The Video Thread


Me playing as Eddie.



Oro trololo vid




possible vulnerabilities here


Found this just a few minutes ago. It’s a short documentary about a kid who built his own arcade out of cardboard. This kid did what probably most of us dreamed of at one point and with way less resources. I think this is pretty damn cool and I definitely would swing by if I lived in that area




Just read the subtitles…


That kid is awesome, I am considering contacting them to see if I can get a Fun Pass sent to Australia.
I just HAVE to own one.


Pax East 2012 cosplay GO!






This HAS happened to you


Yep … like bitch get off da phone… tryin to game!!


I rejected sex once because I was playing Soul Blade on PS1.


Batman Arkham City Bug I stumbled across.


3 Grandmas watch Ray-J and Kim Kardashian sex tape.



Kate upton doing the Cat Daddy



I miss the nsfw thread.



This shits hilarious.


A sketch comedy video of mine:



The Art of the Instakill



Hi Everyone!
I’ve been learning 3D modelling in the past couple of weeks, after going through some tutorial models. I’m enjoying it too. =)
I thought I would create realistic versions of some of ‘The Binding of Isaac’s’ bosses as a project I could start and complete entirely on my own using the knowledge I’ve learnt throughout the past weeks.
I’ve only got the one to show right now but I’ll be doing others soon as they’re so unique and great concepts to work from.

So without further ado:
** The Duke of Flies!**


Any suggestions, criticisms or comments feel free to say.
Feel free to subscribe to my channel for quick reference to future models.
Thanks for Watching & Reading! =)

Black-Toof (Matt)