The Viability of Karin's EX Specials

**Some fact, some of this my opinion/recommendation.

Agree/Disagree, I got an open door policy…
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Now then, as for her EX specials, you can do: **

EX Sappo: is her command dash which if timed correctly can avoid heavy offensive attacks like Rashid’s floor-to-ceiling tornado for example.

Video example:

EX Ressenha: Is best used at the end of the combo if you are in the corner, but can be used immediately after a blocked orochi if your opponent tends to push buttons immediately after blocking due to it being armored and only having 5f of startup.

EX Tenko: Is good for setting up the reset into her BnB (cr.MP, st.MP, tenko, light mujinkyaku-5hits) which does about the same damage as the CA and gets the opponent near stun state. (They will stun if you end the BnB with EX Ressenha)

Video example (this is mine from my channel):

EX Orochi: (in my opinion) you’re better off not using, and would be better off using the meter for the other two.  Regular Orochi has faster start up and you can actually EX Ressenha afterward if it is blocked because it has 5f of startup.  It keeps smart opponents from attacking immediately afterwards if they block it and you have meter and fearing they may get hit with that DP.

HOWEVER, you can reset off this and the execution is much easier, but smart players will see it coming and makes this reset set up much weaker.  You’re better off to just put the dojo time in and work on executing the reset off of EX Tenko.

Video example:

**EX Mujinkyaku:**Is only (again, in my opinion) good for damage only and if I got health to spare and meter to blow lol

Personal thoughts on the EX specials and my own use of them:

Raw EX seppo: can be used as a long range surprise dash if your opponent is focusing on other things. Has some fireball invincibility, and dashes under a lot of other attacks.

EX Tenko: if you score a CCH s.HK, EX tenko is the move that combos from the farthest away if you don’t have a VT-cancel. Can actually be used to punish quite a few moves from far away. Okay midscreen combo extender. Sets up mid-screen jab reset cross-under mixups, though you’re telegraphing your mixup by spending the bar.

EX Orochi: very good combo extender if you want to do as much stun as possible (comboing into EX orochi > HK Mujin is her biggest stun combo for one bar afaik). Part of certain swag combos. Has some gimmicky cross-under resets attached, but they’re not that great against an opponent that knows what to look for.

EX Ressenha: one of Karin’s best AAs, although not foolproof as it whiffs at certain angles. Good reversal. Gives very meter efficient damage when used as a combo extender in the corner. Generally her best use of EX bar overall, and certainly her best reason to keep EX stocked.

EX Mujinkyaku: very fast, safe on block special with decent range. If you want to catch someone not blocking low and don’t have VT, c.MK xx EX Mujin gives good damage and is safe (though it doesn’t combo from max c.MK-range, grr). Can occasionally be thrown out in neutral as a surprise since it’s unpunishable on block and comes out very fast.