions lol, so I want you guys to tell me blatantly and straight out. Should I take the plunge again? Or should I just stick to dpad? After all these years I still play pretty pitifully, so I’m obviously not the type that sticks with these games very long…

(and if I do get a stick, would you practice with me lol?)

Get the stick.

Take it.
I will practice with you.

Xbox LIVE?

if its the usual question, why didnt you just read the previous threads made on this?

i say get the stick. i made the switch this year and have improved dramatically. just go to training mode and practice the hadouken motions until you get it down.

Because it seemed the previous threads the case was “I’m already good with dpad”, but I’m not. Don’t worry, I definitely searched around on here and other forums to see if I could find the answer for myself. Just want some input for my personal situation is all.

@jdm714 - Nahh, PSN. I should probably put my PSN ID in my profile or something?

well the general response is going to be the same as the other threads, everyone is going to tell you to get a stick because it is widely accepted as the superior controller for fighting games.

Get it. If you say you suck either way then at least suck in style.
:] plus if you ever do end up at a tourny or arcade, and you’ve gotten use to the stick, can’t get too mad at your loss or say it’s because you can’t use a stick etc.

Just understand that if you get the stick it is probably going to take you quite a bit of time to get used to it. It’s going to mean a big step back in your play for a while, and be very frustrating. I’m trying to learn stick now since my Saturn pad finally broke (although I’ve ordered another).

That being said, you’ll notice that some things are markedly easier on the stick, while some of the basics will be tough and uncomfortable at first. For example in Third Strike, playing Oro-

-Uppercut (charge down, then up) cancelled to super was immediately really easy and nice on a joystick, whereas it was a bit tough at times on a pad.

-immediate Chicken Stomp (Up or Up Forward, then QCF +K) is easier on a stick.

-Kara throws, Kara fireballs, etc. are now possible, and surprisingly easy.

-Super Jump cancels needed for special combo ending finishers feel simple and elegant on the stick, while I always had trouble with them on a pad.

The things that are really tough for me are most of the basics of mobility and super commands (which is kind of hilarious in a sad way).

-Dashing and just getting around feels awkward and stilted. (Not because of the stick, it’s just tough to get as comfortable as I am on a pad)

-Parrying skills and close quarter reaction time have taken a huge step backwards.

-Just doing a very quick double QCF forward is tough for me on a stick, especially on the left. This is one of the things that sucks the most, as this is just one of the absolute, rock-bottom basics of the game.

The thing about using a nice joystick and buttons is that you have all the possibilities of the game open to you now, whereas you are somewhat limited in certain areas with a pad. You know that it’s your fault now, not the controller’s.

It will be a benefit if you stick with it, but it will be frustrating and take some time. You’ll find that plenty of assholes who couldn’t touch you before will be grabbing lots of wins while you get up to speed.

Go for it!

Best case: you love it and get better over time with pratice

Worst case: you hate it…but you still get use out of it for shumps and pac-man

Worstest (it’s a word…kinda) case: You end up like the rest of us with a bedroom full of otaku posters, a living room clustered with sticks, and a gamers drawer full of random stick parts and ecchi doujins -I don’t know how those got there honest:sweat:-

GGPO- Souji5

Just pop in an old PS1 game and just get the basics down first. Also, spend a lot of time in practice mode - and take things slowly.

You’ll get this response because you’re asking on SRK, where 90% of the people use sticks.

It’s all a matter of opinion, there are some minor limitations to a pad that only a stick can handle well (piano and plink are easier on stick).

I use a pad for all fighting games, and it’s served me well. If you’re feeling the stick, then get the stick… worst case scenario is in 6 months you hate it and you can just sell it or something.