The very BEST of the 5 Fighting Gods?


I was so HYPE for this year’s EVO when I realized that FOUR of the japanese fighting GODs were in the TOP 8! (excluding the fifth god, Nuki, who hasn’t play SF4) Every challengers this year gave us their fullest during their matches and it wass soo crazy, expecially the top 8!!! I was just happy that the Japanese players were able to climb together this far to show how good they are, to be able to preserve their titles as “gods of fighting games”

This year, we all saw Sako play with skills in every match and showing his unmatched executions, we saw Haitani destroying all the Cammys and proving that Makoto is a top tier monster, we saw Tokido’s murder face and his mirror match against Infiltration, and finally, Daigo, the Beast,…yup, his reiatsu killed everybody loool

After the EVO, I was asking myself “Which one of them is the best?”, It’s pretty hard to choose since they play different characters and all have different gameplays. IMO I think Sako is more dominant in the aspect of execution, footsies, reaction, and his mastery with LOTs of characters.

And you, my friends, what do you think? O:


Sako is my favorite, he is the best at execution and also the best at finding new tech (BB hood infinite, Ibuki unblockables and extended combos only he does, E. Ryu unblockable set ups, etc.). He has great set ups and excels in long sets. He also can play multiple characters at a very high level.

Daigo is probably the best though, just looking at his tournament resume. He has won major tournies for ST, 3s, SF4, SFA3, Vampire Hunter, and I think even Guilty Gear (not sure bout this though, except he had a badass Sol).


Daigo is definitely the best of the bunch.
Don’t forget the 5 Fighting game gods of Japan is still more a joke than anything. It’s a nice story to get hyped at most.


Are we talking about “Which of them is the best” or “Which of them is the best at SF4”?


The best of the 5 gods differs from game to game.


yee lets keep it for sf4, all i know is that Kuroda, MOV is dominating 3s right now, idk lol


Daigo is the fucking king of Street Fighter.
Guy is great at every single fucking SF game for years and arguably the best SF4 player in the world right now.

No contest here, seriously.


If Daigo destroys Infiltration in their exhibition match, then hes the best.


I’d say Daigo, but Sako is a very strong argument.

I just want Sako to use Cammy again. I’m a Cammy hater, but NOBODY can hate on Sako combos.


Nuki if you count everything

Daigo if we’re only talking SF4


Eh, if you count everything, I think Tokido is the most obvious pick. For AE, probably Daigo or Sako.


It’s hard to even pick five “gods” honestly. I think Daigo is the best overall fighting game player, but there are people in each game that he plays that are stronger than him. If I had to choose gods of each popular game I’d say…

3s - Kuroda, MOV
ST - Nuki, Muteki, Kurahashi, Otochun, Gian, Aniken.
KoF - Dakou, Xaiohai for 98. Kyappu, 777, Oogosho for 2002.
AE: Daigo, Sako, Haitani, Tokido.
Alpha 3: Daigo, Mukai Dhalsim, VER.
GG: Ogawa.

US has great players too (ChrisG, Wong, Choi) but they will admit themselves that Japan is on another level.


Only Oogosho for 2002? more like Luis Cha, Kula, Buchecha, Wero, Zeus, Oogosho, Bart, Ruletas, and some peruvian names that I really can’t remember right now.

I like Japan in most games, but 2k2 is mostly Mexico and South America’s game.

As for the OP’s question, it’s difficult to just take one since they all specialize on different games and styles. Overall it would be Tokido, but all 5 are pretty damn relevant and dominating in the games they play, so it’s mostly a question of preferences.


Just because more people there play it, doesn’t mean it’s their game. I guess you can argue most of the OG 2k2 Japanese players have moved on to 2002UM, while Mexico and South America are still way in the past with that outdated piece of crap OG 2k2 but the Japanese OG 2k2 players are still probably the best at the game right now. Players like Kyappu, Tatsuya, Takoyaki and yousai are pretty much unbeatable.

If you want to talk about kof 5 gods, I’d probably say Xiaohai, Kyabetsu, Shoki, Kyappu and 777.


Didn’t Sako and Haitani started to get more famous because of Vampire Savior at first ?


top 5 of 3S is Boss, MOV, Nuki, Rikimaru, Kuroda IMO


I don’t know man, they are crazy yes, but right now South America and Mexico still have tournaments and a big scene for OG 2K2 since we pretty much disregarded 2k2UM (and wrongly, imo), and there’s young players like Kula and Bart who are really doing some good stuff.

Either way there’s no way to really know considering that there will never be a 2k2 tournament and pretty much noone cares enough about the game to travel.

No RX or Tominaga?


Sako, Haitani, Daigo, and Nuki were all famous because of Vampire Savior. Not sure about Tokido. That’s when the “5 Japanese Gods” meme started getting passed around on 2chan.


There’s a Daigo legend passed around that he had a 280+ win streak on the Arcades in VSav
But since the win counter was an 8 bit one, it reset after 255 back to 0, so he left with just 30



Yup, and Sako vs Haitani was the Vampire Savior finals in EVO 2012. Shame it never really caught on in the states, it is one of Capcom’s very best creations.