The Venture Bros. Thread

This being the funniest and easily the most entertaining Cartoon I have ever seen, it deserved a thread.

Post your favorite lines, characers and stories.

Season 4 isn’t just a myth, It’s happening for real.

I can’t wait for the show to come back. Here’s is the thread for the last season.

VB is one of the dopest cartoons in history. Shit is just so outlandish. It’s like a behind the scenes parody of everything that went on in shit like Johnny Quest and what have you.

Hank is that dude. Best character on the show.

Go. Team. Venture! :rofl: I must have missed the old thread. Love this damn show. Lol.

Shit, I am still wondering why is it taking so damn long for season 3 to hit DVD.

One of the better shows ive seen. Brock samson is just to much. I cant remember how many times I rewatched that ghost pirate episode lol.

VB is the only thing aside from Metalocalypse that is worth a damned on Adult Swim. Killing #24 off bummed me out, considering me and a co-worker get into arguments just like 21 and 24 “Mask would so kill Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors!”

…Now I know why people are so uppity about spoiler tags. :mad:

Does anyone have a release date on S3? I missed hella eps when they was being aired.

The banter between 21 and 24 is too good. Everything about the show in fact. I’m going as Doctor Byron Orpheous for halloween and whenever I say anything, I press play on the hidden MP3 player and it plays the music.

With lines like “Dean, stop riding the perfect man”

24 to Dean “So, do you lik like being a…” Dean: “A Dean?” “Yeah, how do you like being a Dean?”

The fact that Hunter S. Thompson is Brock Sampsons mentor is priceless.


People dont ACTUALLY die in venture Bros.

“Who wants Pizza rolls!?”

Who did not know besides you? I mean they even released a T-Shirt for #24. It is kinda like bitching you don’t pay attention to politics and get pissed someone tells you Obama won instead of watching reruns 9 months later on C-Span

Alot of other people besides me didn’t know about the events in season 3 or the t-shirt if they wasn’t exposed to it and they stayed out of the thread for fear of spoilers. And you couldn’t help but know something about the election results because that shit was everywhere, and you couldn’t escape it if you tried.

And all I saying is, I can kinda understand now why some people in the HnI thread got upset about spoilers about current events when the thread was mainly hyped about the anime series that had to deal with events way in the past. Not that I’m bitching you personally or anything.

“C’mon, man! I’m a streetwalking cheetah with a heart full of napalm!”

“The guy from Labyrinth just turned into an Eagle!”

More Venture bros talk, less talk about things that happen in threads that arent this one that don’t matter in the least. That sounded a bit redneck near the end there, but I swear it’s the only way to write it…

I get you, I wasn’t really trying to derail the thread or get upset or anything…it was kinda just like “…oh. That’s why they acted like that.” :rofl: I’ll stay out of here until I get dat release date.

Orpheus is my fav character in this show, I got the Triad t-shirt n everything.

“YOU USED THE HEART OF AN ABANDONED CHILD?” or something like that :rofl:

My favorite is when they conjured Nien Nunb from a trading card. Priceless.

I can’t believe that whore stole my Stanza.

Lol, how did they get it back?

Another of my favorites is when they’re in the episode with Calligula and Edgar Allen Poe and Brock makes a plan to stop the “bad guys” and he says “Poe, you’re with me” and other Brock says “you’re gonna kill him aren’t you?” and then Brock says “Oh, yeah”