The Valley/ Reseda


Hey guys. Anybody interested in getting together. Been in SOCAL since 2009 when I moved there from MN. Anyway I was considering hosting and meeting any gamers willing to play. I’m into fighters, obviously. And I have enough stuff for a gathering including but not limited to some candy cabs, 3 superguns, and a Neo Geo AES. Anyway just wanted to get the conversation started and if any of you are interested just hit up this thread. See ya.


Hey powerhouse, do you play SSF4AE2012, MVC3, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, or Super Smash Brothers Melee?

We’ve been holding SSF4AE2012 and MVC3 Tourneys every Saturday around 5 pm with a decent turn out. We have our SSF4AE2012 regulars like Commander Jesse, Hellfyre, Vicious, JoontheBaboon, ate-0, fafu, Sanchez, and more that show up to play casuals before and after the tourney.

We also have Super Smash Brothers Melee Tourney and Super Smash Brothers Brawl Tourney biweekly on Saturday at 12 pm.

UGC is only 6 miles away from Reseda. It’d be great if you guys can show up : )

Ultimate Gaming Center
8551 Vesper Ave.
Panorama City, CA 91402
(818) 825-0054