The VF5 Effect

Last year Evo held a DOA4 tournament, which had a very low turnout of less than 70 players, and we dicussed how this would effect future evos here, So in the aftermath of Evo2k7, the exact same thing has happened. I am not sure on the accuracy of this, but i read on #capcom that VF5 only had a turnout of 40-45 players, meaning 1 in 5/6 players finished in the money. Incredible.

So what went wrong? Firstly VF5 is the latest Next Gen fighter, but VF never really had a massive scene in the US to begin with. Few years ago, VF4 was at evo, but also quickly dropped. But what really done it was that VF5 was only available to PS3 owners outside of the Arcade. But since theres not that many good arcades left, and even fewer with VF5, players are only left with one option. But PS3s are expensive, still. So how can someone really practice if they can’t afford a PS3? They can’t.

Next point is that the 360 is soon to get a superior version of the game. This was known before EVO Finals too. So why fork out all that cash to get a PS3 to play an inferior version. For those that don’t know the 360 version is getting 2 important additions. 1. Online play, thats right, at least you can actually get regularly competition this way, and at least practice up against real players. 2. Training mode from VF4, a great learning tutorial to help new players get the feel for VF5. With all this coming to 360, i can see alot of VF5 players holding onto their cash.

Finally, VF in general is probably the hardest fighting game to learn. Its not something you can just pick up and be good at in a very short time, unlike certain other titles. While its great the game is so deep and technical, it actually one of its weakness’ (outside Japan anyway). It scares off alot of potential new players. Its only natural for gamers to compare it with other 3D fighters, and games like Soul Calibur and Dead or Alive are just so much easier to pick up for new players. Which means they are more fun for them. And thats what games is about for most, having fun.

So wear does this leave us. Looks like VF5 will be dropped for Evo2k8, is what happened to DOA4 is anything to go by. But does it deserve a 2nd chance. Maybe the 360 release will see a large influx of players into the community. And if thats the case that will probably mean switching over 360s for next year. Only problem with that is the lack of high quality sticks, and the sticks that are available have limited availability. But is it a case of too little too late. Theres alot of skepticism that online VF5 will be nothing like playing offline, since the game is so frame dependant. I guess will just have to wait and see on this one.

If VF5 is dropped, what do you think will replace it. I assume the sponsors insisted on a next gen game being at Evo, since doa4 was dropped. And VF5 is the only other choice. So what other next gen fighters are coming our way, that could possibly be used. Soul Calibur 4, maybe? I think that would attract more players than VF5 and DOA4 combined, but the question is whether it will be a good competitive fighter or not. Maybe it will just be another SC3.

However this final slot problem of a next gen fighter at Evo could be solved by Tekken 6 and ST:HDr. Both Next gen fighters, well T6 will definitely be no matter how you look at it. And they will both be replacing existing games at Evo. Maybe that final spot will just be left empty, freeing up more equipment, staff and time to run other things, like special events. Aswell as boosting prize money for the other games. Although maybe its a chance for an SNK game to get a look in. Although judging by the numbers at Dark Geese’s SNK tournaments that looks highly unlikely. Although i’m sure with large prize money, an SNK title would easily get a turnout that would be at least comparable to what DOA4 had. Maybe alot more.

Summary - If you can’t be bothered to read everything.

  1. Lack of Players, since VF5 is only on expensive PS3s
  2. 360 is getting a superior version after EVO is over
  3. VF is hard to play, scares off new players
  4. Will 360 version bring in enough players for Evo to keep VF5 next year?
  5. If its dropped what will be replaced by?

Points 4 and 5 are obviously the most important issues at hand, which is what i want the focus of this thread to be, although feel free to comment on the other points. Just leave the flaming at home, if you got a point, back it up.


Really hope it isn’t dropped; I had to skip Evo this year due to lack of funds and was really looking forward to entering VF5 next year. :sad:

Well, going by the past. VF5 is gonna be dropped due to low turn out. But the only way it could get back in is if after the 360 version is released, more people start attending tournies. If SC4 is released by the time evo rolls around, i think it’ll be a shoe-in for the game that takes vf’s place.

same convo going on here —>

Ahahaha, that thread is great. I think the organizers just wanted an excuse to drop that abortion of a game from Evo. :wink:

Technically ps3 vf5 can be dropped, only to be replaced by 360 VF5. It’s way too early now to tell how the VF community will recieve the game.

Thats funny. DOA fanboys getting all riled up because their shitty game isnt getting an evo spot. I hope they do keep VF5 for two reasons.

  1. Its a great game and more people SHOULD take some time to learn it and play it.
  2. Just to spite those damn DOA fanboys. Seriously, I bet if someone told them that VF5 was probably one of the deepest games out and DOA was complete garbage (which it is) that they would say "Nuh uh. VF5 is garbage! DOA4 is super deep you n00b!"

DOA = Based solely on counters, whoever counters most wins!

VF5 = Deep gameplay to which any character could be top tier,

VF5>DOA anyday

If it does get dropped for the 360 version then so be it, but I don’t want to see the entire game get the boot in general.

lol @ you for writing a fuckin essay about this

Due to financial reasons, I wasn’t able to make it this year.

But I hope there are at least considerations for switching to the 360 version and trying it out at least one more year. I know of a few people who will give the game a try simply because it is more accessible being on the 360.

**Yo, I actually read it. all of it, seriously. good shit.

I used to play it but due to reason I wish not explain on the internet, I’ve stopped. But basically the scene is mad weak cause of the availibility adn difficulty. This is up there with random games like Melty Blood and Hokuto no ken. Only this game has pure qualiy and depth that a lotta people have yet to understand.
The difficulty is absurd and only die-hard players WILL enjoy the game to its full extent. I used to. I play Tekken now. why? cause it’s available. If there was a VF cabinet at my arcade, I’d get on it and play. There’s no way I’m getina PS3 for T5DR, why am I gonna get it for VF5?
VF is gonna stay underground until there’s a cabinent in as many places as there are tekken cabinets. thats my theory. Cause people will experiment, or cross over, and my or may not get interested by it. then the interest will grow, then compitetion, then the skill. Thats how i feel about the VF scene. but…why am I saying this on SRK anyway?**

Also, the time slot really dicked it over this year. I know it’s unavoidable and it’s best to place the smaller or smallest attending games at the worst time slot. But 9:30 finals is whack, along with 9:30 pool play.

I hate to put games versus other games, but I think it would have been more wise to run Smash’s finals first, because it did have a rather large following there. Then have VF later in the day so some randoms would have watched it. Could have helped it’s popularity this year a bit more.

But yeah, I’d be rather upset/depressed if such a great game as VF wasn’t at EVO next year. If people pick it up, it can be some of the best matches to watch. That, and it brings in Japanese players as well. (Not meaning to ride Japan’s PP, but don’t deny that Japanese players, or any international players for that matter, do add to the excitement of the tournaments.)

and i just found out Gameworks in Seattle just got this game…

It’s really up to the VF5 community to get the scene going. Once it comes out for the 360 I’m going to attempt to get something good started in NorCal. (Actually having the game to go places and show people is a huge help.) It shouldn’t be too hard to convince the Evo Staff to give it another chance if we can show that there’s a good scene for it. Constant tournaments are a good way to show that.

One thing I disagree with is that Virtua Fighter is difficult to learn. On the contrary, I’ve gotten a few people to play (and enjoy playing) in a very short amount of time. There’s only three buttons, and I tell them not to play Akira so none of the commands are very difficult. Then I start them with a solid mid attack, a solid low attack, throw strings, and a decent high string. They’re usually good to go at that point. I then start adding tricks in once they get the hang of basic offense.

It IS difficult to become a master of the game (In other words, to learn EVERYTHING) But I also like how it can be just as deep as you want it to be.

For $2.00 per play :wasted:

$10 all you can play cards covers 5 games if VF5, not bad…on Thursdays

Thanks, but i dunno if 800 words makes it an essay, but i like to fully explore things before i make my opinion known. If people see i actually have reasoning behind what i type and say then it makes it about million times harder for them to flame to me. Plus i enjoy writing so its all good. Even so, theres always one who has to sneak in a quick flame cause they seriously can’t think of anything worthwhile to say on the subject.

Hey, just wanted to put my two cents in after reading DOAC’s thread:

“With what, two tv’s and a ghetto prize? Even a low evo prize are far superior and people will actually travel for that. its WHY people travel for evo. the BYOC area tournaments only work for established games that had communities before and that have been around forever.”

What, so DoA doesn’t have an established community? Melty Blood has an established community that’s been around forever?(LOL) I think not.

Anyways, I hope VF5 makes it next year, it seriously deserves a spot since it’ll be on the 360, and it’s VF for crying out loud. Oh well, maybe we’ll see both VF and DOA at Evo 2k8. (Cough some money up, Microsoft…)

Get a VF5 cabinet for FFA… please? :sad:

No seriously, no arcade for VF sucks so much balls, at least in VF4FT days will still had Arcade Infinity. But now there’s like nothing.

All I know is I’m gonna spend some time learning the token 3d next gen game that gets a spot next year cause based on the past, I’ll have a 1 in 5 chance of making money, sort of.