THE VEGA ANTHEM BY ME (DOUBLE J)---A Rap song for all the VEGA FANS i wanted to share

Hello All,

I just wanted to share this track with anybody thats a vega or street fighter fan, i hope you will like it and checkout my other tracks on bandcamp.





rap is far too ugly for Vega this is just insulting.

Haha, this is awesome. Putting this on my xbox as fighting music!

blab blad blabblahbloody HIGH CLAW!!

Well done dude, to be perfectly honest I find it corny, still it is well done. Just heard so much good rap this past 15 years I am a difficult to surprise person, but it is not worse than what makes the charts.

Fuck yes dude this is great xD

This shit goes hard man. It’s on my Ps3 already

I like it…
Can we make this our Team Vega national anthem?? lol

^^ I am not opposed to this at all

Thanks People! Thanks for the mostly positive feeback, i have finally compiled a video, which you guys can watch here:

For those that just want to watch it here and not have to go to the tube


hilarious, swag

woha front page!
I guess it is well peformed, but this comes from a guy who likes radiohead :wink:

You’re too ugly to post in this thread.

Dope job dude, thought I would be underwhelmed after the greatest that is "Spittin’ Narcissism"
But you did a good job, fit the character perfectly.

This is awesome! and this is coming from someone who hates rap. :slight_smile:

I hate that so many gamers/Street Fighters have to say they hate rap or hate rape.


Because it’s so versatile. You won’t see any rock band make a song about Street Fighter or an anime reference like rappers do.

rape?..uh…I hate rape

Rap is ok…follow a few artists

I’ve had this on my iPod for ages…Never knew it was posted here.

“All day…all day…all day…Ole…Ole…Ole”

Good song, very catchy and well-written. Dude’s flow is vicious.

Maybe that’s why this video below is known as Vega’s official anthem.


That’ll always be his anthem…irreplaceable IMO.

Edit: And to be honest…unlike most of you, Hip-Hop is my first choice genre of music…with Electronica being a close second in recent years :slight_smile: But this isn’t that good…Spittin Narcissism is dope. If Vega ever need an anthem, Jose Bronx Rican delivered. This here isn’t that good…clever hook and all (the chrous) but overall it isn’t that good. I’m sorry.

My first time hearing that, nice one!