The Variations of Poke>Hands



I want to point out, that one of Gens staple tools in footsies mk>hands has more than two varieties that are not only worth noting, but worth using as well.

Starts up in 5 frames, hits mid, no low hurtbox, goes over low attacks. Tough to execute, but goes over low attacks.

Starts up in 5 frames, great hit box, hits mid, easier to execute due to being a punch.

Starts in 7 frames, hits low, lowers the hurtbox to go under most mid attacks, slightly easier to execute than>hands due to increased startup frame window to input hands command.

When in the range for these three normals, often Gen players will use due to its speed, frame advantage and comboability, but let me illuminate your imagination for a moment.

You know he is going to sweep right, you are reading it now, it will reach the hurtbox of your, go over it with>hands

It looks like he decided to stop sweeping and start using roundhouse, go under it with>hands>hands is the punish tool, it is a reaction poke.

The other two however are very useful for prediction.
Go over and under footsies and get through that offense, make them unable to find a safe distance to press buttons.


that is so sweet


And I was just wondering if there was any use for cr.MK xx hands instead of just using cr.MP… Nice


Looking forward to see this in action, like really embodied by players’ style.
Thought about the xx hands, too, some time ago when I watched a replay of Daigo doing something similar. In particular: His opponent jumps in and Daigo uses one of Ryu’s crouching kicks to effectively shrink his hurtbox and counter.
Really good to see that someone capable actually tested it out.


Its a pretty known tactic, if you watch the grand finals of Evo 2012 for example: Infiltration uses quite a bit to duck under jump in attacks and buffers ultra 1 to cause them to jump right into it.

I kept trying to iterate in crane stance as a ducking attack for more than just fireballs, but it is too slow for anything but a meaty FADC type of setup.