The Valentine Thread: MEEEDIC!


Here we can discuss Valentine while waiting for more information/videos.


Valentine is the only survivor of the Last Hope, a group of special Anti-Skullgirl Lab operatives. Before meeting their end at the hands of the Skullgirl, the Last Hope worked for the mysterious Lab Zero and performed duties ranging from reconnaissance and sabotage to advanced research.

Now Valentine dutifully serves the Skullgirl, carrying out her will from the shadows. She keeps to herself, so much of her true nature and personality are unknown.

Essential Data:
Age: 27
Birthday: December 25
Bloodtype: A
Height: 6’
Weight: 160lbs

Alcohol, The Scientific Method, Studying things from afar, Snakes, Wolves, Classical music, Punctuality, Careful planning, Taking things apart, News and non-fiction reading, Mind games, Chess, Accoustic guitar, Meat, Eastern culture, Dark chocolate

Needless formality, Sentimentality, Weak people, Cooking, Bedside manner, Brain Drain, Back pain, Candy


Information on her normals and playstyle (all credit goes to RustyShacklefurd):

I’ll give you some info from what I can remember about Ms. Val here. Valentine seems to have a very good ground game, having great normals that lead into quite an extended ground series. She covers ground quite well with a dash that sprints across the screen until you hit an attack or stop it yourself. Her backdash is actually a flip that puts you in the air, which leads to her air dash which move diagonally (think Super-Skrull), and she is also equipped with a double jump. This gives her some self sufficient mix ups (which most characters seem to have in this game <3). I felt the videos didn’t quite showcase her abilities, so I’ll attempt to describe her normals here, see if that gives you a good idea of her potential.

s.lp - can chains into itself 3 times, finishing the 3rd attack with what I can only imagine is a petrified lollipop - can be done twice for a bonesaw swipe and a grind
s.hp - is a wide sweeping attack with the bonesaw - is a footstomp that I imagine hits low (neglected to test that) - is a long reaching kick that uses the little medic cross to extend its reach. looks extremely vulnerable to low sweeps - is an IV that chains into itself 3 times, the last hit knocking them back a decent distance. Great reach
j.lp - is a quick angled-down jab, decent jump in I suppose, perhaps double-jump air to air to stuff pursuers - is her reaching downward to grind the bonesaw in your face multiple times, good jump in and great cross-up
**j.hp **- is a wide, nearly full circle swing with her bonesaw. Occupies alot of space, and easily crosses up - is a multi-hitting knee press, crosses up well - is a seemingly slow air to air kick that halts momentum, but it does hit twice, the first hit coming out fairly early at the knee. - is the oddest normal I’ve seen in this game yet. she pulls out a body bag stretches a corpse out with the legs coming out angled down and the arms popping out shortly after angle up. Covers a massive amount of space in front of her.
**cr.lp **- is a normal I’m not too fond of, she tests your reflexes with a little tap on the knee, really poor reach, may be nice to set up a tick throw? Does not chain into itself (i think)
** **- is a good anti-air bonesaw sweep
**cr.hp **- is an upward palm strike with deceptively large range, it is also her launcher. I imagine its a good anti-air as well - quick low kick that can be chained into itself for one more additional hit - is another low kick with extended range - this low kick sweeps them, knocking them away, great range

One example of a fairly decent combo would be an airdash j.hp crossup followed with s.lp x3 into x2 into x3 into her super for respectable damage. Hopefully this gives some insight to her mechanics. I’d go over her special abilities, but she is not quite finished in that department yet. Though I must say even without them she already seems like a strong character.

Thanks to Shin ATproof over at Dustloop
-Slow projectile
-Can be done in the air

QCB+P=Poison syringe.
-I don’t remember which punch did which but IIRC one slowly drains life, one adds hitstun and the other delays opponents inputs. Status effects go away when Valentine is hit ot after a certain time.
-One the syringe is filled, if you do QCF+P she will throw the needle instead of a shuriken. In order to throw another needle, you will have to fill up another syringe.
-Also she flicks the airbubbles from the needle twice and the animation will actually hurt the opponent but they have to be super close to you.

QCB+throw=Izuna Drop.
-Think Hanzo’s Musou Otoshi from Samurai Shodown. She wraps you up in a bodybag and then drives you down headfirst.
-Causes bounce
-I was able to run and do the move for more range.

-Yeah, think Chipp from Guilty Gear. Does the same thing.

QCF+PP=Scalpel throw
-Costs one bar
-She throws several scalpels straight; Dio Brando would be proud
-Can be done in the air but she’ll throw diagonally downward

QCB+KK=Counter super
-Costs two bars
-Without a syringe: think Baiken’s super counter; she will write a prescription and then the RX symbol appears and freezes the opponent allowing you a free hit
-With a syringe: She will stab you with whatever poison you have and send you flying across the screen

QCF+KK=Cardiograph super
-Costs one bar
-She will do several Alpha blades in succession with the final one knocking the opponent down.
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!…oh he dead!
-Can be done in the air

QCB+PP=Super Izuna drop
-Costs three bars
-Projectile invincible
-Partially cinematic super
-She does the same animation as the regular Izuna drop but slams you on an operating table with curtains surrounding both characters. You will then see a closeup of Valentine’s face from the opponent’s perspective. The lights go out and her face turns into a skull. You then see match normally and all the curtains are covered in blood.
The operation was a success!

-Costs 5 bars
-Stand over a fallen ally and revive them with defibrillators for like 25% health.

She is the only boss revealed this far and will be featured in the game at launch.







Will keep the thread updated with more information as it comes in.

Valentine playable at launch? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Now gimme some Bloody Marie and my life will be complete.

Also, nice thread title.

Definitely a contender for a spot on my team along with Parasoul now that Squigly won’t be in the game for a while. Here is to some awesome bone saw action and poison antics.


I would have personally gone with HELLOOOOOO NURSE.

Also, depending on how she plays, I might have found my 1st playable character (I was going for Squigly but she will have to wait).

I’m really hyped up for this character. Can’t wait to see how she plays.

Awesome Rack.

I know she’ll be fun to use, I just hope she has cool rushdown.

Basically the Medic from TF2.

Need some Panzerfaust to use dat ubercharge on.

whaaat valentine playable at launch? i hope shes a high mix up high execution character. =]

im not too sure about this char after squigly got scraped for her…since her corpses play into her gameplay im assuming dat shes gonna b like jill and chipp fused, so i think she’ll handle like carl o eddie but wit quick movement


You know that word “corpse” means inanimate body, don’t you?

'Tis going to feel like an eternity until we get some footage of Valentine in action. Worth the wait but I won’t guess at her possible play styles or moves simply because I’ll be wrong. As long as she is balanced along with everyone else I can live with most anything.

I am here:,-71.522462

I hope she plays like strider with that saw xD

well i deff cant say im not intrigued by the premise of her play style.
im most likely all wrong wit my early assessment of her anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

This just in, Valentines breasts are no longer available to the public


Dear thread creator: I hate you.

You’ve done a good job with the thread so far, but I still hate you.


I wanted to make it… even called it months ago. Thread stealer. :frowning:

Extra cleavage now DLC.