The validity of Piano input/Negative Edge

Hi guys,
so i’m coming up to a year of actively playing stick and i’ve made the adjustment pretty well - In Street Fighter IV at least, my inputs are on par, if not better then my keyboard input. However when i decided to take a step back to a game with stricter inputs, my game was a completely different story.

I main 3rd strike and after going back, i noticed some major fall backs: SRK % was down (to be expected without the shortcut) and of course, linking supers was an absolute bitch. Now, when i first started learning negative edge / piano input, it was a God send. I’ll admit i’ve got a long way to go with it, with what follows hit confirms nothing more then random drumming of punch/kick and QCF motions. There’s no doubting that for most supers they are fantastic, but what about strength specific supers? For example, maining Makoto, the length of her SAII is dependent on which kick comes out - something Piano input completely ignores.

What should I do to combat this? anyone who plays Makoto will know her B’N’B set-up (command grab -> HP xx SAII) for that super requires brutally strict timing and even after a year of training mode / expanding to other fighters i can’t pull it off consistently in training mode let alone in a match situation (which is a shame and something i’d like to fix).

*sits back and waits to be trolled by those in '09ers mode.

Double Tapping. This was something I had to drop from going to ST to 3s since I would get EX moves coming out instead. I also had to do this as I was also a Makoto player in 3s. Try flicking your fingers (like your middle and index) on a button. With negative edge, it’ll give you 4 inputs as opposed to 2 from single tapping and 6 from piano inputting. 4 is better than 2, gogogo~

Any noteworthy guides or should i just take what’s implied?
I’d been meaning to look at plinking/D tapping but i thought the circumstances were only for normals.

Either way, thank you!

Plinking doesn’t apply to 3s. Double tapping is really what it is, you just kinda flick it with two fingers and make sure they’re timed just right so that you’re not just holding the button down between the taps. Double tapping also works for normals in links but really, double tapping just lets you cover more inputs in any situation.

Are you talking about linking the fierce after the grab or the super from the fierce? I was also a Makoto player in 3s, but I was under the impression that the fierce was cancelled into the super, which would make it easier to time since as long as you hit a kick during the cancel window, the super would come out.

Double tapping definitely helps for the grab into fierce part though

I piano every super, but for those kinda supers, I just, don’t. Double tapping can help, but I don’t know how to do it. One thing that helped me was breaking it into parts (not tring to do karakusa, fierce, sa2 all at once at first).

Someone asked this in the makoto section and theres plenty of answers there including my own which seemed to help a lot

@ B_rizzy86, the issue i’m having is fierce -> super, grab -> fierce the timing seems to be more lax.

@pherai, have tried breaking it into parts, been relentlessly trying to fierce -> super for months, the only part of any 100% combo i can’t hit with no luck.

@Jblair, i’ll have a look at the section, i was only using the super as an example to make my point, but i suppose it wouldn’t differ to any other similar supers.