The Venture Bros. Thread

The monarch scared straight was one of the funniest things ive ever seen.

The Monarch: What? Think this is gay huh? Is that what you fucking said you scrawny peice of shit? Oh this isn’t gay. But King Gorilla over there is! And I bet he can’t wait to snap off a peice of your dick in his ass!

i think S1 and S2 went almost a year before they were released on dvd (from airing of last ep). Also, S3 was all done in HD, maybe that takes longer or something? /shrug

i know i’ll be buying mine the minute it’s out.

Venture Bros is one of my favorite shows… I’m definitely copping S3 when it drops in stores. Brock Samson is the manliest man ever.


The release date for S3 is March somethingth. There are apparently some bonus clips and interviews. Pretty exciting.

show is awesome. Orpheus is hilarious and so are 21 and 24. Avatar related.

I love this show, especially Brock’s general badassery. Positioning yourself to fall into the drivers seat of a car…awesome.

I have to say pinning a guy against the wall with a running lawnmower while strangling another is something that impressed me more, that and his foreplay with Molotov Cocktease.

Best show ever. Jefferson Twilight is a great addition to the show.

“I need earplugs to look at your shirt!”

I love how each of his sentences either begins or ends with “I’m a blackula”

Yeah good show any plans for new episodes.

Yeah, they actually started production last year. Hopefully we’ll see it come summer or at least that’s their plan.

This DVD is Chock full ‘o’ goodness! I recommend picking it up!

Will do but do they still bleep out curse words? Probably but still worth asking.

Nope. It’s *actually *uncensored now. Which is weird to get used to but completely natural once you are, **and **will result in you seeing many dongs throughout the season (specifically in “The Doctor is Sin”)

i would love to fucking see a VB movie. idk… infinite possibilities, but sadly they didnt seem so keen on the idea at San Diego comic con a few years back!

The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend are my favorite characters.

Thanks man thats one thing that bugged me about the previous DVD’s.

The dongs or the censoring?

Got Season 3. Loving it.

Especially now that they’ve unbleeped the swears. I could do without the cocks though. Didn’t like seeing animated penis in The Boondocks, didn’t like it in Watchmen, didn’t like it in Dragon Ball (that’s one part they could and should have edited. Ewwww…), don’t like it now.

I’ll bet you that we won’t ever get to see Dr. Wife or Molotov’s dirty bits uncensored. Frickin’ double standard. I can see all the cocks I want, but they won’t draw boobies because that would be pr0n… :bluu:

Anyway, can’t wait for Season 4, though I think it will and should be the final season. Shows are only really good for 4 seasons tops anyway.

What I’d like to see:

  • #24 back from the grave
  • Perhaps the original Hank and Dean never died, but simply disappeared and then make their return
  • The Future of Brock Samson after he left the Ventures at the end of Season 3.
  • Dean finally getting with Triana.
  • The return of Kim from season 2 as a youth member of the Guild.
  • More Phantom Limb, Monarch, Sgt. Hatred, hell, even bring back Underbheit (I know the creators of the show hate him, but I thought he was hillarious. If I never see Manstrong again, it’ll be too soon though…)
  • The return of Myra/Powerkat
  • The series coming to an end. It’s time guys. End the show while it’s still good instead of letting it fall off and become crap like Aqua Teen…

I think there actually is a thread for this show, that is pretty huge.